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Apr 29, 2017

Unusual Landscaping - a Saturday Sighting...

 Perusing a very typical middle class American development 
this AM for garage sales (yes - another rainy Saturday)...

 ...brought a bit of a surprise!  
Turns out we all see landscaping a bit differently :)
quilted nest

 There you go you car buffs.  No need to let that old car die rejected
 and alone.  Give it some end-of-life dignity in your flower beds.

Happy Saturday everyone!  ~Joyce

Apr 28, 2017

Christmas Already? - In My Friday Finds...

I'm thinking I should really show you my finds from all week
 on these Friday Finds posts.  But today I'm sharing the collection
 that I literally found just today - this morning actually...

There is just one item that I'm keeping for me - can you spot it?

Yep - the soap!  It's actually in a Christmas gift box - but the 
soap itself is not Christmasy per se and smells wonderful - 
so I can use it anytime.  Price?  Just 50 cents!
Psst - it's Juniper Sage.. can you smell it?

Most holiday things for my Etsy shop are picked up through the year.  
So I'm well on my way to Christmas after this morning.  
This lovely cross-stitched tablecloth is in near perfect condition!

And the beading on this ornament is quite elaborate!

And did you notice the yellow plaid book?  It is a wonderful 
baking cookbook with photos and tutorials from the 30's.  
Did you know they had tutorials in the 30's? (wink)  Already in the shop here.
I was smitten with that cover... and surely hope someone else will be too!

But my favorite finds were these gift wrap sheets.  Such great graphics!  
There are even stickers and a matching greeting card.

 So all-in-all - not a massive haul.  But still fun.  
Fridays are always fun!   Enjoy!!  ~Joyce

Apr 27, 2017

Landscaping Find & Garden Things for Thrifty Thursday...

There was just one yard sale today & I found just one thing.  
But then - 
I noticed a sign:  'Free Flagstone some broken and some not'.   

That caused a little excitement - that stuff is expensive!   

I quickly said I'll come back for it and went home for the truck.  
On the way I called Honey.  Turns out he was less enamored with the idea... 
'It'll be more stuff to store in the garage' he said.   

 But there's a path through my garden that needs some help.  
Do you see it?   I pleaded by case...

He was fine with enough for the path.   I can live with that!
 And two kind men loaded what I wanted in my truck.  
(Not sure how I thought I was gonna load it - so was quite thankful!!!)  

I'm aware that 'stored projects in waiting' are not Honey's 
favorite thing - so must make haste on this project.
But I'm gonna need his help...poor guy.  The things he does for me!

On another thrifty garden note... I'm noticing I already have some food growing.  
Parsley - (did you know it comes back every year?)... So fun to have.

And rhubarb!  
We bought a plant at a yard sale and this year have enough to use.

Made my first batch of rhubarb strawberry jello.  Yum!

And after many rainy days and weekends - the sun came out today. 
 What a lift to the spirit!
Thanks for stopping by today friends!  ~Joyce

Apr 24, 2017

A 2 Year Old and a Sweet Yellow Boy's Suit...

I recently sold a vintage boy's yellow suit with a sweet 
rabbit embroidered collar...

Turns out the buyer had her 2 year old son's photo taken in it!  

Oh my goodness - cuteness overload!  And an ice cream sundae 
to boot - sure to make any boy pose adorably for pictures.  :)

I love when I learn the rest of the story on a product.  
I'm actually off with a friend on a 'goods hunt' now. 
 And its the same place I found this suit.  
Can't wait to see what we unearth.  Enjoy your day!   ~Joyce

Apr 22, 2017

Our Spring Yard - Saturday Sightings...

I headed out to yard sales today - a very rainy day.  
Upon return - I decided to capture sightings in my own yard... 

After a major necessary trimming which I was sure would kill our dogwood - 
I am happy to see at least some flowering this year...

I believe this mini iris is one of my favorites in my gardens.
Sadly it lasts such a very short time...

So I figure it's worth 2 pictures...
quilted nest antiques

Another favorite that is here naturally is our old redbud tree.  
It's hanging in there - but we should think about replacing it...

And my reward for heading out in the rain and combing yard sales under tarps?  
This luscious chemise with no damage for $2.  Love!!

Now on to my Saturday at-home to-do list.
Have an awesome Earth day!  ~Joyce


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