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Mar 29, 2016

Mortality - A Poem, A Book & Abraham Lincoln...

 Google is an interesting place.  Today I learned that Abraham Lincoln 
was a lover of poetry... Shakespeare, etc.  But his favorite poem
 was an obscure piece with an unknown author for many years.  
It is said that Lincoln memorized it and performed it so often 
that people thought he authored it.   That poem?  'Mortality' or 
'Oh Why Should the Spirit of Mortal Be Proud?'
As the title suggests - it is indeed a poem about death.  Abe, sadly, was 
well acquainted with death - not only from the Civil War... but personally.   
His mother died when he was a child, his sister died when he was a teenager, 
the girl he planned to marry died when he was in his 20s and he had a son
die at the age of 11.  I'd say that was enough to contribute to the melancholy temperament that surprisingly is attributed to this fine President.

At any rate - I came across a beautifully illustrated book of this poem...

Copyright is 1876 for this gem.  And the author?  William Knox - 
who apparently had plenty of issues of  his own.

The poem in its entirety can be read here.
 ...and the book is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

 Oh the things we can learn from google!  ~Joyce
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Mar 25, 2016

Spring Things...

 While Easter is just a few days away - Spring is here for much longer.   
I'm loving the vintage spring things in my Etsy shop.  
Allow me to share...

Anything 'garden' says spring to me.  
How I adore this sweet Miniature Twig Chair...

Most seasons are all about color.  In the lavender family comes
 these Quilt Patches in their wonderful vintage fabrics...

I have 2 Easter Poscard Booklets remaining - again in lavender.
  These were the best looking of the lot I thought...

And wouldn't this lavender Transferware Creamer be delightful on your table 
serving up pancake syrup (brunch!) or salad dressing (luncheon!)...

Aqua says 'spring' to me too.  And something about Beatrix Potter does as well.  
Love this Tom Kitten Soap - still in its box.  Too cute!

This lot of Card Buttons are all in the aqua family.  
Just perfectly charming and sweet...
In a recent find - among a group of medals and badges - this lovely
Lady Silk Ribbon Pinback was hiding... yep - aqua!

Pink - can't forget about pink.  Pair it with green - add some song birds - 
and this Woven Cotton Tablecloth will get your Spring party going...

One more piece of pink - how about a lovely Satin Hanky Keeper... 

And spring always means 'new life'.  Our Lord willing died  - 
and then rose again - (unlike any other religion can claim) - for me... and for you.  
that of a daughter to a man named  Jairus. 

Jesus performed that healing and he's still in the 
healing business my friends... I can vouch for that!

Spring - we welcome you!
Thanks for visiting... ~Joyce

Mar 22, 2016

My $3 and 3 Minute Bath Decor...

Yesterday found us doing a road trip for some fun 'big city' shopping.  
After a delightful stroll through Ikea  - we searched out a Trader Joe's -
a grocery store with specialty and organic items at good prices.
  One of my favorite finds...

...was a wildflower bouquet with the sweetest little flowers for just $2.99.

My intent was to separate the bunch and place them in several small containers.  
But one plop in an aqua Mason jar and I considered it done. 

Happy Bath... Happy Me...

And now I've also got some fun Trader Joe's bags to play with...
Gotta love 'em for their great graphic.
Can you imagine the sweet gift tags you can make with these?
Check out this Pinterest board I found for ideas!
Again I say - it's the little things that can make your day!  ~Joyce

Mar 18, 2016

Organic and Gluten Free on the Cheap...

As you know - eating organic and/or gluten free can add a 
pretty penny to the grocery bill.

But there's good news for PA and West coast friends.  There's a 
new store popping up called Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.   
Each store is independently run - so some are a little better than others.
But they are clean, attractive and generally just a shopping delight!

Today I found these goodies (to show just a few)...
For a sample of every day (not sale) price points - here ya go...

Bob's Red Mill Apple Blueberry Granola - $1.99 ($4.79 retail)
Blueberry Fig Bar Gluten Free - $1.99 ($4.99 retail)
And how about those 72% dark chocolate bars?   99 cents!!!
(I usually  prefer over 80% - but beggars can't be choosers.  Today I walked into the store...
 headed straight for the clerk and asked for dark chocolate bars.  Everything else was 'extra'!)

Yes - the prices are truly good!
And they carry 'normal' stuff too - not just organic, etc. 

And no - this is not a paid advertisement.
Just passing along a Frugal Friday tip from my day.
And locals?  May I recommend the Palmyra, PA store.
They have an amazing good-looking selection of specialty items.
They even offer serve-yourself free coffee and it's delicious!
As a shopping bonus - it's right next to an attractive thrift store.
  (See the grocery outlet there on the end?)
Photo courtesy of Blue Mountain Thrift Store website
And get this - there at least 5 more thrift shops in the near vicinity.
Definitely worth the trip!

  Would love to hear if you have one of these outlet store nears you. 
 Check their website (link above) - or contact them & ask for one!

 Stay frugal my friends. ~Joyce

Mar 11, 2016

Pretty Brunch Serving Ideas....

