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Jul 27, 2012

Be This...Do This...

Spotted this on Facebook - and just had share it with you.  
Definitely a very inspirational motto for me and my life.  
Hopefully it will encourage you too.
Don't be a follower - be a leader.  
An example to the 'few there be that find it'. (Matt. 7:14)
And lead with joy! (said to 'self'.)

Jul 24, 2012

A Miracle Just Happened...

Just in case you could use some good news - 
some very good news - have a peek at this story.  
Petra Johnson was/is one of the shooting victims from the Colorado 
theater shooting.   A bullet entered her brain - read the story.  
Just read it and marvel!
I love hearing about other people's miracles.  
It gives such hope for amazing answers to my prayers...
some of which will require no less than a miracle all their own.   
and for the rest of this story - the mother's story - 
well - LET US PRAY!
While I often don't understand God's ways and 
timing - it remains true that My God is a POWERFUL God!

Jul 23, 2012

Do You Supercook?

For years - when I have needed to find a recipe to use up 
ingredients that I have on hand - I would refer to this site.  
It has served me well - but is fairly limited.  
Today in an attempt to find a main dish recipe to use up 
my milk that has turned sour in this heat - I found Supercook.com
 I simply entered 'buttermilk' as an ingredient I
 wanted to use and then did a keyword search for 'casseroles'. 
With the 'other site' I had no results.  With this site - lots!
 Wa-la - Mexican Corn Casserole is served!  
I found a new friend on the Net.

Have to show this other 'friend' I found this weekend.
  Been a long time since I saw a snake in the wild.  
It can be a long time again...
PA Ribbon Snake

Jul 21, 2012

A Changed Heart At Camp Meeting...

Near our home there is an old fashioned church campmeeting grounds.   
Over the years I've attended many events on this property.
 This weekend there is a bible conference in full swing.  
I decided to attend Saturday evening's service.
(My family was away...) 
As I arrived - folks were already seated outside...
 ...the tabernacle was filled to overflowing.
 The teenagers had a specially designated section up front 
(love that!)
My seat, however, was in the over flow tent.  
This was my view for the evening. 
 The topic on this night?.... 'Moral Purity'.  As the sermon ended - 
an invitation was given to repent & go forward for prayer while a song was sung.

We had barely started the 1st verse when a young teenager - 
from the very back of this overflow tent -
 made his way to the front of the tabernacle with bowed head 
and quickness of step.  God Bless him!
   It made me cry to witness this sweet heart so responsive to the Spirit's leading.   
May my own heart be just as soft!

 Therefore “Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord.
Do not touch what is unclean and I will receive you.  I will be a Father to you,
And you shall be My sons and daughters, Says the Lord Almighty.” 
II Corinthians 6:17-18

Jul 19, 2012

Vignettes of 10...

How many items does it take to make a vignette?
  Well - it varies of course.  But more than you'd think...
 But in this somewhat ethnic and Old World style vignette 
- there are 10 items!  
Hard to believe huh?  Twelve if you count the 2
 groupings of tissue paper I used fluff & elevate.
 Now this vignette has only 9 items.  Ten if you count
 the pillow that is visible from the other side.  
It's all about layers!
So go grab 10 things and create a display!

Jul 18, 2012

Plants - Location Is Everything...

For years I waited for my gifted trumpet vine to bloom.  
No success - just a bunch of vines going in every
 direction that looked a mess.  
This year I dug the whole thing out and put it 
out front at my rail fence.  And look....
 ...flowers are appearing on the vine!!
 Seems my best veggie growing spot is also out front
 - right along my walk.  I've had green peppers in a container 
behind our house  - in full sun - and they have yielded nothing.
 But the pepper plants out front?  You betcha!  
Guess what green peppers had a little transplant last evening?
(Excuse our lack of curb appeal...been really dry here and there are 
some updates in order for sure...)

Jul 17, 2012

My Quiet Time...

