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Apr 26, 2013

Friday Favorites (from Pinterest)...

I thought it would be fun to do a Friday feature of favorites.  
Today I'm sharing a Pinterest board that I discovered entitled Rustic Romance.  
I love every image!  Take a peek at some of the 600+ pins of pure beauty.
(I'm only featuring pins that link to the original site)...









You may want to visit the rest of her boards too.
  Thanks 'mompraying4u'!

Apr 25, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation...

This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week.
  And right on target - the thrift shop where I volunteer had an 
appreciation breakfast for its 200 something volunteers! 

 I couldn't partake of the yummy looking homemade pastries - 
but that didn't stop me from taking pictures.

Pretty dahlias graced our tables and were available for sale. 
 They sold out immediately!

We met at a local banquet facilities at 8:00 AM to allow time
 to get the shop opened yet later that morning.  
(Some persons volunteer once a week - some once a month, etc.)
 I'm telling ya - if you're ever near Mount Joy, PA - 
it would definitely be worth your while to stop by!

Apr 24, 2013

Thrift Shop Things...

Found some fun things at the thrift shop today.
(I find great stuff all the time - but rarely take the time to show you - shame on me!)
 They should make some nice additions to my booth in the antique mall.
 Flag Bunting... $4.99, great old Black & Gold 8x10 Frame... $1.50, 
Wood Bottom White Gathering Basket.... $1.00, Flag Teddy... 50 cents. 
 I also redid some of the dress rack displays...
 This apple and wooden tub vignette looked great 
in person - but in my photo - just so -so.
(I have yet to figure out how to take these photos so that they look good!)
 Anybody need a 'C' or a 'G' monogram vintage pillow?
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Apr 22, 2013

Menu Monday - Potatoes with Cilantro...

I found and tried this potato side dish...
 You can visit the link or here is my version of the recipe...

Potatoes With Cilantro 

8-10 small Red Potatoes (unpeeled and quartered) OR 3 medium White Potatoes   cut into 12-15 chunks

Cook till tender - drain - set potatoes aside
In same saucepan melt
2 T. butter
Add 3 garlic cloves minced - or similar amount minced garlic from jar
Cook till tender
Return potatoes to pan
Add 1/2 t. Chili Powder and
1/8 - 1/4 c. chopped fresh Cilantro
Salt and Pepper to taste
Toss to cover.
It's a 'keeper' for us. (smells wonderful too!)
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Apr 21, 2013

Me And My House...

Taken at Ziegler's in the Country
What a beautiful testimony if this is true of our homes.  
But perhaps some of us feel like we have failed - and the Lord 
was not served in our homes the way He should have been.  
We need not despair.  We can still choose this day whom we 
will serve in your own house - our own body.  We can only choose
for ourselves - not our family members - not even
those dearest to us.  
But yes, with the Spirit's help - we can choose - each one of us - 
to serve the Lord - this day!  
And be encouraged to know that fervent prayer will unleash the 
Spirit to continue to work in the lives our loved ones.

Apr 20, 2013

Grapes Hyacinths and More...

Just a few photos of my gatherings today...
 The grape hyacinths pair nicely with a feathery weed I found growing in my yard...
How many of you call these bluebells?

I'm happy that the lamium that I planted along my
 rock border is creating a pretty naturalized effect...
In lieu of any current garden flowers to fill my sprinkling can - 
I plopped in some dried grass remaining from last year...
 (looks a bit like fall - but oh well)
 Hope you're enjoying your spring things too.
 I'm still looking for recipes that use cilantro (plant in the can).  Care to share?

Apr 17, 2013

Pretties In My Mailbox...

I just have to share some of the beautiful images that have shown up - 
mostly via 'junk  mail' - in my mailbox recently...
 Have you gotten some of these pretties?  The beautiful card, 
seals and envelopes are from Habitat for Humanity
 (an organization I'm willing to support).  
The watering can is part of some pretty address labels 
that came from another organization.
(unsolicitied - but they are pretty.)
 And lastly - I no longer go to the post office to buy my stamps.  
Instead - I use their little mailer and order thru my mailbox - 
no postage needed.  I always write in a special request for 
'something pretty' or 'something feminine'.  It's fun to see 
what they think 'pretty'!  Just look at these beautiful flower stamps I received.
Makes paying bills even almost fun... almost...
What postage stamps are you using right now?

Apr 16, 2013

Garden Things...

