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Mar 4, 2016

Pinterest Inspired - Flower Delivery - Yard Sale Morning...

What a fun morning I've had!   
 First I gathered a stash to take with me then headed out...

 ...to replicate a little Pinterest inspiration I found.
This lovely kraft paper wrapped bouquet by Brewed Together
just spoke to me and I had to do it - today!

So with supplies in hand - I picked up said bouquet.  
But first - a little detour to the first 'yard sale' of the season.
It was an indoor yard sale - but turned out to be at a newly opened store...ughh...
I don't call store sales - yard sales - and wasn't even sure I wanted to go in...

I did.  
But back to the flowers cause next stop is 'delivery'.
So in the back of my trusty little HHR (that's a car) - I got to work...
And then headed to my destination. The recipient? 
I recently discovered that My Love likes brown kraft paper - 
(a fun little fact I'm enjoying) - so off to his work I went...

 He was quite proud to put those tulips up there
with his precious bicycle for all his coworkers to see.

He's happens to be a fairly avid hobby bicyclist - so flowers, bicycle - it's all good!

 And the indoor 'yard sale'?  I'm glad I went in.   
Nothing fancy but prices were good and they had a $1 room.  
Everything I found was indeed $1!  Even the spaghetti santa...

And while this potpourri packaging shows some signs of storage -
 it still smells wonderful and I've been looking for something 
to fill a glass container I have. Yep - $1 - not $20!

Something for me (spring chicks) and something for my gift drawer...
 Cause tied with a pretty ribbon the cards are definitely gift worthy.
Yeah - it's been a fun morning -
all thanks to a little Pinterest inspiration.
And there's even a little bit more from my morning -
but I'll share that in another post.  
Till then!  ~Joyce


Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Beautiful! How sweet of you. The yard sales are going to be starting soon... love what you found! Enjoy your weekend, Joyce!

Betsy said...

Nice morning and good finds. How sweet to take tulips to work. My favorite of your finds? The little chicks.
Blessings, Betsy


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