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Sep 3, 2015

Recent Listings....

When people know you do the 'antiquing thing' - it's amazing what comes your way. 
Recently a friend told me she was going through some stuff and
had a box of linens that she was considering throwing away. 
But did I want them just in case?   Did she say 'linens'?  Yes please!
Look at the awesome camp blanket I found inside...
The stripe detailing reminds me of blue ticking...
And love the great twill-taped reinforced corners...
It's available in my eBay shop...
...along with more recent listings...
Original Violets Painting anyone?
Brown transferware is always in style. 
This Vegetable Dish has a great edge on it... 

Calling all industrial crafters - how about some vintage metal
 Landscape Edging in Teal for your projects...
This sweet Glass Beaker is the 2 oz size...
And not overly vintage - but so fun -
this Brown Wool Hat is by Dorfman Pacific...

Seems there's a little something for everyone this go-round.

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Sep 1, 2015

For Baby - A New Etsy Store...

Sharing a new Etsy store and seller with you today. 
It's all about headbands (at least for now)... for sweet wee ones...
How cute are these?
Love this one currently in stock...
She's also offers coordinating sets of 3...
(but hurry - they sell out fast!)
Just the cutest things ever - and SO not expensive. 
Go check out all the handmade goodness at LifeisLovely4
(There are adult headbands too - I'm just partial to the baby ones!)

Thank you Life Is Lovely 4 for sharing your creative talents! 
(And keep revisiting the shop as it will be growing for sure.)
Photos used with permission.
Psst - I'm thinking that headbands may be the new 'scarf'...
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Aug 29, 2015

Moving Day...

This past week has had a big change for me. 
I moved out of the antique mall where I've sold for over 15 years.
And today I began the move into a new space in a different location...
It's a little scary...  The shop is small and trying to get revitalized.
  While I was setting up - it was encouraging to see the shoppers
come through.  There were even several familiar faces! 
Will they like my stuff is the question. 
I definitely have a more 'cottage' flair than the other dealers.  
But - I get a whole room all to myself and look at it...
 Those old white board walls practically beg for 'cottage'. 
And it also has 3 windows!  They hurt wall space a bit -
but you can't beat natural light!

This old built in cupboard opens into my room and is available for my use. (squeal!)

And my heart skipped a beat when I noticed the old lace curtains
 already hanging at the windows...
I'm thinking it already feels like home.  And there's a peace in my heart.
 The rent is right - I got my favorite room in the whole building -
 there is a new (very busy!) ice cream restaurant across the road -
 the people are very nice - God seems to be saying 'yes' -
so we'll give it a whirl!

Change is good for the soul I'm finding...

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Aug 26, 2015

Decorating A Room With 'Issues'...

 Are there areas or rooms in your home that you almost despise
 because they have 'issues'?  
Perhaps the floor needs replaced or the ceiling isn't finished... 
Today I helped a  friend see past the 'issues' of her basement. 
 I have no 'whole-room' pictures to show you because there still
 piles of things that need going through.  But after getting the furniture
in a cozy arrangement - we worked on a few vignettes.
 These help distract from anything in the room that is less-than-best.
Amazingly - she had just inherited an awesome dome topped trunk.  
A little stool inside for height would have been perfect - but we had none. 
So we stood up an abandoned drawer (yes really) and covered it in lace.
The lamp is electrified and needs rewired.  But here?  
It  doesn't matter if it works or not!
I was delighted to find some old books on her book shelves. 
This Mother Goose piece is a gem!
This next grouping on another old chest was a happy coincidence.
  We started with the child's chair and the window (another recent acquisition).  
Then we found the checkers game packed away in another room.
I'd like to believe that someone just may decide to play with it again,
now that it's 'out' and looking cute...
 My friend has blessed me many times over the years. 
Today - I had the privilege of blessing a bit in return -
all while doing one of my favorite things! 
Life is good...

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Aug 22, 2015

Throwing a Party With A Busy Schedule...

I decided to throw a Girl's Day Out Party
at our nearby summer cottage.   
As usual - I had precious little time to plan and create. 
So I resorted to my 'panic' method. 
First - I pray for ideas and a bit of creativity. 
Second - decide on a simple menu and ask others to bring something. 
Third - plan a simple décor. 
Fourth - think of an activity or 2. 
Fifth - be OK with what doesn't get done!
For this party's decor- I was thinking 'feminine'
 and 'What do I already have on hand?'   
I chose lace tablecloths, flowers from my garden and aqua mason jars. 
I also wanted something to serve as a canopy to say 'party'. 
I ripped an old white tablecloth into strips and tied them together
to create a long ribbon and then tied on shorter pieces 
here and there for a cascading effect.  
I may have spent about an hour on this project the night before. 

As I was hanging the bunting the next morning -
my neighbor  thought it looked like toilet paper.  (smile) 
I arranged bouquets onsite from a bucket of flowers from my garden at home - also snipped the night before. 
I figured whatever I didn't get done in décor before everyone got there -
we'd work at together once they did. 
(A great way to take pressure off!)
Bouquets were scattered on various lace-covered tables...
...and I called the 'decor' done! 
 (Amazingly - I got done before any guests arrived!)

So what was my simple menu?  
Chicken Salad (with grapes) on Croissants
Strawberry and Walnut Lettuce Salad with Celery Seed Dressing
Fresh Fruit Platter
I asked everyone else to bring (if their schedule allowed)
either a snack, appetizer or dessert.

Activity?   After lunch some went hiking and some went thrift shopping. 
We connected again at the cottage for a bit of chatting before we departed.
Worked out great!  Thank you Lord for an awesome day with friends!

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