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Jan 23, 2017

Cute, Current & Modest Upcycled Clothing...

I love fabrics... always have (it's my mother's fault) :).  
And I have a fascination for upcycled clothing.  Allow me to share
 some sweet inspiration with you today...

This one is my favorite - a skirt and shirt are combined 
to make this lovely long country or prairie dress...
Available here

Love the coloring of this sweater upcycle.  A little short as a dress
 for my taste - but would look cute with jeans underneath.  
No longer available - but check out the shop here for similar styles.

 Can someone say feminine cowgirl?  So, so sweet!  
Available here

And I do believe I own this very same sweater.  
So here's a great upcycle idea when I get tired of it! 
No longer available - but visit shop here for similar items.

Interestingly - I own this Gap skirt as well.  
Aren't the 'improvements' adorable? 
Available here

And here we have a patchwork sweater tunic.  
How cozy for these winter evenings!
Available here

This dress had a neckline and sleeve overhaul.  This is the 'before'...

and this is the 'after'...
Available here

And lastly, at an art show this summer I found this gal 
walking around in a dress of her own design.
Ubber love!

 Do these inspire you to try your own hand at a refashion?  
Let me know if you do!
Or better yet - perhaps you already have.  Send me a picture!

Jan 21, 2017

Saturday Sightings - Foggy Day...

Here in my little world - it's been a drizzly, moody and foggy day.

And this evening I'm happy to curl up inside 
with hot tea and a magazine. (Sorry - no photo.)

What's it like where you live? ~Joyce

Jan 19, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Clear Out and Sell...

My post today is a no-brainer... but sharing anyway.  None of us are the 
same people we were 10 years ago... or 20... or (you get the idea).
  So there's a good chance we have stuff in our collections that
 aren't really 'us' anywhere.  Case in point...

No - not the china cupboard - I'm keeping that (inherited from my parents).
  But inside - it is loaded with treasures that have become a mess...

...and some collectibles that don't really go with my mostly 
'neutrals' room anymore.

See what I mean?  See all the 'pink' transferware dishes?
I'm not collecting these anymore and not really doing 'pink'.  

It's time to clear out and see if maybe I can even sell some of these.
So stay tuned for a hopefully revised and cleared out 'china cupboard'.   
And the first transferware piece has been added to my Etsy shop.

And while I'd love to paint my china cupboard... I'm pretty sure my
 family would be deeply offended.  So guess I'll keep it as is. 
(And it does add a little color to my living room.)

Clear out the old and donate or sell it.  
That's my Thrifty Tip for today.   ~Joyce
Linking to Home Sweet Home
and Talk of the Town

Jan 16, 2017

Snail Mail Love...

I'm no artist - but I made an attempt to pretty up my snail mail today...

I figure the person receiving knows I'm no artist - 
so my feeble attempts will at least bring a smile.
And that would be the goal! 

Any day is a good day to send a 'thinking of you ' card to a friend,
 family member or someone going through a bit of a rough time.

And in keeping with that sweet bird stamp...
Here's a bird photo My Love was able to capture yesterday.
Notice his eyes here are 'open'...
A Downy Woodpecker on a winter day

But as he bangs his head into the wood they're 'closed'.
Makes perfect sense - but we still thought it was cute.
A Downy Woodpecker doing his thing... with eyes closed!

   Be a blessing this day!  ~Joyce

Jan 14, 2017

Tissue Flowers For Valentine's Day...

I had one extra tissue flower from my 

so I added it to my twig wall heart...

Simple... and maybe a little too sparse... 
but with everything else in the room - works just fine.

Happy Saturday!  ~Joyce


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