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Jun 30, 2017

A Facebook Tip on Today's Friday Finds...

While I found a few 'things' this week...

...my favorite find was not a 'thing' at all!  

Are you part of your local town's page on Facebook?  
If not - you need to be!  Just search for your 'town, state' and see if
 there's a page and join it!  I can't believe the world this has opened up...
 things we never knew about right here on our community.

Case in point:
We have this pile of cement that we've been trying to unload...

On our town page someone mentioned needing a 'clean fill' place
I chimed in that we do too.  Immediately - someone responded.
 And the best part?  The location was just 3 houses down the road.
  Yes really!  Feels like a little miracle!  I'm also seeing people 
find jobs from the page, learn about new restaurants,
churches and on and on.  It's been great.

Now back to my 'things' finds... it's a small pile this week.
The pillow is for our summer cottage ($1)
and the old fabric (actually curtains) will land on Etsy.
I love these sweet hankies.  At 10 cents each pack - 
I'm happy to have them for my purse. 

And I found plants!  At one yard sale today I praised a flower
 growing in a lady's shaded bed.  She offered to dig some up for me!
  I'm thrilled to have this hardy begonia to give 'style' to my back border...

Then at another sale - the oxalis (purple) was $1 and the 
little plant (purple coneflower) was 50 cents.
Both are flowers that I don't have.

What a fun week this has been.  
Now remember - go get on your community facebook page.  
Would love to hear how it proves to be a blessing in your life - 
cause I feel certain it will be!  ~Joyce

Jun 29, 2017

Making A Lavender Wreath for Thrifty Thursday...

My intent this morning was to cut and make lavender bundles
 from my 2 little plants and add them to my living room.  

I even had a helper who mostly stayed out of the way...

But it wasn't long into the process that I decided to turn those bundles into a wreath.

Thus a lavender photo shoot was born...

Cost?  Lavender - $0 (plant from a friend a long time ago that I
 finally figured out how to propagate to make 2 plants)
Wreath base - had on hand - may have been .50 from a yard sale
Florists Wire - had on hand - may have been .25 from a yard sale
Waxed String - had on hand - may be been $1/roll from a yard sale

I think that counts as Thrifty. 
And the best part?  You can't put a price tag on loveliness!
Plus - it smells delightful in here!  

Thanks for visiting today... and comments make my day.  ~Joyce

Jun 27, 2017

The Perfect Farm Mailbox... and More...

Took a little country walk on a road we never walked on before...
 although just a short hop away.  Come along...

It is farmland here and this mailbox is so fitting I think...
brownstone house

But right next door is this wonderful property...

barn country garden border

Discovered these old markers or county boundary lines.  
When whizzing by in a car - these kinds of things go unnoticed...
via Quilted Nest

quilted nest

The sky is always fun to observe - it is truly God's handiwork.

And we returned via our rail trail.
Elizabethtown, PA
I truly love our region in southcentral PA.
 Come visit!  ~Joyce

Jun 22, 2017

Shopping Online for Free! - Thrifty Thursday

I'm not a big online shopper.  Generally speaking - I feel I do 
much better with local discounts and hitting thrift shops, 
discount grocery stores and yard sales.

But - there is the occasional product that I use that is specific
 enough that I won't find it at a discounted price anywhere.
These items are worth checking out online.   
I checked Amazon for a supplement that I take and discovered
 some thrifty tips...

1.  Thanks so all the product promos that Amazon includes for
 anything you search for - I found another brand of my product that
 checked out to be just as good (easy enough to do online research)
 for much less monies.  

2.  I paid with my Discover card.  Turns out Amazon has the option
 of using your Cash Back Bonus monies at check-out.   Really?
  Awesome!  That is 'free' money to me... so thank you!

Of course there are many other ways to save with Amazon.   
Most of them I do not find to be really saving for me personally 
(in other words - I'd be shopping more than my normal - just to 'save').
But click this link for some truly good ways to save with Amazon.

And just a few more general 'shopping' thrifty tips...