This week I attended a ladies' brunch of long time friends.  
Our common thread is that we all worked & sold at the same antique mall.    
I was struck by all the pretty serving pieces.  Like this fruit dish - 
on a paper doily - on a silver tray with silver serving utensils...

 And the 3-tier plate stand filled with yummy baked goodies...

 Even the water pitcher - while humbly filled - was a beauty in silver!
(Don't you love our 'complimentary' reflections?)

Appropriate for the ocassion - we ate off of lovely vintage dinner plates 
on a vintage pink damask tablecloth with matching pink damask napkins...
Pink is - afterall - the hostess's favorite color!

And the tomato cheese quiche?  Amazing! 

I'm thinking I need to invest in more silver.   It makes such a pretty table.  
To read more about this gal brunch - check out my friend's blog post.  
She was the hostess!

I'm also thinking it's been a while since I hosted something.
Gonna have to fix that...  ~Joyce

Mar 8, 2016

Life Lessons - A Pansy Appears...

See this?

It's part of this...

And this is where I found it just yesterday.

A few weeks ago - this spot looked like this...
There are many life lessons to be learned from this 1 little blooming pansy...

Wonderful things can happen in a short period of time.
After the weight of all that snow -- it came back for a second
 year and decided to bloom anyway. 
There were a bunch of pansies planted along that walk last year -
 but only 1 came back.  That part reminds of the lepers that Jesus
 healed and only 1 came back to thank Him.   
I too want to bloom - despite the odds.  
I want to come back and be thankful.  
I don't want die out from life's heaviness but rather grow from it.
And I need to just wait sometimes - cause something beautiful 
may be just around the corner.
  Yes - life lessons...
Always learning ~ Joyce

Mar 5, 2016

Saturday Sightings - Abandoned Building Surprise...

If you checked out yesterday's post - you'll remember I visited a
local store's indoor yard sale.  
It was behind the brick building you can just barely see in the photo below...

That brick building was once a shoe factory and still retains 
its original sign on the front.  
Photo by Jeff Ruppenthal

Currently it is in a state of disrepair. 
Check out the view from the back...

 I had to wonder why someone isn't restoring this gem.  
(Easy enough for me to say huh?)   
It's right along Main Street and not exactly the town's finest spot.

For fun, I did a little online research and learned - to my surprise - 
that there has been a developer working on acquiring this property for years.  
And they hope to begin renovations this spring!  How 'bout that?
Check out their proposed office and apartment building...
I'm beyond excited!  I love it when old spaces get 'recycled'!  
I also find it interesting that according to the online news article
the current owner stores 'aircraft parts' in the building.  
Really?  Seems a bit risky.  Hope they don't need climate control
and not sure I want to be flying on any of those planes...

 But here's the cute part... Way down at the bottom of the building
 someone expressed the apparent sentiment of this old edifice...
I had to smile!  Change is often painful - 
but somehow I think this old gal in brick will fare just fine.

 Oooh - I hope it happens.  Come on Spring!  ~Joyce

Mar 4, 2016

Pinterest Inspired - Flower Delivery - Yard Sale Morning...

What a fun morning I've had!   
 First I gathered a stash to take with me then headed out...

 ...to replicate a little Pinterest inspiration I found.
This lovely kraft paper wrapped bouquet by Brewed Together
just spoke to me and I had to do it - today!

So with supplies in hand - I picked up said bouquet.  
But first - a little detour to the first 'yard sale' of the season.
It was an indoor yard sale - but turned out to be at a newly opened store...ughh...
I don't call store sales - yard sales - and wasn't even sure I wanted to go in...

I did.  
But back to the flowers cause next stop is 'delivery'.
So in the back of my trusty little HHR (that's a car) - I got to work...
And then headed to my destination. The recipient? 
I recently discovered that My Love likes brown kraft paper - 
(a fun little fact I'm enjoying) - so off to his work I went...

 He was quite proud to put those tulips up there
with his precious bicycle for all his coworkers to see.

He's happens to be a fairly avid hobby bicyclist - so flowers, bicycle - it's all good!

 And the indoor 'yard sale'?  I'm glad I went in.   
Nothing fancy but prices were good and they had a $1 room.  
Everything I found was indeed $1!  Even the spaghetti santa...

And while this potpourri packaging shows some signs of storage -
 it still smells wonderful and I've been looking for something 
to fill a glass container I have. Yep - $1 - not $20!

Something for me (spring chicks) and something for my gift drawer...
 Cause tied with a pretty ribbon the cards are definitely gift worthy.
Yeah - it's been a fun morning -
all thanks to a little Pinterest inspiration.
And there's even a little bit more from my morning -
but I'll share that in another post.  
Till then!  ~Joyce

Mar 3, 2016

A Spring Vignette...

 I was inspired today by a Pinterest find by Creations by Kara.  
So my family/dining room table got a new scape...
 The inspiration...

She used a lovely metal urn - I used candle holders...

...and placed them inside my thrift store terrarium find 
that I've been changing out for the seasons...  

A picture of my mother is included - she is wearing the right color!
  (And it makes me smile to remember her life...)

 Spring - how we love thee!

Have a Spring-like day my friends!  ~Joyce
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