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Oct 28, 2013

Fall Table to Mantel Sheet Music Project...

We had dinner guests this weekend.   
We've been having this same couple once a month
so I'm trying to vary my decor and menu.

As usual - I used whatever I had on hand. 
The berry and leaves garland I just scored for 1.50! 
The green dishes were also a recent thrift purchase.  
At less than $1/piece - I'm excited to hav
 something that will work for Fall and Christmas!
 The place settings looked a little plain to me.
  So for a bit of Fall 'extra' -  I found some leaves 
in my backyard & traced them to make a template.
 I traced the template onto vintage sheet music and cut.  
Then traced once more a bit larger onto brown craft paper.
I glued the 2 pieces together for a little plate decor.
 (I'll share about those delicious herb biscuits in another post.)
After our guests left - I made each sheet music leaf into a 
tag with a hole punch & string.  I  tied each 'tag' 
onto a piece of string the length of my fireplace. 
Now I have a fall banner that I wasn't even planning on making!
The rest of the story?... I intended our guests to take a sheet music leaf
home with them - but nobody did.  Turns out - that was OK! 

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Oct 27, 2013

PA Farmland...

We took a short drive today on nearby back roads.  
This was a view we came upon... 
We live in a beautiful area -  full of farms and country.  
Come visit us in Lancaster County, PA if you ever get a chance.
Have a blessed Lord's Day.

Oct 24, 2013

Vintage Industrial Just Listed...

I've been trying to get my Etsy shopped restocked.  
Of my recent listings - I'm loving this vintage industrial fun...
 These shears are 12" long with the perfect amount of 
rusting on that old steel.  Wouldn't they be cute as 
wall art in your studio, sewing or craft room?
And a peek at a few more of my shop goods...
Lot Thread Bobbins

Pair Flat Cotton Sheets w/ Labels

Linen Kitchen Towels

Box Unused Laundry Starch
Head on over and browse my other goodies...
 linens, farmhouse and more.

Oct 21, 2013

My Real Life Fall Inspiration...

Sunday afternoons have been finding us taking walks 
in this lovely Fall weather.  We are blessed to have nearby 
access to some great trails and communities.
Mt. Gretna Lake

My camera couldn't get this shot... but it was a pretty sight.

My Love getting his shot - 'er one of them.

Love this old 'tree house'!

Now this is an entrance - love it!

quilted nest
Mt. Gretna, PA Outdoor Tabernacle

I wanted to bring these tan berries home... but left Nature untouched.

A Fall silo.

Wouldn't us 'junker's have fun with this old wood pile?
And lastly - a 'wow' shot from My Love
Have you been enjoying Fall where you live?
(Thank you for not copying without permission.)

Oct 14, 2013

Groceries For Pastor Appreciation...

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  At church, 
we were asked to bring groceries as a Harvest Home 
blessing for our Pastor.  When we arrived at church yesterday 
with our contribution in hand - we were blown away...

 We are a bit new to the church so didn't know what to expect.  
They do this every year.  Isn't it amazing?  
I'm loving that produce section in the center.
Apparently they begin set-up the week before.
(This collection is for 2 pastors - but I'm still in awe!)
 They even do a small display in the vestibule as you enter.  

And get this - it's organized by 2 men! 
 I just love it! 
What an outpouring of love.
What does your church do for Pastor Appreciation?

Oct 3, 2013

Wreath Updated For Fall...From Trash Clippings...

I've been enjoying updating my grapevine wreath each season.
  For fall...

 ...I used pieces that literally would have gone into the trash
 (fell off, etc.) from my faux fall foliage collection.
 With a few pheasant feathers and a burlap bow 
(again - scraps of fabric) - we're ready to greet our guests
 in simple fall fashion.

This was the same wreath in its spring and summer 'do...
Happy Fall everyone!  Can you believe it's October?

Oct 1, 2013

Budget Fall Table ...

Tis Fall!   So I set a simple fall table for our guests 
this weekend.  I decided to forego a tablecloth - 
and used a scarf as a runner instead.  
(Yes, a scarf that we wear!)
The trug or faux wooden bowl is filled with some fall garland, 
wooden gourd, huge scissors or clippers, faux silver fruit, 
a horn, a fall candle in a yard sale container...

...some old photos and pheasant feathers.
In other words - I went around my home and gathered whatever looked 'fall'.
Under it all is a crocheted runner to lighten it.
That would be me - doing my thing... 
Fall paper napkins are from Dollar Tree.  
I prefer paper napkins when the menu includes a tomato dish - 
and we were having baked tacos (which were a hit by the way)!
The trug is sitting on an ornate black picture frame.  
Average price here is 50 cents a piece. (The bowl was $5 I think.)
 At each place setting (on sheet music place mats)
 I added a tea light.  Gotta have candles! 
Oh - and chocolate...heart shaped peppermint patties from a discount grocer. 

Tea lights aren't the most attractive by themselves - 
so I gave mine a little update with brown craft paper (hot glued!).
 They are sitting on a leaf from my dogwood tree inside 
glass dishes that I picked up from the quarter man 
at an auction last year... yes 25 cents for all 4!
I'd love to hear about your Fall tables!


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