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Feb 27, 2014

Sweet Behind the Scenes English Photo Shoot...

I discovered this sweet image today...

...which led to the Vanessa Arbuthnott website.
They have a wonderful behind the scenes look at how they shot 
this and other beautiful images from their collection. 

I could listen to that sweet English or British accent all day.  
What loveliness!

Go create some loveliness of your own today... ~Joyce

Feb 22, 2014

My After Valentine's Mantel...

I redid my fireplace mantel now that Valentine's Day is over...
All in neutrals.  No - I don't know the children in the big photo.
The little report card on the left is too similar in height to the book.  
But - it belonged to my father-in-law and my mother is in the photo 
on the right. (trying to keep it 'fair')

I retained a few things from the Valentine mantel
  which made for a quick and easy change up...

And the children photo appeared at Christmas - but you can't see them.
Tricky huh?  Gotta work with what ya got!
Thanks for stopping by my little space on the web!  ~Joyce

Feb 21, 2014

Quick & Thrifty Wall Art...

Old sheet music is readily available at thrift stores and auctions.  
Yesterday I happened to notice this frame I had bought to resell...
 I cut down some sheet music to size from my stash...
 I like the words of this song title.  
I paired it with bibles from our new deceased parents.
 For now this little number will be staying with me!
Have you ever framed any sheet music?  ~Joyce

Feb 20, 2014

New In the Living Room...

I'm still playing in my living room.   Today I added this desk...
There is an awkward space behind the sofa - 
right at the front door - that I'm trying to fill...
 The desk was a gift to me from my parents (made by my Uncle) when I was 16.  
It's new coat of paint and book pages back panel
 brings into 'this century' quite nicely.

This was the 'before'...

Hello new 'old' friend...

I trust it will be a fine resting place for mail, etc. heading out the door.

Look around - often you already own something that will work just fine... think paint!

Have you played in any room lately?   ~Joyce
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Feb 17, 2014

Country Loveliness...

There are so many beautiful images around the web and on 
Pinterest -  I had to start a new board...
Country Loveliness is all about - well, the country and pretty things.  
Take a peek...
Sadly - the true source of many of these is 'unknown'.   
If you know a source - I'd be happy to be informed!
 Who know galvanized tubs and buckets could be so charming?  
(OK - we've been learning - but it doesn't hurt to be reminded)...

Have you created any new 'lovely image'-type Pinterest 
boards?  Share the link in the comments section!

Have a 'Lovely' Day...  ~Joyce

Feb 16, 2014

The Heavens Declare...

Taken on the way home from church today

We're enjoying all the snow we're getting this year.
  The Psalms tell us that nature itself declares that there is a God.  
He is a God that desires our worship.   
He wants to be involved in the most intimate details of our lives. 
Let us say with the Psalmist...

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
Be acceptable in Your sight,
O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer."
Psalms 19:14

Feb 14, 2014

Our Valentine Dinner - Fireside...

Our Valentine's evening will be spent at home - 
in front of our fireplace - with carry out!  Yep...

I've cleared some furniture - added a board
to our coffee table chest and set the stage...
(The board just happened to be on hand from another project I'm working on - convenient huh?)

Candles are strewn all about the room for fireside dining.  
'Linens' are paper this time in readiness for all the tomato sauce 
that will be on hand (stromboli and gluten free pizza).  
This will be our view...
I'm hoping we can read some of the valentines that belonged to our parents...

In addition to our pizza shop entrees - I made a gluten free 
cherry crisp using this recipe.  I added some apples
 for our version to hopefully cut the sweetness a bit.

Looking forward to a night at home with  My Love. 
 And there's more snow coming again tonight!
 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  ~Joyce
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Feb 13, 2014

Valentine Delivery Ready...

I spent my morning getting some Valentines ready.
 Sweet things are now all wrapped up for my loved ones...

 Cracker Jacks & peanut butter filled chocolate hearts (they love these...)
Had to make some sheet music hearts...
How to:  Sew 2 hearts together right down the middle - 
into the next heart.  Fold up the top heart.
And how fun that the sheet music I used had sweet romantic titles...
Sounds like we'll be  delivering one of these tonight via 'foot'... in the snow.  
Brrrrrr..... (now that's love!)

I cheated and bought my cards.  How about you?  ~Joyce
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Feb 12, 2014

Bargain Finds and a New Spring Listing...

