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Jan 31, 2014

Something I Just Learned About Pinterest...

Ok - I can be a bit slow on the 'learning' end of things.  
But seriously - I just didn't know this and am taking
 the chance that maybe 1 of you didn't know it either.

Did you know that when you click on a pin in your feed - like so... 
(clicking on the pretty cottage kitchen scene in this case)...

... and then it whisks you away to the next page which looks like this...
... that there is more?  I mean much more?!  
I used to just click on this image again to see the blog, etc. 
where the image came from and peruse that site - 
possibly follow it - end of story.  
BUT... if you scroll down - yep scroll down - 
without clicking anything yet - and you'll see...

...a bunch more pins of similar interest and style
 AND other boards that the image was pinned to.  
So there are tons of sources and places you can go from just 1 image.   
(Told you I'm slow - just didn't think about 'scrolling down'.)  
Oh my - a person could stay on Pinterest all day.  
Not sure this was a good discovery...

Jan 30, 2014

Pants Hanger Project....

 Here's a little project I'm working on...
#rmaphotoaday challenge - 'vintage'
I simply painted and lightly distressed a wooden pants hanger.

The letters are hand stamped.  If left to dry for several hours - 
they seem pretty smudge proof... but I'm still
 deciding if its needs a coat of poly.

Pants hangers are fairly common at thrift shops I think.  
I found mine on a quarter pile following a public auction.  
Four for 25 cents!  Thrifty enough for ya?
Have anything you wanna hang up?  
These make great photo and art frames too.  
Simply insert photo and hang on your wall.

Be blessed today ~ Joyce
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Jan 29, 2014

New Listings - Spring Books and Souvenir...

Check out some of the new listings in my shop...
These 3 Linen Books include some of the sweetest Spring images...

There are also 2 Bird Reference Books with great color plates...
(think framed wall art!)

This Hershey Park Souvenir features a great early
 photo of a garden in the park...
These little Open House Greeting Cards are some of the 
cutest I've seen in a long time...
and how about some Easter and Spring Flash Cards
  for your paper projects and vignettes?  
(psst - there are 9 of them for only $8.99!)
Hop on over - would love to  have you visit me via Etsy.

May the Lord bless your day ~ Joyce

Jan 28, 2014

Decorating The Inside Of A Fireplace...

Our fireplace is currently not in 'fire burning' condition.   
So until such time as we decide to spend the money
 to get it fixed - I 'decorate' it.
Right now I do not have enough pillar candles for my
 new 'neutrals' color scheme.  (Yard sales are coming!)
Anybody in need of some pink pillars?
 So I pulled out some votives and candle holders that I can use with tea lights.

This was my fireplace over Christmas...
This is today...

 But burning a real wood fire on these cold evenings?
  That would be the ultimate!   Maybe by next year at this time.

May the Lord bless you today ~Joyce

Jan 27, 2014

'No Sugar' Dessert Recipes Wanted...

Hi Friends!   It seems we live an in an age of funky diets.  
And I don't mean just 'lose weight' diets.  I'm talking diets to 
maintain health or to help reduce illness & disease... you get the picture.  
I've been eating gluten free for years - with great success.  
But suddenly - about 3 months ago - it became 'not enough' 
and my condition worsened.  Now I'm trying to do 'no sugar' as well. 

photo challenge - 'sweet' - peanut butter in this case

 It is hard!  I'm avoiding starches since they turn to sugar in our bodies.
  I'm not doing stevia, honey, or anything 'sweetened'.  
My 'sweeteners' have become things like dried fruit, bananas
and unsweetened applesauce.   I'm desperate for any dessert
recipes you may have to help me out! 
Natural peanut butter has become my 'dessert' some days.
(Whoever said you eventually lose your craving for sweets when you stop 
eating them doesn't know what they're talking about.)

Jan 23, 2014

I Adore Bargain Hunting....

Don't you?  I think bargain hunting is my most favorite thing ever.  
Probably shouldn't be - but yeah - it pretty much is.

