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Mar 23, 2015

A Shabby DIY Blog Highlight (31 Projects)...

Have you been visiting Confessions of a Serial DIYer this month?  
Oh my - Christy has been one busy lady.  
She's been featuring a project a day in March.  
And these are awesome projects of her own creation!

Take a peek at some of my favorites so far...

Love this beach themed tray with reclaimed wood 'floor'...

I recently made a bunch of creamy white fabric rosettes - 
so  this rosette frame really appeals...

You can't go wrong with Chalk Boards from old frames...
(aren't her colors perfect?)

or with bulletin boards either.  Christy does a great job of
 walking us through the how-to of this...

So by all means - go check out all the projects.  
There are still a few more to come.
I've been hugely inspired - you will be too!

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Mar 19, 2015

Special Delivery...

Today 2 sweet little girls and their mother knocked
 on my door and handed me this tiny sweet bouquet...
Miniature Irises
... freshly picked right from their garden!  Really?
  Flowers are blooming? Apparently I'd better check my own flower beds.

What a pick-me-up!  I am blessed.
Spring arrives tomorrow... and I have a special day after that...
 & again after that. 

Even at this old age - feeling excited! ~Joyce
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Mar 14, 2015

Saturday Sightings...Vultures!

 There's a nearby village that seems to attract an abnormally 
high number of vultures.  We usually see them roosting 
high in the trees or soaring overhead.  Today they were camped 
on the ground in a larger-than-normal massive group.  
(Photos are fairly cropped.) 
 These are the black headed vultures - slightly more attractive 
than the red headed turkey vultures.   They do have their 
saving graces - as do all of God's creatures.  
Their wings are very large and make an impressive sound when they 
take flight.  They are pretty quiet (they have no voice box).  
We also appreciate our clean roads ('nuf said).
While the black on the red canoes makes a neat contrast - 
I sorta pity the canoe owners.  Good thing the canoes are upside down!

The local village?  Our dear Mount Gretna, PA - home of our summer cottage.  
Today was turn-on-the-water and put-stuff-back-out-on-the-porch day.  
Soon we can head over for weekends.  Spring IS coming! 
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Mar 10, 2015

New Goods in the Shop...

Take a peek at some new merchandise in my Etsy shop...

Nothing says Spring like a new woven purse - 
and a new vintage purse will make you unique!  

And if you prefer something even more unique - how
 about this inlaid wood box purse with bakelite handle?...

Nestle put out a promotional coffee jar with a special 
sterling silver filigree overlay - so pretty!...

And returning from last year - this beautiful  

And this hand blown glass egg in Easter graphics box...

Keep checking the shop... new merchandise almost daily.
 Spring is on its way!  ~Joyce

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Mar 9, 2015

Old Tool Box as Wall Shelf...

I've had this old tool box for years... but it's white paint wasn't working. 

 I stumbled upon this cutey at the Budget Decorator...

...and decided my white had to go.  I didn't do any distressing this time.  
These things distress themselves pretty quickly when used.
Boy do I wish I had better lighting to bring out the proper teal.
If it doesn't sell - I can always go back and distress it.  
For now it makes the Easter goods in my booth pop and
serves as a safe place for my real eggs (in the Spanish moss nest.)
Would love to see someone buy this for a wall shelf though!
Happy Spring - in teal!
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