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Jul 12, 2016

Sweet Annie - A Garden to Window Story...

 Due to remodeling projects - our little vegetable garden went
 unplanted and uncared for this year.  So - it had some weeds... just a few...
 But to my delight - voluntary Sweet Annie plants also sprang up - huge ones.  
My Love mentioned that the garden was quite an eye sore for passers-by - 
but I assured him that the Sweet Annie growing in there made up for it.  
And as soon as it reached 'ball' stage I would harvest it to create
 aromatic bundles for here, there and everywhere.

But yesterday was a whole new day and while mowing the lawn,
 My Love felt the urge to remedy the 'eyesore' garden situation.  
No 'sweet annie' conversation even remotely entered his mind.
  While I was happily painting a little cupboard - inside the garage... 
he was happily improving our curbside appeal  - outside the garage. 

Imagine my shock and dismay when I walked out of my happy place - 
glanced in the direction of the garden -  and found My Love putting
 the finishing touches on his 'project'.  Every 'weed' - including a new 
flower I had quickly planted there till I had time to figure out where I 
wanted it - was cut down and mowed over.  Every. One.  
Nothing left to reseed... nothing. 

It wasn't my finest hour... the garden project was quickly abandoned 
and well... we each had some things to work through and forgive.

Today I decided those felled branches (little 'ball' stage or not)
 would be part of my window decor for the 'gray paint' room. 

It now has it's 2nd coat of paint (no more gray), some new lace curtains ...

... and now some Sweet Annie (with a bit of faux ivy mixed in)...

And if you look close - you can see my new paint color called Lamplight.
The garden?   I guess we'll work on our communication skills and
 revisit that at another time. 
(Please tell me this sounds familiar!)

Hello windows!  What stories you have to tell...

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Jul 5, 2016

How To Pick a Wrong Wall Paint Color...

Our family room - which adjoins our 'almost finished' remodeled kitchen - 
needed an overhaul.  I was tired of white.  Although it worked - 
I was just tired of it.   And the border needed to 'go'!
 'Do gray' many said.  Now I know that's a current popular color -
 but I wasn't sure it was in the right tones for me and all the 
honey colored wood we have going on in this room.
(And for some reason - I want to keep that wood - in style or not!) 
But I listened to the voices & went out and found 2 samples and
 slapped them up there for a week or so and then picked one.  
(The one on the right).  And I tho't - 'ya know? This can work!'

And I don't like it!  Not sure I 'hate' it - but I don't like it.  
It's just not quite the direction I want to go.  
Feels too 80's country or primitive or something...

 And next to the kitchen (you're getting a sneak peek here again...) -
 it just doesn't feel right (and looks really 'blue').

I had my own gut feeling at the beginning of this paint choosing process.  
But I didn't listen to it. 

I feel a bit like Eve who was fine with what she knew to do 
('You may eat of any tree in the garden except this one...') - 
until someone suggested something 'else'.  I realize my paint
 choices are not right or wrong in the sight of  God.  But still - I was swayed 
by popular opinion... which in this case was not wrong - but also
 wasn't right - for me.  Thankfully - it's not the end of the world.
  And today I picked out another color.   I'll share about that process shortly.

May all your decisions today be God honoring and make your heart smile!  ~Joyce

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Jun 29, 2016

Our Kitchen Remodel Part 1 - A Hutch Cupboard...

As I've been hinting - we've just remodeled our kitchen.  
There are still unfinished areas -  but operation 'move everything
 back into the cabinets' is finally finished as of today.

Since we changed the layout of our kitchen a bit - I had room to do
 something 'different' at one end of the cream painted cabinets.  
I did this... 
 Inspired a bit by this...
Via Better Homes & Gardens/Pinterest

Here is a glimpse of this same area 'before' and 'during' 
the mess of deconstruction...

And now - I have a pretty and safe place for my 'fancy' dishes...
(which I actually use fairly often - call me 'old fashioned'.) 
This is not a separate piece of furniture - rather just
standard kitchen cabinets from Kraftmaid that we 
put together to look like a 'hutch'.

When arranging things on shelves - it's good to vary heights and
 leave some blank space for the eye to rest.  My 'hutch' doesn't have all the 
blank space it should perhaps - but the dishes are in there and I'm happy!
Formerly they resided in the glass doors wall cabinet you see here.
  They were crammed in there! 
(Just trust me when I tell you our former kichen was very cheap and showing much wear - 
photos can lie!)
Glass dishes do not show up well in dark cabinets.  
So we put in a light colored back wall.  White doilies also help...

The few depression glass dishes I have were from my mother.  
So of course - they are special to me...

I would have liked to fit a desk into the kitchen but there wasn't enough room.  
Turns out - the bottom of this cupboard may serve us well as a
 computer/telephone center.

I'm sure I'll continue to play with what goes where - 
but I'm truly enjoying my new 'hutch' cabinet.

More kitchen pics in the days ahead!  ~Joyce

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Jun 27, 2016

Vintage & Co. - A New Shop...

A friend of mind recently opened her very own brick and mortar store.
I'm most proud of her.  She put it together in record time and it is
 just delightful to the eye and full of projects and inspiration.
(She runs circles around me in this antique business...)
Let's take a peek...
 I love this view of the 1st room as you enter.  Love that stone wall!

Many items in the shop received a bit of an upcycle - 
like these cheese boxes...

 ...and who can't use a little wooden storage tote...

This industrial file cabinet has its own custom built 
wooden surround (built by the owner's hubby)...

And if you're into pallet projects - 
this one is just begging for some succulents...

For those who like all things French...

And of course - for us cottage and somewhat 'girly' gals - 
there's plenty for us too.
  Don't you just love her tags?

It's a corner shop with a great front door...

Welcome to Vintage & Co nestled in a little village in
Lancaster County, PA!
 Wanna see more? Head on over to my friend's blog 
and give her some love.  
And if you're not local - 
you can still do some shopping on her Etsy store.

 Thanks for joining me for the tour!  ~Joyce 

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Jun 20, 2016

A Bouquet A Day...

This time of year - there really is no excuse for me to not have a
 fresh bouquet of flowers happening somewhere.  Right now - 
this is what's delighting our front porch at the summer cottage...

I added some white 'baby's breath' - that isn't baby's breath - 
but is a perennial that works just as well.  
Gypsy White Achillea and Pink Yarrow (Achillea)

Lotsa perennials in my beds means blooms most of the time.  
And when there's not - ornamental grasses work just fine.
Summer flowers - how I love thee!
Do you have perennials?  ~Joyce
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