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Dec 28, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Drive Bys....

Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon we take a drive in the country 
to see what we can see.   We usually have camera in tow - 
but rarely get out of the car.  We just shoot from the car windows.  

Today - we came upon this neat old stone house trimmed in a 
bright turquoise ... (and gotta love the purple chairs on the front stoop)...

...and this adorable little wooden Christmas cottage.  
We were quite a distance from the house - trying to protect the homeowner's privacy.  
But just as My Love was pulling his camera from the car window - 
a head shot out the front door giving us a nasty stare-down.  
Ooops!  We were really just complimenting your home dear homeowner! 
I guess it is a little unnerving to see someone in a
 pulled-over car staring at your house.  
Ah well - it's still a little cutey!

Dec 24, 2014

Christmas Luncheon Home Tour...

 Wanna see a lovely home?  And all dressed up for the Season?  
Me too - let's go!
The home owner is actually an artist (who loves antiques).
Her studio was my favorite room - so let's start there.

This vignette of snowflakes, candles and statuary took my breath away.
(Almost literally - I embarrassed myself with a big gasp when I caught sight of it!)
 Across the room... don't miss her bottle brush trees on Wilton cake tiers.  
And her chandelier is huge and gorgeous and... I love it!
 The window she paints by
 with a great view of the courtyard...

Yep - her brushes are stored in style.

On to my second favorite room with this awesome fireplace...

 Apparently this home was once a school house. 
I don't know if the ceiling is original - but it's amazing...
Behind the yellow settee was this delightful trug arrangement on a silver tray.
Some collections are just meant to be on display...

Details make such a difference.  Christmas in a jar...
The food was served buffet style in the kitchen.
Loved her presentation!
 Everyone should have a cow in their kitchen?   
Isn't he great?
Some parting random shots of loveliness...
(I think this is my favorite bathroom vanity ever!)

 A favorite painting she keeps above her bath...

Everything she paints is beautiful...

Tired after all that?  Yep - she really sleeps here. 
Thanks for joining me on this lovely tour.
I was honored to have the opportunity to share it with you!
Enjoy your Christmas Eve - hopefully with family and friends!!

Dec 18, 2014

Clean Christmas Movie Recommend....

Need a Christmas gift idea for all ages and persons?
  May I recommend this Hallmark Hall of Fame movie.  
We've owned it for some years now and just love it.
  My hubby has watched this many times - even without me!
   It is well done, charming, clean, funny and just all-around great!

We actually still have and watch the VHS version - 
but I've noticed it is in DVD format too.  Check it out on Amazon.
And nope - not getting paid to endorse this in any way.

Would love to hear how you enjoy 'A Season For Miracles'.

Dec 15, 2014

Christmas Crafting...

Got fabric?  Buttons?  Paper?  Then you're good to go.

For this first project - you'll also need a sewing machine.  
I used sheet music as the paper.
Find a star template online.  Size to your liking (one a little larger than the other). 

Trace and cut the smaller star out of sheet music or other paper. 

Trace and cut the larger star from fabric (you'll need 2).

Sew the paper star onto 1 fabric star. 

Sew the buttons or a center ornament in place.
Add the 2nd fabric star behind so that right sides are visible on both sides and

Stitch around fabric edges - adding string or twine for a hanger

Lastly - trim up the edges so it all looks good!

 Won't these make sweet ornaments and gift adornments?  
For the complete tutorial - go here.

 Also gonna share another project - from a non-blogging friend.  
She really should be a blogger - she's got talent 
and is not afraid of power tools!
(don't worry - no power tools needed for this project.) 

She placed this old window on her mantel and gave it a little 'Jesus' banner...

This one's easy to figure out.  
Burlap or other fabric pennant shapes, 
Slightly smaller paper shapes 
Some twine to string it all together.  
Hand draw or copy letters from your computer onto the paper.

 We were thrifting together and she found the ornament 
for 50 cents.  It is the perfect addition.

I love making Jesus front and center!
 I think I'm out of time for any more Christmas crafting.  
Time for baking, cooking and wrapping.

and oh yeah - I've not done any Christmas cards... sigh...

Sharing over at Let's Talk Vintage

Dec 14, 2014


It is God - and God alone that causes the snow to fall.  
But oh the beauty that mankind gets to enjoy!

For He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth’.  Job 37:6

A few scenes from my past week...

All photos taken at Historic Acres of Hershey.  
But now the snow has mostly melted.  Time for more!

Enjoy the blessings of this day ~ Joyce

Dec 13, 2014

My Christmas Touches Part 4....

Welcome to the final installment of my Christmas Home Tour for 2014. 
Today's post features our family room which doubles as the dining room.  
It generally gets more of a 'country' feel.  
Fresh greens and bargain find ornaments adorn my windows.
 (That red bow? - fabric scrap from a dress lining!)

The center of my 'dining room' table sports a trug or
 wooden bowl that I fill with whatever suits my fancy.  
The pheasant feathers are a favorite addition...

The vignette on top of my old cupboard...

I use this horn somewhere every year.  I love it!
The vintage ornaments from Poland are the only blue ornaments I own.

And this wreath has been up year round for a while.
  I found it at a yard sale with the tin star attached and kept it that way.
And a few floral Christmas picks that I scrounged from an 
old bouquet someone was tossing are the 
perfect addition to my vase of greens.
It's amazing the stuff you can find for 'free'!
Thanks for following along.
Now it's time to get to baking and crafts! 

Quilted Nest Christmas Part 3

Dec 12, 2014

My Christmas Touches - Part 3...

Let me show you the Christmas tidbits from our living room.  
We'll start with the mantel where my little Jesus resides. 
So glad He didn't stay little!...
Also home to my chopstick stars ...

I think this shot looks 'cold' - may have to throw a 'thow' in there to warm it up!
I decided on red and white this year for this room - 
so I switched out the fireplace candles...

Some red potpourri and a few other pops of red fill out my coffee table chest...

The top of my piano just received a few Christmas
 additions to what was already in place...
 The glittery red stars were a recent Dollar Tree purchase
to help with my limited 'red' supplies...
 No sense having a dress form and not dressing it up.
  So while it waits to sell - here's a vintage white bridal dress  
with a red bow to bring her into season...

This glass urn gets some fresh greens and one of my red stars...
(aren't they neat?  Love Dollar Tree!)

My last red star resides among my black and silver vignette...

Let's see - what else can I show you... 
How about the top of my china closet (which I do not use for china)...

We've been doing table top trees lately... feeling lazy I guess.  
It fit best this year beside said china closet. (Sometime I'll have to give you a peek in there.)

These little birds were a new (bargain) purchase this year.
 And I made the sheet music stars last year from an online tutorial...

  There ya have it.  I'll show you my 'country' side in Part 4.

 My Christmas Part 2 (the porch)


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