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Mar 18, 2016

Organic and Gluten Free on the Cheap...

As you know - eating organic and/or gluten free can add a 
pretty penny to the grocery bill.

But there's good news for PA and West coast friends.  There's a 
new store popping up called Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.   
Each store is independently run - so some are a little better than others.
But they are clean, attractive and generally just a shopping delight!

Today I found these goodies (to show just a few)...
For a sample of every day (not sale) price points - here ya go...

Bob's Red Mill Apple Blueberry Granola - $1.99 ($4.79 retail)
Blueberry Fig Bar Gluten Free - $1.99 ($4.99 retail)
And how about those 72% dark chocolate bars?   99 cents!!!
(I usually  prefer over 80% - but beggars can't be choosers.  Today I walked into the store...
 headed straight for the clerk and asked for dark chocolate bars.  Everything else was 'extra'!)

Yes - the prices are truly good!
And they carry 'normal' stuff too - not just organic, etc. 

And no - this is not a paid advertisement.
Just passing along a Frugal Friday tip from my day.
And locals?  May I recommend the Palmyra, PA store.
They have an amazing good-looking selection of specialty items.
They even offer serve-yourself free coffee and it's delicious!
As a shopping bonus - it's right next to an attractive thrift store.
  (See the grocery outlet there on the end?)
Photo courtesy of Blue Mountain Thrift Store website
And get this - there at least 5 more thrift shops in the near vicinity.
Definitely worth the trip!

  Would love to hear if you have one of these outlet store nears you. 
 Check their website (link above) - or contact them & ask for one!

 Stay frugal my friends. ~Joyce

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Betsy said...

Thank you for this post. We have a Grocery Outlet that just opened less than a mile from our house. Our grandchildren both have celiac disease and are gluten free. It's SO expensive to buy food for them. I'll definitely be making a trip there soon since they're coming to visit in a couple of weeks. Ours is right next to Honby Lobby and Michaels, two of my favorite shopping destinations. :-)


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