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Mar 30, 2014

Now Is the Day...

Dear friends... there is a decision we all have to make.   
And making no decision is a decision.  
So I invite you, this day - won't you choose Jesus?
It will mean saying 'no' to this world - 'cause we can't have both...

  But I promise - the reward - both now and in the forever - 
will be worth every bit of sacrifice.

Eternity awaits and none of us are guaranteed
 another moment of time. 
Come to Jesus...with your whole heart and life.
And let Him give you life abundant!

Mar 29, 2014

Spring Vignettes and Groupings...

Enjoy a few of the thrift shop displays I created this week... 
from goods already sprinkled throughout the store...
 This yellow and lavender one is the most traditionally 
spring by far.  Our spring things have already been out 
for a number of weeks - so 'true' spring items are harder to find.
 We have a number of country looking bunnies that get donated... 
so I tried to create a little county Easter vignette.  
I would have preferred a different green - 
but these big leaves were all I could find.
For the men's rack - I included some baseballs.  
Love their red stitching!

Half the fun of shopping at thrift and antique stores for me 
is seeing how the displays are put together.  
Many times - there just aren't any....a sad day.

I'm happy to announce that 'our' thrift shop has lots of them!
This bridal display created by another gal - I just do the dress racks.
Come visit!

Mar 27, 2014

Healthy Thrifty Snack - Thrifty Thursday...

If you're not frequenting discount, salvage or bent and dent 
grocery stores... you are missing out!  Check out my latest find...

In my recent shopping trip to my local discount grocer - 
I picked up my usual bag of salted sunflower seeds bag in the 
bulk food section.   (Mixed with raisins they're my current snack craving.)  
They are priced at approx. $2.70/lb.  When I got to the last aisle - 
they had 16 oz. packs of unsalted sunflower seeds for 99 cents. 

Well - 99 cents was too good to pass up.  So I bought 2 bags 
and when I got home - I mixed them with my 1 bag of salted.  
Let me tell you - - my new mixture is plenty salty! 

I'm storing them in my old canning or Mason jars.
 (Actually this is a Ball jar - not sure how Mason got to be the preferred name.) 
  I feel like I struck a gold mine!  Happy snacking for me and My Love.

Now go find a discount grocery store and discover your own bargains!

Mar 25, 2014

Spring Door Decor....

In lieu of a spring wreath - I threw together a little
 wall basket for my front door...

 As is often my style - I looked at what was laying around me and used it.  
I had just picked up the faux forsythia and a marble egg 
at a thrift shop for very little monies.  I was going to attach them 
to a grapevine wreath - but then noticed this little
 wall basket that wasn't currently in use.  Why not?
A few bends of the floral picks and some Spanish moss later - 
and my door is adorned for Spring.

Can you believe - it snowed all day today?... 
but it didn't lay - so it's all good.

Mar 24, 2014

Cupcakes - Perfect Party Food...

We celebrated my in-law's wedding anniversary over the weekend.  
I had nothing to do with planning or hosting the event.  
So I'm gonna brag about the wonderful cupcakes that were served...

All homemade and at least 6 different kinds.  I was impressed!

 Simple - tasty - and just perfect for an afternoon drop in party...

We used a room at the retirement home.  
They had some pretty decor going on...

My attempt to look a bit like Spring - even though it was cold...

Did you do anything special this weekend?

Mar 20, 2014

Thrifting In America's Coolest Town & Thrifty Tip...

In our recent getaway - the return visit that is to pick up our 
broken down vehicle - we visited the 'Coolest Town in America'.  
Really!  Berlin, MD was voted just that for 2014.   
Of course - the locals are proud!

We were impressed with all the charm.  But sounds as though Berlin 
also hosts lots of fun events - including a fiddle fest. 
Source  - visit this link to see what I mean!
The downtown shops and eateries along Main Street are delightful...
Berlin is home to great thrift shops too.  
We're talking 'boutique cute' and priced right!  
Thanks to our little visit - I now own a new-to-me cute 
spring sweater, my 'gift drawer' stash gained another item, 
we have a morally clean DVD to watch for date night sometime, 
and a little stone urn awaits my ideas.

And since Berlin is also nearby to seashores and Assateague Island 
where the wild ponies roam - what's not to like?

Thursday Thrifty Tip:  Heading out on a little getaway?  Do a web search for  
'thrift shops' for the towns you'll be near.  You can check out
 www.thethriftshopper.com too - but I got more results by
 searching, in my case, 'Berlin, MD thrift shops'. 
I find the local charity shops to be more interesting and better
displayed/priced than the 'chain' Goodwill's, etc.
Have fun - Bargains await!

Mar 16, 2014

Wild Horses and Assateague Beach Things...

 We delivered a piece of furniture about 4 hours away yesterday 
and spent a little time on the island of Assateague National Park.  
Wild horses roam free there...

... but appear to be a little too used to humans.

We learned these are skate eggs...sadly now dead.

This old anchor had shells encrusted to it. 
It's amazing that something so heavy could wash up... 

The tree was a fake 'plant'... well charred and the
 probable remains of someone's beach bonfire.
But I liked it's solitary stature... 

And my fav photo of the day...

 The rest of the story is that 1 hour after arrival - our vehicle broke down.   
Yep - 1 hour!
Anyone want to buy a good looking 1981 Chevy pick up truck?

Mar 14, 2014

Great House Color (Pumpkin Anyone?) and More Listings...

In case you need some house paint color inspiration...
At the end of our road sits a cute cottage...

It has been given a new coat of paint and I like it!
 It's kinda a pumpkin spice color - a bit atypical for a house.  
But I think it serves this home well.   Don't you love that front door?

I've been trying to get my shop well stocked.   
There are more new listings to check out.  Here is a sample...
Baby Spoon in Box

Rabbit Friction Toy

Children's Silverware Set

Booties Pin Cushion
Sterling Silver Duck Clip
I love the look of pastels and spring colors in the shop.

Mar 10, 2014

Selling Tip - Combining For 'One Money'...

Antique and vintage selling via booths and online can be such fun.  
But invariably - we sellers end up with small wares that just 
aren't moving or worthy of a listing of their own.
  Grouping them together for 'one money' is a great way to move 
them out and make your booth look interesting at the same time. 

If you can fill it, put something in it or attach
 something to it - you're good to go.  
How about a flower pot with a pin cushion and old spool?  
In pastels it says 'instant spring'...
Like the primitive look?  How about some cinnamon sticks 
and a rolling pin with your antique coffee can?
Or some sweet puzzles with your clothespin bag?
(Pins too of course)...
Estate Sale Treasures on Etsy does an awesome job
 of combining goods for sale in 1 listing...

Yep - that pretty photo went with the cameo and button...

And while this jar of goodness wasn't technically 'for sale' - it's the same idea...
We doesn't enjoy getting a bargain or a little something extra?
Price accordingly.  Selling for less is better than donating it.
 What tips do you have for moving stale merchandise?

Linking to Vintage Inspiration Party


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