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Dec 31, 2012

Board of Project Inspiration...

Sometimes ya find a Pinterest board that just pulls you in.  
Such is the case with the 'Handmade' board by soap maker  
It should keep you busy for a while - there are over 650 pins!
 Some of my favs from the board...
Easy Quilting
Breakfast Gift Basket

Paper Dress Art

Sleeping Shorts
Linen Smock
the makings of a Twig Star
 What will be first on your list for 2013?


Dec 29, 2012

Homemade Orange Household Cleaner...

I finally got around to making some of that 'almost free' 
orange cleaner that shows up here and there around the 'net.
orange peels steeping in vinegar 2 weeks
 Essentially I used this recipe - except I didn't boil the 
vinegar first.  Next time I'll try that just for fun.
strained vinegar - with added 1/2 water
 So far I've cleaned my bathroom sink and my kitchen floors.  
Worked great!

Dec 28, 2012

Quick Cranberry Jars...

For my extended family Christmas gathering - 
I quick threw together some Mason jar centerpieces...
Pinterest inspired!
 They are simply a sprig of holly - water - cranberries
 and a tealight candle.
I wanted a small linen to place under each candle but I
needed 9 of them.  So I grabbed some paper napkins from 
last year's stash.  The cranberries are from several years ago.  
The jars were a safe non-food way to get them out of my freezer!
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Dec 25, 2012

To Us...

...a Child of Hope is born!

Praying you'll let this child be your King!

Dec 23, 2012

His Star...

Where is He that is born King of the Jews? 
For we have seen his star in the east and are come to worship Him.  
Matthew 2:2
A favorite ornament on our tree.
Trusting you are worshipping this King too and that He is YOUR KING!

Dec 22, 2012

Neighbor Gifts - Bread...

I enjoy giving Christmas gifts to my neighbors each year.  
It's fun to give something homemade - but several have diabetes.  
So this year I made a little loaf of Wheat Oatmeal Quick Bread for each one...
 Scary thing is - I have no idea how it tasted!  Ahh!!!

 I wrapped each loaf in plastic wrap - added a 'ribbon' 
of book print - some string - a homemade tag and a sprig of holly.  
I borrowed the recipe from this site.  But I went heavy on the 
honey and substituted white flour for 1/2 c. of the wheat.
 They looked good - let's hope they tasted OK!
And humbling - I came home with better gifts than I gave!

Sweater Stocking - again...

Starting to fill my recently made sweater stocking...
Enjoy your last weekend before Christmas day!

Dec 21, 2012

Working With Ordinary Gift Wrap...

There are so many beautiful gift wrap ideas in blogland 
And rarely do they use the printed wrapping paper that abounds at our local department stores. 
But as a thrfty gal - I'd like to use up what I have...
 ...which includes this less that trendy snowman paper.
 So with a few 'winter' themed book pages and strands of string...

 ...I tried to add a little interest.  My book pages are from 
an old 'A' encyclopedia.  I figured Alaska scenes and
 Air Conditioning prose would be appropriate for tags. 
Some added stamped letters in blue - and I'll be
 satisfied with my 'ordinary' wrapping paper.

Dec 20, 2012

Vintage Baby Finds...

There's something about vintage baby treasures that
 warms my heart.  I think it's the breath of innocence
 that it helps me recall.  At any rate - have a glimpse
 at some of my current baby goods in my Etsy shop...

This precious Mother & child picture in original tin oval frame...
Picture books have the best graphics - and these are advertising pieces!
A big grouping of sweet baby shower cards...
 Two oversized get well baby cards...
 This sweet child's cup by Harker pottery in their cameo ware...
 And some more baby books - one in linen!
Are you feeling nostalgic yet?

Dec 18, 2012

Upcycled From Old Sweaters...

I'm loving upcycled goods from old sweaters.
  Pinterest is full of fun ideas - just take a peek at this search.
 I especially like projects from white sweaters.
 Today - I took a 'too big' sweater and made a Christmas stocking.
 The sleeve made a nice cuff...
I was tickled with how the hanging loop turned out.
  It just a few ribs from the sweater that I folded over
 and hand stitched together down one side. 
You can't see the stitching -  knit fabric is very forgiving.
Total Cost? - .75 (from the Goodwill bins!)
Are there any sweater projects on your horizon?
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Dec 14, 2012

When Words Fail...

...music sometimes speaks.
In reflection of today's horrific events...

Prayer of the Children

Dec 13, 2012

Book Pages Christmas Garland...

Recently I visited a little fair trade shop and was inspired 
by all the neat handmade things - many out of 'trash'.  
I came home and went to work on making some
 paper beads to create a Christmas garland...
 I edged some of the beads in gold glitter just for fun.
My tree garland - created from book or dictionary pages - 
...is available in my Etsy shop.
And here's another book pages garland I'd like to try...
compliments of The Shabby Creek Cottage

Dec 12, 2012

Sheet Music Star

We all inspire each other don't we? 
Although admittedly - I receive more inspiration than I give.
You've all seen the rolled sheet music wreaths?  
Well I spotted a take on it at Fleur Cottage and
 decided to try to copy her sheet music star.  
  This was her version...
...the pop of black really adds something!  
I went for 'quick' and popped out a pinwheel for my center...
(I'm not so good at lettering).

 Gotta love vintage sheet music!
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Dec 7, 2012

'I Don't Have Burlalp' Tree Garland...

I love the look of burlap garland - but am, well,
 minus any burlap. 
  Without said burlap - what's a thrifty girl to do?
  Dig in her fabric stash of course...
 I simply tore some wide strips of tan cotton/poly fabric 
and swagged them among the branches.  A few pine cones later - and it'll pass for this year.
Not as good as the inspiration photo...
  ... but maybe I can tweak it till another year.

For the rest of my 'natural' porch decor - 

Gotta love using what ya have!

Dec 6, 2012

Christmas Porch Decor...

While my front porch is nothing to brag about - 
it's still worthy of some Christmas decor. 
 The little tree in the basket is what remains
 of an artificial tree - just the top!   
It's held in place with some logs and filler.
I wanted to use the galvanized tub - but it was too large.  
So I placed it on its side and filled it that way.
A few faux poinsettias and garland help hide the 
bricks which are holding this skinny tree in place.
 This year I'm using a large faux tree on my porch
 (compliments of my generous neighbors).  
It's just too big for us to use inside.
I'll do a quick post about the big tree tomorrow. 


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