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Dec 31, 2011

With My Mother...

My Mother is 90 years young and is aging 
gracefully even with health decline.  It was fun 
to watch her open our Christmas gifts to her...
 She ripped right into that bag of goodies...

 I'm glad I still have my mother.  
Trusting our 2012 to the Father.
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Dec 30, 2011

Gift Wrap Storage...

As I'm working on moving lots of 'stuff' into 
our new office space - it's apparent that some 
of my gift wrap supplies will no longer fit.  
Enter my Solution...
 Right next door in the living room rests this 
old chest 'coffee table' which holds nothing of importance (BTW - it was a $5 yard sale find)...
 It's the perfect size to store my rolls of gift wrap.   They're out of sight and still accessible.
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Dec 29, 2011

Inventory Shelf (Office Redo)...

Found me an old shelf unit in my garage that 
looked awful.  After several coats of $1 
garage sale paint - I love it!  It's my new shelf 
for antique inventory in our office redo...
 See that lovely aqua Butterprint Pyrex 
casserole?  Found it on a free pile this week 
in perfect condition!
 The new 'oops painted' walls just happen to 
go with the existing curtains I made from a 
bedspread years ago.  Gotta love that!
Also loving my recent $1.50 basket purchase 
for sheet music and larger pictures & paper...
What fun I'm having finally getting organized!
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Dec 28, 2011

Newly Painted Office (A Redo)...

We're working on our office.  The goal is to make it look good & hold all the 'stuff' we keep in there.  After 1 gallon of mistinted paint for under $5 - 
the walls and trim are finished...
A wonderful blue gray color that just 'happened'.
 and the old wood floors have been bared 
from the ugly carpet, sanded down and given
3 coats of poly...
The office is where I do my sewing (fabrics, etc.), stash my antique and Etsy inventory, work from 
home (2 screens & a keyboard), have my PC 
(another screen & keyboard), 
store gifts and wrapping supplies, file all of 
our papers and my Love works on his laptop.  
 It's mortifying - but here's a glimpse 
of the 'before'...
As we continue to 'move in', I'll keep you posted.

Dec 27, 2011

Guest Post - Christmas Tree Needle Craft...

Lisa, a writer with The Blog Content Guild
contacted me about doing a guest post on my blog.  
 Lisa is from Texas and "believes 'home is where 
the heart is' and is interested in crafts, 
remodeling, and real estate" including
Austin homes for sale.
Enjoy Lisa's post for a craft idea using pine 
needles from your Christmas tree.

If your family opts for a real tree during Christmas, 
dont let all those great, shed pine needles go to waste.  
Pine needle art can be fun for both you and the kids! 
 Consider using a rough, grainy material  
in a neutral color as the backdrop for the needles.  
Take a sturdy craft glue and place the needles flat  
against the material to form a Christmas-themed 
 shape.  Sturdy craft glue is important to keep the  
needles from separating from the material. 
 I recommend Beacons 3-in-1. Framing these  
creations will protect them so they can serve as 
 holiday decorations for years to come. 
Thank you Lisa.
Sold from my Etsy shop!
Thank you Karen.

Dec 26, 2011

Handmade Free Man's Gift...

One of the gifts I gave My Love this year had to 
wait till after Christmas to show you.
(He checks my blog on occasion).  
It was my first attempt at
making a sign and it didn't get half bad.  
I found a piece of old wood on our 'pile' 
and painted it black...
  Since I don't have the envied Cricut - I found 
a coloring book style letter font on the 
Internet to print out (uses much less ink).  
Then I simply cut out the letters and used them
as stencils with some golden yellow craft paint.   
I had to lay them out for spacing first since 
I was working with a pre-cut board...

  My letters aren't quite perfect - but with a 
bit of distressing and a coat of wax- 
I'm fine with 'The Man Cave' project.
I added some eye hooks and wire to the back 
and dated it with a permanent marker.
It's ready for hanging in My Love's garage.
Would make a great gift for Father's Day or 
birthday...and you can't beat 'free'!

Dec 25, 2011

Our Christmas...

Our kitchen to the left - laundry to the right.
That would be my fav. dark chocolate!
All photos compliments of My Love.

Dec 24, 2011

A Saviour...

For unto you is born this day in the city of 
David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.  
Luke 2:11
From the Luke 2 Collection
Praying you will receive this precious gift
to be your Saviour and your Lord.
Contact me if you're unsure - I'd love to tell you how.
Merry Christmas Dear Friends.

Dec 22, 2011


I'm sure if you give Christmas gifts you have been, 
or soon will be, knee deep in gift wrap.  This year 
I'm giving my neighbors some homemade soap instead of baked goods.  I'll be serving up 
several bars on a nest of shredded newspaper 
in thrift shop baskets...
And just to keep you inspired - here's a gathering 
of more gift wrap ideas from around the web.  
Please visit my Wrappings and Pretties Pinterest board for how-to's and sources for these images...
Sold!  Thank you Jamie...

Dec 21, 2011

Christmas Miracle Needed...

Have you ever needed a miracle?  Christmas - 
the season of the Greatest Miracle - seems like 
the perfect time for one doesn't it?  
But I realize God doesn't always answer our 
prayers in the way or time we would like.  
In fact, I'm not sure if He ever does. 
The Bowery Mission chapel in NYC.
We've had a family struggle for many years now.  
It's getting tiring and life is slipping by
 while we 'wait' for a resolution.  
I want to trust my Jesus with the hard stuff.  
I say that I do - but boy - 
putting it into practice is tough.
But this Christmas - I am ready for whatever 
the Lord might be saying.  If it's more 
"Be still and wait"- so be it.  
If it's "Step out and trust Me",  
or maybe "Leave the 'what-if's to Me",
I want to be OK with that too.  
But we need a clear Voice of direction.
It's Christmas... we're ready for a miracle...
On the wall in the Bowery Mission chapel.
 Thanks for allowing me a rare moment of being personal.

Dec 17, 2011

Homemade Drain Opener...

A household tip from me to you.  I've found 
this 'remedy' to work for clearing my slow - 
even clogged - sinks...
The sink at our summer cottage.
Pour a little liquid bleach down the drain.  
 Follow immediately with a little hydrogen peroxide.  Repeat as necessary.  
Much cheaper than liquid drain opener!
Needed to do this just today.
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Disclaimer - while this combo works for me - 
I have no idea if it's a safe mixture.  
Use at your own risk! 
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Dec 16, 2011

Last Post Of My Friend's Lovely Home...

Just a few more glimpses for you, inside 
and out,of this English Tudor that my friend 
and her husband built themselves...
 They lived in their basement while they 
finished the main living areas.  This is a 
view of their basement kitchen...
The poinsettias fill a boot tray when 
the table is in use...
 their basement fireplace...
And a few details here and there
that intrigued me.  How about this 
bathroom storage?  A jar for sponges, 
cotton balls and dryer sheets...
Check out her bathroom silver lotions tray...
Bifold doors have been all dressed up and 
lead to this cozy guest room...
Hope you enjoyed this little 3 day tour. 
(View 'older posts' for more.)
One final parting shot of the backyard...
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 Black Scrapbook - Sold!  Thank you Cat.


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