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Jul 1, 2013

Mix and Match Curtains - a Bargain Solution...

My living room curtains (the plain ecru curtains 
in the photo) are probably 30 years old.  
(You're welcome to roll your eyes at me ....)  
 When I washed them last week those old curtains 
finally gave up the ghost and all but 2 panels
 came out with tears and shredding.  
Curtains at these windows are a necessity.  
So using what was left -  here's what I came up with...
One remaining original side panel still adorns each 
 spanse of window (there are 2 sets of windows).
Then I used the rose sheer scarves to form another 'panel'.  
And the scarves?  Picked them up for about $2 each a few years ago
 just 'cause they were too pretty to not pick up at that price!
Can someone say window mistreatment?
 It's a bit unique perhaps... but at least now my windows are 
'dressed' and I can take my time to shop for replacements...or not...

Amazing the things you come up with when you're cheap frugal. :)


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