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Jan 24, 2015

Saturday Sightings - Eagles & Owls!....

Today - I had the pleasure of visiting my local zoo.
  They were holding a 'free' community weekend - 
and I talked My Love into visiting.  
This is my favorite shot of the day...
American Bald Eagle @ ZooAmerica
 It had just snowed overnight - which made it so fun... and cold!  
This was the scene... & the stream that runs through the park.
 My love was able to capture the critters in amazing
 ways with his high powered camera. 

See what I mean... so much clearer than mine...

And how cute is this Snowy Owl in the snow...

 What a fun afternoon!
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Jan 20, 2015

Beautiful Bible Story Book Art...

Did you know that old time art & graphics are simply beautiful to behold?  
I mean beautiful!   Have a look...
 This children's bible story book features the bible parable 
(which is a story to teach a lesson) of the 10 virgins.
  This is a Raphael Tuck & Sons book from 1901 -
  famous for their gorgeous postcards.

The story in brief:

In the custom of bible time marriages - there went out 10 
virgins to meet a bridegroom as he returned with his bride.  
Each had lamps filled with oil.  They waited and waited, but 
the bridegroom did not come as soon as expected...
Waiting for the bridegroom
 ...but about midnight the alert was made - he was on his way!
  Quickly they refilled their lamps that had been burning 
while they waited... that is, 5 of them did. 
'Behold - the bridegroom cometh.'
 Five of them did not bring extra oil.  
Of course the latter 5 tried to beg oil from the wise 5 - 
but it was not to be had.
The foolish virgins begging for oil
To learn the rest of the story - read Matthew 25:1-13.
(Or - this sweet book is available here.)

This parable, with various lessons, was told by Jesus himself. 
Most surely it carries a warning to be ready when Jesus returns.
Each of these virgins knew the bridegroom,
each was his friend - but not all were ready.
Ask Jesus if you are ready - be sure!

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Jan 19, 2015

Winter Front Porch...

With just a very few minor adjustments - 
my front porch easily went from Christmas to Winter this year.
I simply removed the wrapped package, replaced the ornament 
with a grapevine ball, repositioned some things... 
 and wa-la - we have Winter...

I also added my bargain Valentine wreath to the front door.
I'm keeping the twinkly lights at night.  
To see the rest of the porch - visit this post.

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Jan 17, 2015

Customized $1 Valentine Invites...

I'm planning to host a Valentine's party next month and
needed a few invitations.  Pinterest has great handmade ideas. 
But 'handmade' means 'time'...

So I also checked out my local Dollar Tree.  
They had beautiful invitations that I thought would work.
So with a few fabric hearts & some machine stitching...

...I believe we're good to go.

Turns out - sometimes handmade can be 'bought' - 
for just $1 no less! 
Besides - I think to print my own might cost even more - ink is not cheap!
Now hopefully the rest of the planning will go as smoothly.
  Visit my Hearts and Valentines Board to see if you can spot my inspiration photo. 

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Jan 16, 2015

Valentine Wall Hanging Project...

I'm continuing my mission to 'Revamp It to Sell It'...

Ashamedly - this project has been in the making 3 years!  
Tis pathetic I know...  But alas - it is what it is and
 I'm moving forward in my 'Do' mantra for 2015.

The wonderful old Victorian frame needed a little help and 
had no glass - so I decided a project was in order.
After feeling stalled 2 years ago

this morning I finally finished it.  
At least I'm calling it finished... I guess more could be done - 
but obviously I don't do well with a blank slate.

This was my first twig word art.  The supplies are simple enough.
 And 'Hug' went together very easily.  Gotta love a glue gun!
The little gingham patches?  I felt it needed some red - in fabric. 

And for another pop of red I gave the button heart...well a heart.

 I'm loving this twig art stuff!

Hopefully somebody likes my 3 year project and buys it up for Valentine's Day.

Now - booth or Etsy?  Maybe both!
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