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Apr 23, 2014

Vignettes - Going Green....

My favorite activity of the week is creating vignettes at my 
local thrift shop.  We have so many decorators now -
 its hard to find goods to use that aren't already utilized in a 
display, grouping or vignette somewhere in the shop. 

So .... I often resort to those items that are a little less popular.  
This is generally a fun challenge for me.

 Today - I went to the tote bags for inspiration - and found 3 - 
but only 2 would fit in my space - so here's the result...

The tallest bag says 'Green is not a color - it's a state of mind'.  
The other bag is linen in a perfect celadon green.
  The bamboo board and fruit round out the green theme.

A few spring colored items... 
(again - not overly popular - but together they look great!)

 And how about some fun coordinating colors just right 
for teens and tweens?
 Just goes to show - even ordinary objects can look good.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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Apr 22, 2014

Paper Making...

Today was a handmade paper making sort of day...

Paper can be made from junk paper - i.e. envelopes, old 
correspondence, dried flowers, etc.  But as I started my project, 
I realized that I have no junk mail on hand (recently emptied my trash).
Instead, I used pages from a phone book... where there's a will...
Now it's either 'have patience and wait for these
 wonderful sheets of paper to dry on their own' - 
or whip out the iron and iron them dry.  
I have product tags to print!

You can buy a paper making kit here.
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Apr 12, 2014

Saturday Sightings - Unexpected Pleasures...

Back when I first started blogging - I had good intentions of doing 
a Saturday Sightings feature.  And I did.... a few. 
But today, I happened upon some neat things in my
 morning outing - and just had to share...

First up - I had no idea that I lived near this beauty.   Covered bridges used to be fairly familiar around here - but unfortunately - many have been victims of arson.  

Today I was on a small nearby road that I've apparently never 
been on before.  What a treat when I got to pass through this 
wondrous piece of local history on the old wooden floor boards.

And when I came out the other side - this great old stone and 
stucco farmhouse greeted me.  Love that tree too!

Second up - as I was driving down another back road I saw a 
horse go running full barrel into a pasture.  The owner was 
nearby and I stopped to ask if I could take pictures.
  "Sure thing"... was the reply.   "I have another horse I'm bringing out - 
you can stay and watch".  I learned that today was the first day 
the horse owner was letting her horses out to pasture
 after being cooped up all winter.  I was all prepared
 to get some great full-out running horse shots...

 "This horse is over 30 years old" I was told.  So out she came...
 ... ready to break into her first Spring gallop...

...or not! 
Apparently a good back scratching was all this horse desired.

 Too funny!

 "Have  a good day in the pretty sunshine my horse friend."

I'm thinking I like this meandering down country roads stuff.
And I love this area that I live in!

What did you do on this gorgeous Spring day?
  (Hopefully it was warm and sunshiny where you live too.)

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Apr 8, 2014

Unique Vintage Easter Finds on Etsy...

I went on a search to see what I could find that is
 somewhat unique in the vintage Easter category.
  (Because after a while - it can all look the same.)
  Here are some of my findings per Etsy... 
(Click on the captions to go to the listing.)

Love this little cutey with his Easter toys...

Child Easter Photo

Easter hats are common enough - but how about some Easter shoes?
Tapestry Easter Shoes

Gurley makes lots of figural candles - but these little ducks are made by Tavern.
Duck Candles

Wouldn't this egg lithograph make an amazing piece of wall art?
Egg Botanical Poster

Here's a sweet vintage Annalee toy - never used!
Annalee Rabbit

How about a photo of a military Easter church service?
Military Easter Photo

Not only is the front of this post card lovely - 
the back has  beautiful French script handwriting...
French Woman & Egg Post Card

Does a magazine ad from 1943 for Easter Candy do anything for you?
Easter Candy Advertisement

I thought this vintage Easter card was especially cute...
Easter Card

It's hard to find good looking Easter candy containers - but this one is! 
Easter Candy Container

And one more from 'moi' store - how about an unused
 jumbo sized satin puffy Easter card?

Large Satin Easter Card
Happy Shopping!
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Apr 4, 2014

'Free Pile' Season Is Here...

Here in this more northern climate - free piles and curbside finds 
are pretty scarce during the winter months. 
But 2 weeks ago - my neighbor had a small 'Free' sign out - with this bucket...

 It said 'free scrap metal - take bucket too'.  OK.  I can do that.
It's the bucket that I wanted anyway.  

It even has its original 'WHITE' label.  Labels are always good!
 The bucket was about half full of greasy bolts and small car parts.... 
truly nothing worth keeping.
It made for a heavy load - but I chugged it home anyway (2 houses down).

 I salvaged a few pieces that looked interesting, 
and sent the rest to metal recycling.
Yay - 'Free' is back in season!
 Did you have any roadside rescues lately?

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