Every day I try to spend some much needed 
time with the Lord. 
 It's a time to hear from Him and talk to Him. 
  Lately I've adopted this area for my morning 
quiet time...
 I use the Beside the Still Waters devotional book.
It is free!  I appreciate the simply written thoughts
 therein.... Thoughts that line up with the sometimes
 unpopular truths of God's word.
(If you'd like to receive this booklet in your own mailbox - go here.)
 My prayer time stems from my prayer list.... 
a list that could be overwhelming.  So I've devised 
a list of 30 categories - one for each day.  
Whatever and whomever God brings to mind in 
that day's category - that's who I pray for!
 It's also here that I spend much time praying &
 fasting for my dear family.  It's here that God gives
 me encouragement, challenges and rebukes
 that are specific to my daily needs.  
Gotta love that about God - how specific and timely He is!
Part of my current daily reading includes searching
 the scriptures to see how Jesus related to people - 
all types of people.  'A friend of sinners' he was
 called.  And so he was.   I am seeing a Jesus who
 befriended those of all classes and reputations. 
He befriended them to teach them - to show them -
 another way of life.  A Way that leads to life with
 Him.  His closest friends however - those he hung
 with - were those who responded to His call and
 chose to follow Him.   
I see an important difference there.
  Today I was struck by these words in my reading... 
Oh my - this life of following Jesus is in no way 
an easy life.  But the reward?  Eternal!!

Jul 14, 2012

Nothing Old This Week...

This week in my scouting around....
this is all I found...
 ...a cute box and a cute toile pillow...
...but nothing old or vintage.
...Until today when I found these old quilt patches.
 Just look at these luscious fabrics.  Love 'em!
Appearing in my Etsy shop soon!

Jul 10, 2012

New Listings...

Today I'm sharing some recent vintage treasures 
that I've listed on Etsy & eBay.  
First up - this gorgeous large preworked 
 These Wooden Beads are from a 70's table game...
 A cute little Scotty Planter is sure to please...
 Vintage Scrapbooks are a hit in recent years...
 And this gem of a Shoe Holder will help 
keep you organized.
Happy Browsing!

Jul 8, 2012


 The Lord will send a blessing on your barns and 
on everything you put your hand to. 
The Lord your God will bless you in the 
land he is giving you.
Deuteronomy 28:8
 A precious promise once given and made good on...
 from the same God I serve today.

Jul 7, 2012

Cleaning White Kitchen Cupboards...

I'm late to the party I know - but I had 
no idea this product would work like it does.   
(Said product has no idea I'm doing this post - so there's nothing in it for me...)
I have these white stock kitchen cupboards 
because it's we could afford at the time...
(under $3,000 for 3 walls - installed by hubby)...
 They have this wood grain look in vinyl that is a real
 pain to clean.  Splattered dirt wipes easily enough...
 ...but these greasy spots and surface dirt that gets 
in the grooves and grain - not so much. 
 But look - and with just a few wipes!
 Thank you Magic Eraser!  I am sold! 
 Now in just 2-3 minutes while something is cooking
 in the microwave - I can  whip out an eraser and do
 a few cupboard doors...or the refrigerator handle...
or the backsplash or...(you get the idea)... 
No spray bottles or buckets required.  

Jul 5, 2012

Tiny Stool Project (free!)...

And this would be the 2nd project I completed 
on the 4th...
 "Love Sends A Little Gift Of Roses"
 Too cute at just 11" high.  Rescued from a 'free' pile 
and given a little sheet music magic.
Works great on the floor or tabletop.
linking to Transformation Thursday
Flaunt It Friday 
Show & Tell Friday 
Jennifer Rizzo 

Jul 4, 2012

Project Day...

A day off of work with no real plans for a picnic,
 etc... so what to do?  Projects of course!  
Here's one I finished up from a $1 find...
  No 'before' shot - but it was a very blond wood -
 modern style 50's bench.
Gave it a coat of mint green paint (cause I had some
 on hand that I wanted to use up...) and then some
 creamy white.  Did a bit of sanding to let that 
green show through...
 ...and added some sheet music to the top (cause I have
 some of that to use up too).  Just really liked the graphics of
 this Hebrew folk song and the coloring worked.
  Last was a coat of poly to keep it looking good. 
Hope someone out there will appreciate this nod 
to my Jewish friends.
Linking to White Wednesday

Jul 3, 2012

All American Red Gingham...

I love me some vintage kitchen paired with red 
gingham.  Sadly, I have no such goodness in my own
 home.  But in our cottage - oh yeah...
EVERYTHING purchased via thrift, yard sales, free, etc.
 (Okay - the farm house original sink curtain is
 stripes and not checks - but it's close enough!)
 I'm not surprised that 3 of my Pinterest  
Kitchen Spaces include red gingham.   
(refer to board for photo sources and more...)

 This one with a touch of aqua is my personal favorite
 right now...
 And just today - I listed these red gingham goodies
 in my Etsy shop.
Country Kitchen Book

6 Advertising Cook Booklets
Red gingham - almost as American as a certain 
red, white & blue - almost...


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