We're trying something different with our postage stamp sized 
vegetable garden this year.  We're incorporating a bit of Square Foot Gardening...
 We're not doing everything quite by the book - so we'll see what happens.  
(Using our own compost in the raised bed - rather than the more expensive recommended mix.)  
But already I can say - I really like planting and
 digging in the raised bed better than at ground level.
 Dear Miss Hen (Our chickens have names per our daughter - 
but I don't know which one she is....) is our trained garden weeder.  
Maybe we could rent her out! :)
So far we've planted potatoes, sugar snap peas,
 onions, lettuce and radishes.  Planting is the easy part... 
Getting everything to grow?  Another story!
 How is your garden growing?

Apr 15, 2013

Coffee Can Herb Project...

It's not often that we have empty coffee cans in our home.  
So when I found myself with one last week - I figured it was 'project time'.
My first order of business was to plant my herbs.
  Funny - I went out and bought chives and parsley (I was in an extreme hurry.)
  When I got home - I realized what I actually bought was chives and cilantro.
 Guess I'll be cooking Italian (or is that Mexican?) Recipes welcomed!
Next I painted and distressed the can.  Translation - I sanded it in 
places and then added a little glaze to tone down the creamy white...
I was inspired by Heather's recent project at Post Road Vintage (she's the best!)...
 but alas - I had no good looking seed packet to use.
  So - I went rooting thru my paper ephemera (which isn't tons) 
and decided on this greeting card...
With a bit of scissors work, a ribbon of burlap and some mod podging 
(using homemade of course!) - I'm thinking I'm happy with it.
 Oh - and the plastic coffee can lid?  
Switched to the bottom it makes a great coaster to prevent 
a rusty ring on whatever surface the can is sitting on.

Apr 14, 2013

Number Our Days...

So teach us to number our days,
That we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

Spotted on a tree in Chautauqua Mount Gretna, PA  
Tonight at church we were reminded to live each day in the present.
Not in the past with regrets or in the future hoping or waiting
for things to 'get better'.  But to live each day to the 
glory and honor of the Lord - right now - just how it is. 

With the Lord's help I can do that!  Will you join me?

Apr 9, 2013

Playing In the Dirt...

While they're not much to  look at this stage - the plants are 
beginning to awaken and soon we'll be ready for mulch. 
 We're still waiting for the birds to find our bird bath.  
I wonder if it needs to be in the sun more...
 I've been moving lots of dirt and removing lots of weeds.
My girls (now almost 7 years old!) have been a happy audience.
We average about 1 egg per week from them (yep - in total!)  
They're pretty much just pets.
 This lovely spring weather came at a good time for me. 
It's been awesome to be outside in the evenings.
 Thank you Jesus for the promise of new life!

Apr 6, 2013

Blessed Are They Which Are Persecuted...

Being 'different' can be hard...
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: 
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, 
and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: 
for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.
Matthew 5:10-12

Sometimes doing or standing for what we believe is right 
results in hurtful responses from those we love. 
Take courage - Jesus knows this feeling and so did the prophets of old.  
Have a pure heart before the Father, stand tall, and let Him handle the rest!

Incidentally - if you want to watch something inspiring and encouraging - 
this is a beautiful testimony of a Godly Amish family...
They have since, sadly, been excommunicated for doing the film.


Apr 4, 2013

The Makings Of a Spring Door Wreath...

My front door has been bare since January (gasp!)
  Today was the day to finally remedy the situation.  
 I gathered my trusty silk geraniums that I used here and here 
and a bare twig wreath that I most likely recycled from a previous 'look'.  
(It does pay to hang onto stuff!)  I began by trimming the geraniums of 
many of their leaves and stems - was just too much 'green'.
 Then I simply wired them into a 'U' shape to the bottom of the wreath.
 Now I'm the epitome of 'thrifty' at times.  Recently I bought a 
nice length of burlap - but I wasn't really thinking this particular 
project was where I wanted to use the bulk of it.  So I determined 
just 2 strips from 1 end would have to be enough for a bow.
 With 1 of the strips - I made this 'M' shape...
 ...then gathered the bottom edges into a bundle and wired them.
I attached this little cutey to the wreath with the 2nd
 strip and wa-la - a bow using almost no fabric.
 Happy Spring (and maybe summer too!)
Now - don't tell anyone - but my front porch is also bare... (sigh!)
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