 Sharing a few of my bargain finds from today with you...
 The heart gift box of great smelling votive candles
was just $1.50.  
I'll tuck them away for a gift for next year.    
I can use the white candle in my fireplace.
(just 50 cents - previously burned but who cares?)

Stay tuned for our Valentine Evening atmosphere in front of said fireplace.

The big red basket was FREE - I may wash some white over it.  

I have just listed the violets light switch plate in my Etsy shop.
I was really thrilled with these 8 'masculine Christian birthday cards for $1.
 I keep cards on hand and am usually 'out' of men cards. 
I have brothers and My Love has friends - so yep - I send to them!

Love this leather chair...
Do you send birthday cards?
Have a great day ~Joyce

Feb 10, 2014

6 Thrifty Tips From My Weekend...

Do you use hypoallergenic bar soap?  Did you know that they sell it 
at Dollar Tree?  Seriously.... 3 bars for $1!  
Guess how I discovered it?...

One day while shopping there... I noticed that a lady came in - 
went straight to the cosmetic aisle - scooped up an armful of this
soap and then checked out.  That's all she came in for.  
I had never noticed this soap before that day.  I do now!

Tip #1 - Watch (kindly and courteously of course) 
what other shoppers are buying.  You might learn something!

I found a chandelier at an antique mall this weekend that I'm in the process of shining up...
See that flat 'gold'  at the top - it was ALL that color.
I am happy to find it is cleaning up to silver.  
I've a long way to go and it may not be perfect in the end - 
but it is certainly looking better than I expected.  It was $5!  
The dealer was in the process of downsizing.  
I almost missed it - it was hanging overhead!

Tip #2 - Keep your eyes and ears open for information which may suggest 
low prices.  Moving, getting out of a business, getting married, downsizing - 
all are life events which may result in drastic price reductions.
Tip #3 - Look UP and UNDER and DOWN for finds.  Not everything 
will be at eye level

We once again found ourselves with about 5 cups of milk that is 
starting to sour.  I am not throwing out that much milk.  
Cooking with it is a great option - but that's a lot of
 milk to use at one time for cookies or coffee cake.

Solution - I'm freezing it in smaller batches for baking when 
I have the time.  Frozen milk may not be preferred for drinking - 
but in recipes it will be just fine.

Tip #4 - Buy milk and perishables in sizes that you can use up while still fresh.  
It's a better buy in the long run than having food spoil

Tip #5 - Many foods are able to be frozen if you do have a surplus.  Google it!

I enjoy giving new life to old furnishings with a simple coat of paint.
I've had this desk/bookshelf combination hidden away in a 
hallway.  (It was made by my uncle and given to me as a teenager!)  
It's currently getting a makeover and will be part of
 my new living room.  Can't wait!

Tip #6 - Don't get new - just paint or update what you already have.

Yep - I'm a thrifty gal.... always will be. 
What bargains did you discover this weekend?  ~Joyce

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Feb 7, 2014

Valentine Dessert And a Free Local Event...

Need a recipe for February 14th?  Here ya go...
Gotta love recipes with cherry pie filling! 
This is how it appeared before going into the oven...
This is my donation for a Valentine event at the
 antique mall where I sell. 
Unfortunately -  I forgot to take a picture of the after.  
All I had left were the few pieces, above, which had fallen apart!  
It should look something like this...

Ziegler's in the Country will be hosting a free Valentine Tea 
(meaning tasty goodies and booth sales throughout the mall) 
this weekend on Feb. 9th - 1-4 pm.  So if you are near
south central PA - you might want to check it out.  

2975 Elizabethtown Rd
Hershey, Pa 17033

Now for that dessert recipe  (sorry for several food posts this week)...

Fruit Swirl Bars

1- 1 1/4 c. sugar
1/2 c. soft margarine or butter
1/2 c. Crisco
1 1/2 t. baking powder
1 t. vanilla
1 t. almond extract
4 eggs
1/8 t. cinnamon (optional)
3 c. flour
1 1/2 cans cherry pie filling

Beat sugar and shortenings and eggs on high 3 minutes.
Add remaining ingredients.  Spread 2/3 of batter in 10x15
greased pan.  Spread cherry pie filling over batter.  Drop 
remaining batter onto pie filling.  Bake 350 degrees 30 min.


1 1/4 c. confect. sugar
2 T. lemon juice
1 t. melted marg. or butter

Drizzle over cake after removing from oven while still warm (but not hot)

Tip - I made 3/4 of this recipe using 1 can pie filling and a 9x13 pan.

Enjoy!  ~Joyce


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