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Sep 21, 2014

Together In Unity...

Lake at Mount Gretna, PA
How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! 
 Psalm 133:1

While this may sound like an easy scripture to follow... 
I recognize that it can be difficult at times.
Hopefully we are truly showing honor to one another
 and treating each other with love and respect.  
But when we interpret scripture differently and each feel that
 'our view' is the right one - that's when it can get sticky. 
May God give us grace in these times too.  Let us keep studying 
and have humble hearts to hear God's truth on any given subject.  
And may we each do whatever His Spirit and Word teach us to do.
(His Spirit will never contradict His Word.)

Always Seeking...  ~Joyce


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Sep 20, 2014

Saturday Sightings - Yard Sales & Old Fashioned Days...

This was one of those 'made in heaven' days.  I learned of some 
yard sales along a long country road and made that my morning mission.
The first sale was at this old red barn...

They had a bunch of that chippy red barn wood for sale - 
but someone was buying the whole pile when I arrived.  
No!!!  Thankfully - he rejected a few boards - so 6 came home with me.  
Price?  Just fifteen cents a piece!

I oohed and aahed over the project potential and the
 barn owner was all too happy to show me her project... love!

Who wouldn't pull in this lane?

I didn't buy anything - but did steal a shot of their lovely flower bed.
But I did buy lots of 'stuff' other places.

Roadside stands were plentiful.  Loved these awesome cabbage planters for sale...

And I bought some really big gourds at this one... 2/$1!  
And hmmm...dried grass for fall decorating?  I like it!
 Then - I wound my way to the other end of town and visited a 
local event called Old Fashioned Field Days.  
Turns out it was 'free' - and very well done! 
My favorite display was The Wash House...

...where the youngsters could try their hand at old time laundry...

There were wagon rides...

Hit and miss engines of all types...

And lots of living history demonstrations...


I wanted to stay for lunch at this stand.  
The sausage with cooked peppers and onions smelled wonderful!

And a table set with burlap?  Be still my heart...

My only purchase was some fresh roasted peanuts...

While a bluegrass gospel band played in the background...

Loved this day!  And was blessed to be able to have it.  

Till next year...
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Sep 19, 2014

DIY Project House - In Shades of White...

Recently I did a post about a friend's DIY garden and patio.  
Now let me show you some scenes from inside her home on our private tour.   
This old church attendance sign is one of the first things you see as you enter.  
She remade it into this loveliness...

For a refresher - she lives in a daylight basement...
 with this lovely porch as her entrance.  
And she's only lived here about a year...

Another wall hanging project...
Her faux fireplace is a great addition to her main dining area...

...as is this lovely burlap draped window.... (Have some stencils?)
Her little kitchen is just so cozy -

...and check out that chalkboard painted cabinet side...

These old file boxes are stored up high.  What awesome patina...

Her bedroom is dreamy in - what else?  Whites...

And I adored this window ledge in her bathroom...

And as we leave - we pass another neat piece of
 furniture that's been given her special touch...

...and a coffee filter and chair webbing wreath project.
Like what you see?  Go visit her blog at Apartment 12.

Thanks for the inspiration dear Esther!  You're a treasure.

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Sep 16, 2014

Using Bad Plastic Faux Greens...

I recently bought a great pottery vase filled with a
 less-than-great greens bouquet.  Less-than-great because 
they looked too 'plastic' to me in real life.  
But the vase?  It was only $4 and I liked it!
So with a knife to cut through all the foam filler - 
I removed the greens and now I have a great-looking
 vase in my family room to fill at will...

Bouquet of Sweet Annie & Faux Fall Foliage
 The greens do not look plastic from the road - in fact,
 they look great outside.  But they do not look Fall.
But with a few tucked in faux fall stems - it's good-to-go.    
This idea of adding to greens should work for any season.
Sometimes you need to divide and conquer.
Yay for thrifting!
To see the rest of my Fall porch - go here.
Linking to What's It Wednesday

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Sep 15, 2014

The Story Of a Family Tree...

This weekend I spent a day with my siblings.  It was our first 
such day together since my parents went to heaven.
  We enjoyed a day of visiting local family spots of interest.

 One of our stops was to a little house my grandmother 
once lived in - before I was old enough to remember.
In the back of the house stands a tree.  Turns out - my father planted 
that tree at his mother's house - with my brother's help. 
  But that's not the whole story...
 My brother with 'his' tree!

Apparently my dad bought that tree with the intention of 
planting it at his own home (my family's before my time).  
But they lived on a rental property and he wasn't allowed to plant it.  
So... he commandeered my brother's (approx. age 11) help - 
and they picked up that tree - burlap ball, 6 ft tall and all - 
and took it to my grandmother's house and planted it.  
Picked it up and hand carried it!!!  Her house?  
It was about 3 miles away. 

Now that's a tree lover!

Me and my siblings after our day excursion...
 We live very scattered (Costa Rica, East Coast US, West Coast US) - 
so this day was a treat. 
But we plan to make this a bi-annual event.  Lord willing of course!

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