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Jul 23, 2014

Romance In the Office...

The other day I walked into my cubicle at work and found this 
handpicked wildflower bouquet.  It made my day!!!

 I happen to work for the same company that My Love does.  
On his bicycle ride to work - he spotted some flowers
 and took the time to pick them...
...AND then arranged them in a lunchroom cup in such a way 
that they would stay standing.  I was most impressed.
Normally I work from home and he goes to work.
But a thunderstorm took out my computer equipment
 so I'm needing to work at the office while it is fixed.
Apparently working with your spouse has its benefits!   
(Yes - that's a decorating magazine in my temporary cubicle...)
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Jul 20, 2014

Thrifting Trip 2014...

I just completed a 2 day thrifting trip with a group of sweet and Godly ladies.
(Sorry, there is not 1 single picture of me. I'll have to do better at that...)

This year we got smart and took along a trailer...

At lunch time - it became our  'picnic table' - 
right smack in the middle of a thrift store parking lot...

 Someone decided we needed to make a stop at
 Sweet Frog in beautiful downtown Lewisburg, PA...
(A frozen yogurt joint - but they have a non dairy option that is wonderful!)

Ten hours of shopping later we arrived at a cabin where we spent the night. 
While these pictures are lousy - 
I'm including them to prove we did see a bear.  
He gave quite the performance and stayed around for a while.  

Breakfast on day 2 was buffet style... scrambled eggs and all the trimmings.
We're talking ham, onions, peppers, cheese, pepperoni and salsa for wraps...

Before we hit the shops - we had a morning devotional 
on the topic of 'gifts that God has granted to us'.
  What preciousness as we went around the table and shared
recent gifts we each noted from the hand of our Father.  

An exiciting find on the way home was this lovely
 sofa in great condition.  Cost?  Just $50! 
Of course we had to load it ourselves.  (not a problem...)

 I was intrigued with this beautiful church...
 ...and then discovered it has been revamped into
 luxury apartments called 'The Sanctuary'.  Love!!

Our trailer fastly became a key commodity...

These girls knew how to strap 'em in and tie 'em down!

My favorite find of the trip?  
70% dark chocolate for 79 cents at a discount grocery store.
(Not what you expected I'm sure.)
I'll share more finds in future posts.  But let me just say -
there's nothing like girlfriends and some time away.
  Any bargains we found were just a bonus!
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Jul 13, 2014

Too Much Spinach? Freeze It....

A recent grocery store purchase for me was this huge box of organic spinach - 
for $1.99.  It was almost the only 'greens' option to I bought it. 
(I shop a discount grocery store and have to take what is available on that day.)  

But this is too much for just the 2 of us.
 Thankfully, I stumbled upon the idea that I could freeze some of it.  

So the 'extra' got a good washing...

Then a quick 20 second or so dip in boiling water 
(to blanch it and keep it from discoloring)...

Then another quick dip - this time in cold water...

Then drained.

All ready for the freezer and future recipes...

And a fringe benefit - that big plastic container is
 helping to organize my under sink detergents.  
Yes, it was that big!
Always thrifty!
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Jul 8, 2014

Grocery Bargains at Dollar Tree...

I don't promote everything at Dollar Tree to be a bargain.  
And I don't go 'grocery shopping' there per se.  
But I do drive right past on my way to the grocery store - so I often stop in.  
I have often pretty much ignored the food section - 
figuring the package sizes were just smaller and that's what made them $1.  
But... look what I found...
Tried pricing herbal tea or canned black beans lately?   
This tea is GOOD!   And yep - only $1.  
And $1 for a bag of dried black beans?  Yes please! 

Don't be afraid of dry beans - they are a thrifty shopper's best friend. 
They cook right up in a crockpot - 3-4 cans worth from one bag.
To cook dry beans - I basically just rinse the beans and throw them in the crockpot. 
Then fill it pretty far with water.  Turn on low overnight - they'll be done in the morning.  
(Freeze them for later use.)
If you need more detailed instructions - there are many websites (just search 'dry beans crockpot').

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Jul 2, 2014

Thrift Shop Displays....

Just sharing a few of my recent dress rack top displays from the thrift shop...

This vintage office theme on the men's rack seemed to be a hit.
(Loved that picture frame.)

None of these are particularly summer looking - but there is a metal 
birdhouse in this one.  (Most of the summer colored items were already used in other displays.)
 See how I move things around.  That taller flower arrangement 
didn't sell one week - so I reused it in a different grouping 
the next week.  As of today... it still hasn't sold and is in yet another display. 

The leather journals in this grouping sold immediately.  
I asked the lady if she'd mind putting them back for the picture. 

This one had a bohemian flair to it.  Gotta love boho!

Thanks for visiting!

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