3.  Always pay for purchases w/ a 'cash back' credit card when you can.  
Or use anairline mileage card if travel is a big happening in your life.

4.  As alluded to already - clubs and memberships are generally not
 the best savings and typically have you spending more than you 
would have without the 'plan'.   There are ways to shop cheaper!
  They may (but not necessarily) take more time though - and if time
truly equals money stress to you - then consider that.  

5.  Stress (see #4) can equal money!... it takes a toll on our health.

So check out the little extras Amazon has to offer.  (As always - 
I'm not getting any kickbacks - this is a non-money making blog!)
  Happy Savings!  ~Joyce

Jun 17, 2017

A Friend's Garden - Saturday Sightings...

 It is local garden tour time.   What a fun Saturday morning outing!
  But on this particular tour - my favorite garden was a 
friend's garden - not on the tour except for us!  

The idea for these little chicken wire succulent planters came to 
her in the middle of the night.  Aren't they neat?

Her covered patio area is filled with blue and white pottery, 
planters and baskets of all kinds...

Planters en masse make a statement for sure!

And a few other shots from the morning...

Now this coming week I will be out in my own gardens playing.
  Happy weekend everyone!  ~Joyce 

Jun 16, 2017

Thrifty Thursday & Friday Finds In One Post...

Today's thrifty tip? (from yesterday but never happened...)
Visit a book sale!  Better yet - volunteer at one...
Getting ready for library book sale

I unexpectedly found myself part of a sorting crew the day before
 our community library book sale.  (Boxes of books are heavy!)  

I found it interesting to see the genre section that was largest. 
Can you guess?
Library at Mount Gretna, PA

Mystery and thriller!  This surprised me as it's the last thing I'd read.
I'd rather sleep at night :)

My favorite section was this one - 
all things crafty and home decor (it was a smaller section)...

Which brings me to my thrifty tip. Turns out when you volunteer - 
it may give an opportunity to buy a cheap book or 2 ahead of the actual sale!  
I found this one - right up my alley - for $1.
But attending a book sale will garner you some good cheap books too.

Now for a few other finds from my week...(it was slim).
Seems I'm continually adding to my greeting card stash...  
and at 5/$1 - why not?
The seahorse paperweight is available here and 
a sailboat butter stamp is available here.

Life has been full - but also very good.  We're enjoying the prospects

of some new things in our lives - and are so thankful to the Lord.
  Hope you are all doing well too!  ~Joyce

Jun 2, 2017

Some Local History, Garden Things and Great Friday Finds Haul...

I feel like I've been traveling far and wide lately to get goods - 
and its not always been worth the jaunt.  Yesterday was one of those 
'high mileage/low goods' days.  But I did pick up 4 old receipt tablets (right).  
They are for a local business that no longer exists - so I inquired.

Turns out Grove's Meat Market was owned by the garage sale
 lady's father.  I asked where it had been and she steered me in the
 direction of this building - built in the 50s.  I pass this place often
 and never knew it was once a meat market!  
Love little tidbits like that.  They help make up for the mileage thing.

But today was a great haul day.  First - I found several really
 cheaply priced garden things. These 4-packs of alyssum were 50 cents.  
And a climbing bean plant - been wanting one of those - was 25 cents.
(She even put them in this nice basket for me - no charge!)

And perfect for that bean plant - this trellis was 50 cents!

And one more garden thing... a large planter for this corner of 
my yard - also just 50 cents!

My vintage-goods haul looks like this and cost $29... 

It includes a whole pile of 'L' monogram linens, some early button-
 close shams and a lovely fringe edged candlewyck runner...

This composition Japan bobblehead caught my eye - 
so I'll give it a whirl on Etsy and see what happens... 

The chicken graphics cards are actually ink blotters.

I spent a little more than my norm to get 3 old ledgers - 
in excellent condition with old script writing... 

 Some porcelain things (Noritake and Limoges), an old tin game board 
and even some ruby glass & silver made it to my stash today.

I just love Fridays!  Thanks for following along ~Joyce


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