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Oct 20, 2016

A DIY Vertical Fall Garden...

What an awesome morning I had.  
I stopped at an unadvertised yard sale (on a Thursday!) - and had the 
unexpected pleasure of a tour of the neighbor's backyard garden.  
If you have a small space to garden - you just may be intrigued too.
   Come along...

This overall shot shows the space that was utilized... a small area between the house & garage (which sits at the rear of their lot. )

In this raised bed with poles - the owner grew about 12 tomato plants.   
They get tall - like over the top boards - and she gets ton of tomatos...

Working our way clockwise - this is the sweet potato bin.
  Normally sweet potatoes need to be grown on a hill.  But this bin
 works great with no digging needed.  The dirt is all nice and loose.
  And they showed me some of the harvested sweet potatoes - 
they were beautiful!

Directly behind the sweet potatoes - another vertical area.  
The corded trellis can be purchased online and is sturdy enough to grow watermelon and other squash.  Yes really!

These lush and tall plants are peppers - of about every variety imaginable...

To utilize even more space - some tomato plants were added right
 next to the garage wall.  This time on bamboo teepees.
And the little single squares in front of that?
They held squash...

And we're not done.  
On the other side of the small yard - I spotted this wonderful fire pit.  
It's construction is very simple.  They dug a hole and lined it with
 bricks (see them standing up down there?)  Then they went to our
 local river and helped themselves to some river rocks.  The flat
 pavers were from their own stash and weren't being used anywhere
 so they became a little 'patio'.  

'Mr. Gardener' made a few pallet chairs and wa-la - 
the cutest little backyard fire pit area you ever did see.

But there's more... hop on over to my Facebook page for 
more sightings from my morning.
Here's a teaser...

Happy Fall!  ~Joyce
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Oct 18, 2016

A White Basket Through the Seasons...

Do you follow the 'don't wear white after Labor Day' rule? 
 How about white in your home?  Does it feel 'cold' in Winter?
   May I suggest that white works all year long - it just depends what 
you pair it with.  (White sandals with snow on the ground may be a stretch.) 
 But for most things - it can totally work.

 Let's take this white basket...

Fill it with it with colorful leaves and pumpkins and you've got Fall...

Pine boughs and ornaments...

...or bunches of berry branches make it Christmas...

A cozy blanket with take you through Winter...

Some yellow forsythia or tulips or whatever strikes your 
fancy will bring it alive in Spring...

And summer?  Even empty white says 'summer' - so we're good.

And if you'd like to take this vintage gathering basket through the
 seasons in your own home - it's available right here in my shop.   

White - it's a season's best friend!  ~Joyce
Linking to Let's Talk Vintage
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Oct 7, 2016

Ticking Meets Fall Decor...

My grouping of recent finds included some old ticking.  
Authentic ticking seems to be desirable lately judging from how it
 is moving out of my Etsy shop.  So let's take a peek around
 blogland  and get some inspiration for incorporating blue ticking
 into our fall decor!  Ready?...

First up - just combine it with some fall berries.  
The orange and blue make a wonderful pairing...

This tablescape in grounded on ticking and is almost spring-like.
  But the white pumpkins make it perfectly Fall in neutrals.

Ticking cut into strips makes great ribbon.  (As does most fabric actually!)
Add it to your fall wreaths.

Stack it with tweeds and sweaters and it's coziness heaven!...

Ticking and wool plaids... why not?

Ticking makes great fabric pumpkins.  
These cuteys are unique and available on Etsy right now!
I'm kind of cheating with this one...  See the ticking?  See the pumpkin?  
There ya go...
Isn't this a great foyer or hallway greeting.  Can't paint a fancy sign?  
Try decoupaging a fall scene on an old board with your handwritten letters.
Source unknown
It's easy to make your own fabric napkins if you can't find 
what you're looking for in the store. 
 Just hem 4 sides of a square of cloth.
And if you're looking for some old ticking - there are plenty of
 sources online.  Here's a piece that is currently in my Etsy shop...
Link to Ticking Listing
Oh isn't Fall fun?  ~Joyce

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Oct 6, 2016

Shopping in Kalona, IA...

On our recent road trip vacation - I spent some time roaming around 
Kalona, IA with my cousin.  What a treat!   It's a very midwestern
 looking town.  Everybody knows everybody and is nice to each other 
and oh my - I was ready to move in!

Our first stop was a Fall Festival.  Not sure why I didn't take more pictures... 
but I thought this vendor's signage with just perfect...

Then we hit the Pink Begonia which was a little downtown antique co-op.  
Just love the name and the owner was so sweet.  She had homemade 
cookies at the check out and the antique cash register is the real deal.  
It's what she uses to ring up a sale!

Photo from Pink Begonia facebook page

Next up was The Shop which had sort of a modern farmhouse feel.  
They had great displays everywhere - including their sidewalk decor
But the best part?  
The Shop was having a yard sale - about a mile from the store.  
We boogied right over there and oh my... it was my highlight of our trip.
Take a peek at some of my stash...

I couldn't resist this party banner in black and ecru.  
Shop price - $18.  Yard sale price - $1!

They had lots of fabrics and linens and the prices were crazy good.  But I restrained myself and picked up just a few of the extra special pretties.
They left a tag on the child's slip which of course made it feel like 
a steal at - you guessed it - $1!

This dish caught my eye too so for $2 - in my pile it went...

And ticking... when I find the truly old stuff - I get it.  
Etsy buyers are liking it!

Dear Kalona - I'd be happy to return.  
You left a place in my heart for sure.
Why don't you hop on over to the Pink Begonia and The Shop 
via facebook and send 'em some love!  (links above)

And go take a road trip.  They're wonderfully refreshing!  ~Joyce

(Visit my Quilted Nest facebook page for a few extra trip pics.)
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Sep 12, 2016

Toolbox Meets Fall Decor...

Got a toolbox?  I do - or rather I did...

I had this gem in my shop and was planning to fill it with autumn
 goodness (for my home) until it sold.  You know what happened right?  
It sold today!

But never fear - there are other wooden boxes around these parts.

  And in case you have a box or 2 in your stash too - here is some
 fall inspiration for the both of us from around blogland...








Anything strike your fancy?  

I'm thinking a little burlap may be in order.  
And I plan to visit my garden to see what prospects it may hold.

Other filler ideas: candles, jars, pumpkins, pheasant feathers, 
faux flowers, horns, pressed leaves, small pottery....

Happy Fall box-filling!  ~Joyce
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