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Nov 18, 2016

Doing an Outdoor Vendor Show - What To Take...

Tomorrow (Dec. 19th) - I'm doing an outdoor Christmas vendor show.  
I thought I'd share with you what I take along to these events.  
Also - here are the details so that you can come on out and say 
'hi' if you're in the South Central PA area.

In addition to the basics one might think of - I always use tablecloths.  
They set the stage for the 'look' that I am going for.  For this show -
 I hope to do a rustics and country theme - thus the plaids and red
 trimmed beige fabric.  I also plan to do a more neutrals and elegant  table - 
so I threw in some creamy white lace.

The rest of my checklist includes:  Plenty of cash and small bills,
 my Paypal Here device (to take credit cards), bags, clipboard and pens 
(to keep track of sales), extra tags, string, marker and scissors, 
promo cards and a banner with my name...

I'm also taking wooden crates for the back of my tables 
(provided by venue - but I'm taking an extra one).  I'll place a
 wooden shutter on these to create a shelf.  And since it is
 Christmas - I'll add fresh greens here and there - thus the bucket...

Everything is tagged (tagging takes the longest!) and packed in the
 truck and ready to go for tomorrow AM.  I allowed myself this
 whole week to get ready.  Some people do not tag their
 merchandise at a flea market - and that is easiest -
but many shoppers dislike asking a price - so I tag.

Additionally - think about weather gear (coats?) and a canopy
 (I'm going without one this time) and lunch if needed.   
Oh - and if you can get help - do!  My Love is coming along - 
in fact he'll do most of the loading & unloading for me while I 'display'.  
I dare say - I couldn't take do this without him .
  I'll need to buy him lunch for sure.  
Wish me well and would love to meet you!  ~Joyce

Nov 17, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Free Holiday Decor...

Most seasons or holidays have a staple decorating item that 
can be obtained for free from the great outdoors. 

For Christmas?  Greens or pine cones will serve you well.  
(And if you know someone with a holly bush - yay you!) 
Today - I was in search of said greens for an upcoming 
Christmas show that I'm doing.   So I headed to a nearby wooded
 community where there are  plenty of pine trees...

I walked around till I spotted trees such as these and then canvased
 the ground nearby.  But believe it or not - this spot yielded nothing.

We've not had rain or storms (to bring down twigs)  -so was beginning 
to think my efforts would be a bust when suddenly I spied this!
I'll take it...

Walked around some more - sometimes having to look up very high
 to see where the pine trees were.  Still my efforts returned precious little...

So back home I resorted to snipping from my sorry bushes...

And added the snippings to my other gatherings...

...which included a few hydrangeas and some dried weeds.

So while my 'greens' gleanings were slim this go round - 
I think it will be enough to decorate a few tables of wares.  
And I have some faux branches that I can use as well.

And in case you're still in need of ideas for Thanksgiving - 
leaves are free!  Check out this gals lovely post for a simple idea!

Happy gathering!  ~Joyce

Nov 16, 2016

Christmas Vignettes - Books!...

It was thrift shop day for me again today... meaning I got to play on top 
of the dress racks.  (OK - I didn't literally climb up there - but you know what I mean right?)
    Here is a glimpse of today's displays...

Tis the season to pull out vintage books with seasonal coloring.
 This children's book is not a Christmas story per se - but the
 coloring is perfect nonetheless!

I found this lion figurine and decided to incorporate it into 
a grouping.  Doesn't he look stately with the red berries?

And since Jesus is our Lion of Judah - he fits Christmas perfectly...

The men's rack had some things left over from last week's display
 (pillow, package ornaments, pretty book) - 
so I just added to them to fill it out...

And this one got a bit 'glitzy'...

Almost too much going on here - but as soon as something sells
 from it - it will be a little less 'cluttery'.

What a busy and enjoyable time of year.  
Don't get caught up in the hustle and bustle!  (I'm reminding myself)... 
But spend time each day with Jesus and allow His peace 
to rule in your heart.  ~Joyce

Nov 10, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Pencils...

My thrifty tip for today?  Instead of buying more - use up the fragments!  
We all have them - fragments that is.  
Pencils for instance...

We have tons of them in our home from years of gatherings... 
but they just sit there - unused.  Why?  I guess we prefer pens.  
But my pen stash is depleting and the pencils remain.  So...

It's pencils for me for a while for taking notes and other scribbling'. 
 And guess what?
They're sorta nostalgic and fun to use!

How can you use up the fragments in your house?  

Stay tuned - there may be more 'fragment' Thrifty Thursdays ahead....  ~Joyce

Transferware vanity holder is available here.

Nov 9, 2016

A Thanksgiving Vignette...

At the thrift shop - we are well into Christmas 
as is common in the retail world.  
To serve my conscience and give the proper nod to Thanksgiving -
 I opted to do at least 1 display today for the special holiday.  
But when I scoured the shop for themed items to use - 
I could only find this one ceramic pilgrim couple...

So I worked with them best I could and was really happy with the result...

The rest of the displays I worked on were Christmas 
but I didn't get photos except for this one...

Within minutes of completing the Thanksgiving grouping - guess what sold? 
Yep - the little ceramic couple!
So now the display may not look much like Thanksgiving after all...
Hopefully we all express  some Thanksgiving every day anyway - 
holiday or not.
And have I mentioned lately that I am so thankful for you?  
Thanks readers!  ~Joyce

Nov 6, 2016

Fall Photos and Sad Family News...

Yesterday we spent just a bit of time in our beloved Mt. Gretna 
at our summer cottage - closing it for the season.  
I've been without my camera for most of the week (lost it) 
so now that its found - had to play a bit...

Even imperfect leaves are beautiful when they show their colors...
(Do you hear the comparison to you?)  :)

This photo features Pennsylvania Smartweed - 
the little pink flower in the foreground.

And now for the sad news...Just yesterday we had a family tragedy.
  A farm accident took our sweet 4 year old nephew home to Jesus.
 So our hearts are a bit heavy...but we know where our Strength
 comes from and are leaning on our Lord.
Blessings to you this day.  
And hug your family extra tight! ~Joyce

Nov 3, 2016

A Bittersweet Week and Thrifty Thursday...

No - not that kind of bittersweet.  Rather this...

I love bittersweet - but every time I find it - I'm in a place that's it's
 not permissible to collect it.   This past weekend was no different.
  Except this time we came upon piles of tree scraps from a recent
 bulldozing.  I figured brush piles should be fair game.

So I helped myself to a few twigs found lying on said piles.  
I won't lie - I still felt like a thief as I walked past people 
on the remainder of our walk.   But I'm loving my little spray of 
natural goodness on my kitchen shelves.

Please excuse my phone photos.  I lost my camera.  A part to get my former camera working again
 is to be delivered tomorrow.  Can't wait!  And hopefully my lost camera still turns up. 
I was actively using it - alone and inside - when I lost it.  Thinking I need a sanity check.  sigh...

And today's thrifty tip is over on my Facebook page.


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