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May 26, 2014

Mount Gretna Cottages Porch Sales...

We are blessed to have a small Victorian summer cottage 
on an old Methodist Campmeeting grounds.  
This was the weekend for the annual Porch Sales.  What fun!

Several people commented that they enjoyed our 'set up'.  
That made my day!  Everyone was so sweet.
My only complaint is that I was manning the sale alone - so I could not go out and shop too.

 I'll probably set up one more time this year... during the Cottage Home Tours.   
Would love to have you stop by!
They are the first weekend in August... in Mount Gretna, PA!

May 3, 2014

Twig Garden Fence...

  We're not great gardeners.  And to make matters worse - 
we have an 80 lb. dog who is very destructive.   
(She has the run of the backyard with an invisible fence).   
I figured its no use even attempting a vegetable garden this year - 
unless we can fence her out.   But a 'real fence' just wasn't happening.  
So - I took it on myself to begin the build of a twig fence.   
Sometimes the wife has to start something... 
and then the hubby will have pity and help...

We have caught the dog trying to get in - and get in she did...
Taken by My Love - with his super duper camera!
But I remain hopeful that she will respect this boundary 
as she does some other 'flimsy' gates, etc. that we use. (One can hope!)
 So far - a few broccoli plants, one zucchini, snap peas,
 lettuce and red beets have been sown.

The back section is wire mesh for climbing plants.

Wish us well - we may need it!

Saturday Sightings - Unnecessary Signage...

I spotted this sign when I was out and about this morning
 and thought 'hmmm - is that really necessary?'
   Signs are expensive after all...
But then I guess there's just somebody out there who will try 
to see if they can play 'chicken' with a big Mac truck.

And yesterday - I discovered two new nearby country greenhouses.  
One on a local Amish farm... (Lots of veggies and flowers and real gardening knowledge!)

And another that is super cute that I'll revisit later for some flowers.
Love this time of year when the roadside markets
 and home based businesses open up.  

May 1, 2014

My Hubby's Bathroom...

Thought I'd try to snap a few more pictures today and show 
you the rest of my bathroom - sorta yesterday's post Part II...
 I have pictures from my Love's childhood in this room - 
as it used to be predominantly his bathroom.  
Below - left to right -  the farm where he grew up, his head silhouette, 
and he with his brother who was killed tragically about 20 years ago.

There is another picture on the opposite wall that is special...
 This one features My Love on the tractor he had on his farm.  
His cousin now owns it and Hubby was able to take it for a spin 
during a picnic one year.  Someone grabbed their camera - and here he is!
It was kinda fun honoring my man with a room all his own.  
He soon has a birthday - so stay tuned for how that plays out.


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