 Today's bargain find (and no - I'm not out shopping all the time)...
My rmaphotoaday challenge for today: I adore
 ... that sweet little beige silk pillow for $1.25.  Yep - only $1.25!
  Just look at all those little pleats!
 Blends nicely with the creamy white linen pillow (handmade by me).  
And speaking of bargains - see those velour damask curtains?  
I found them at a yard sale and saved them for a rainy day.  
Pulled them out after our living room redo and was
 thrilled to see they work.  I paid $25 for 3 pair.
 I'm much more of a thrift shopper than a retail shopper.  
It's more fun for me and I like that the results are
 less 'cookie cutter'.  What's your preference?

Jan 22, 2014

A Special Family Memento Yard Sale Find...

Every once in a while when I'm out thrifting or yard saling - 
I find a particularly great item.... great because it has personal meaning 
in some way.  This post is about one of those finds.

One day a number of years ago I spotted these 3 school photos 
on a table at a yard sale - yep just a typical yard sale.  
I instantly recognized them because I grew up having seen them.  
They are from the one room schoolhouse that my mother attended.  
(We still live in the area where she grew up - haven't strayed too far from home!)  
And sure enough - she is in each picture.

What a precious, precious find!  I'm sure I didn't pay more than 
$1 a piece for them...they are of course worth much more to me.
I recently found this fabulous frame that fits one of
 these odd sized (10 x 12) photos...

 Up in my new living room it goes.
Hello Mommy!  (She's the 2nd one from the left - front row.)

Have you ever found a family heirloom on your treasure hunts?
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(if you're visiting from these parties - I'd love if you'd let me know!) 

Jan 21, 2014

New Spring Listings...

I've added some new spring and Easter things to my shop. 

Do you like dotted Swiss fabric?  This lovely pink yardage 
is from Japan and has daisies instead of dots...
Flocked Daisy Fabric
I also have several sets of antique card booklets...
Set of 3 Easter Booklets

Set of 5 Booklets and Cards
 Vintage Spring - there's nothing quite like it!

Fancy Dinner Invitation...

Sunday found us dining at the home of a new friend.
  And what a treat...

 We were greeted with this beautiful table...
 ...complete with silver knife rests.
Our host - busy in his sweet 50's style kitchen...
The home was still decorated for Christmas and I was
 intrigued with the ornaments on this feather tree...
 Turns out he made most of the ornaments himself!
  He's a living history demonstrator in his 'spare time' 
and has perfected many colonial arts and crafts skills.
And take a peek at dessert...
 Yep - we were pampered!  Can't say I've ever had a
 handmade swan shaped cream puff before.   
What a delightful afternoon!

Jan 20, 2014

A Vintage Camper Mom Cave...

 We were blessed to be awarded 2 tickets to the Philadephia 
Home Show from Kelly of Eclectically Vintage.  
It's about a 2 hour drive for us - but we decided a
 Saturday day trip would be fun.  So off we went. 
  Kelly teamed up with Denise of The Painted Home.
  This is Denise with her vintage camper that she converted to 
(her words) a Mom Cave.  Yep - it was cute...

Also spotted at the show was this upcycled wine center.  
It's an accumulation of about 5 different pieces...
and this little dresser and sheet music wreath vignette...

Outside of about 4 booths - the others were selling typcial kitchen and sunrooms...
 but we still had a fun day.
 And you can't beat a Philadephia skyline!

Jan 19, 2014


All human life comes from God - all life!  It is precious 
in His sight - from conception to our final days on this earth.  
If it is precious to God - may it also be precious to us... 
so precious that we'll protect it with all of our being.

January 19, 2014 - Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Jan 17, 2014

For 2014 - A Treasury Feature...

How Fun!...

I was blessed to have my noisemaker included in this 'Father Time' Treasury collage.

Thank you Daphne of Vintage Jewelry Junque 

A sample of her wares...

Gotta Love Etsy!


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