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Dec 29, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Plant Cuttings & Cheap Storage...

No - this post is not about storing plant cuttings.   
But we'll get to plants in a moment.  
First - here's a cheap storage idea.   
I made a little bin for storing my greeting cards.

I had this 1/2 peck box from a summer purchase so I decided to 
put it to use.   I started with a coat or 2 of paint.  
Then added some card stock to cover those finger holes.

Now my cards all fit in there nicely - and I'm good to go until 
such time as I find something 'better'.

Now onto the plants.   
At the end of summer I saved some cuttings from my coleus.   
I simply cut off some tops - and placed them in water.

 Over the course of weeks - the bottoms develop roots...
 Finally - I have gotten around to potting them 
(2 different coleus that I potted in 1 planter)...

I'll probably root some more cuttings from these yet.
The goal is for free plants for my outside containers next summer.  

And on another note - I'm switching over to my 2017 planner today.
 Last year I purchased a pricier one - the Perfect Planner I called it.  And it was.  But was also a bit more than I personally need.
I found I make my lists other places.  
So this year - I went a cheaper route...
 I found it  'in store' here

I admit - I was swayed by that pretty cover.  
Each open page is simply a week of blank days.  And there is 
also space for lots of notes in the book of the planner.  
And there's not much more to it.

Will it be enough?  Guess we'll see.  
And that's almost 3 Thrifty Tips for you today!  ~Joyce

Dec 28, 2016

After Christmas Sale...

Shop Update:
All remaining Christmas items in my Etsy shop have been
 discounted to reflect a 25% off price.
So if anything caught your eye earlier - this is your chance.
Here is a sampling...

Shiny Brite Ornaments in Peachy Gold and Pink

Japan Nativity Figures in Gold

Bridgeport Unused Stencils

Figural Santa Ornament

Pink and Silver Mica Shiny Brite Ornaments

Jewel Brite Ornaments in original box

And there are plenty of new arrivals too.  
Again - here's a sampling...

Old 9 Patch Quilt Squares in Cotton

Del Monte Fruit Crate End with Label

Small Painted Metal Strainer - Marked 'Miracle Gem'

Green Transferware Butter Pats
It's always fun to see what treasures I can find for you 
that are unique and have that 'Quilted Nest' charm.  

Enjoy these last days of 2016!  ~Joyce

Dec 26, 2016

Free After Christmas Craft - More Gift Tags Than Ever...

It's my annual time of making gift tags - all from received
 Christmas cards.  This year I discovered a way to get even more
 tags from my cards...

Step 1 -make a circle template from a 'not-nice' area of 1 of the cards 
(in other words - from ugly card stock - often the inside page).  
I traced a small kitchen dish for my circle - or a jar lid would work.

Step 2 - place template on cards and trace and cut where ever you'll have a nice graphic in the front of your circle.  Sometimes you can get 2 or 3 tags from a card.  Don't worry about the reverse side.
(Which is how we're getting more tags this year!)

Step 3 - for tags that do not have a plain back for writing (like the
 above left one has) but perhaps has handwriting on, etc... brush a
 thin layer of decoupage medium over the back of the circle tag.
  Immediately place a 'larger-than-the-circle' piece of book or
 dictionary page or sheet music onto the circle.  Press well all over
 and place under something heavy till dry (such as a can soup).

Step 4 - some cards will lend themselves to a different shape for a tag.  
So go for it!  Again - applying a book page section to the backs of 
those that aren't plain.  
And don't forget photo cards (which yields even more tags!)  
They often have a 'greeting' end that can be trimmed off to make a
 gift tag - such as the ones below.  And you'll still have the 
family photo, etc. to keep for your bulletin board

Step 5 - after all your tags that you've applied book pages to are dry - 
trim around the tag so that the pages are the exact size as your tag.
  You now have a back that you can write on with marker, etc. that
 covers up the ugly 'before'!  
Write your 'To:' and 'From:' right over the book pages.  
What a fun assortment!

Step 6 - Punch a hole in each tag and add string, yarn or twine.

I'm loving my finished tags this year.  The book pages below are
 the 'backs' of some - all ready for writing on next year...

And just cause this was my favorite card that I received this year -
 I have yet to cut it up... Isn't it pretty?
Of course - you can use whatever shape for the tags you like...
 circles are just quick and easy.
Happy 'after Christmas' crafting!  ~Joyce

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Dec 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016...

From My Love and I...

We wish you a Christmas that is Blessed and full of knowing Jesus!

Dec 22, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - How to Buy Part I...

Today's Thrifty Thursday Tip was inspired by a pack of note cards.
I found them when I rummaged through a bag of curtains that I 
bought a few months back.  (Happy dance!  I forget these lovelies were in there!) 
My Thrifty Tip?  BUY USED!  Or put another way - Do Not Buy New!

Yep - that's it!   Let me be more specific.  In this yard sale/thrift shop 
era that we live in - there are precious few things that a person 
needs to buy new.  Let me share a list of things that I buy used...

As already mentioned - 1. Curtains
Sheers - pretty ones - are in abundance.  And sometimes just a little 
hemming is all that's required to make a curtain work for you.

2. Greeting Cards & Invitations  
Even for 'special' 40th, etc. birthdays I often buy at thrift stores.  
I figure - how many '40th' cards does a person really want to receive?  
So I'll give a lovely 'regular' birthday card instead and write in my
own thoughts in addition to whatever sentiments are already there....

3. Clothing!  
There is good, current and name brand stuff out there.  You can easily
 skip the malls on this one and be cute and unique at the same time.  
(My exception to this is intimate lingerie.)

4. Linens - of all types
I'm talking anything from table linens to bedding.  
You can find it ALL at thrift stores.  Beautiful things!  
Wash it of course - but then -  you're good to go...

5. Ribbons and Gift Wrap Supplies 
I have tons.  It's all thrifted... and it's some really neat stuff!
  Sometimes I pick up 'new' wrapping paper just cause I like it.  
But I certainly wouldn't need to.  Brown craft paper is not hard to
 come by.  Pretty gift bags are plentiful... and pretty paper too!

6.  Lamps and Lamp Shades 
With today's spray paint options - those brass lamps (which are a
 dime a dozen) can come into the current age in no time flat!  
Brass lamp and shade here cost me $7 total! - plus spray paint...

7. Furniture 
The options are endless and paint is magic.  
 I consider 'new' for upholstered pieces only.  And often I still 
buy used if its odor free and doesn't need reupholstered, etc.

8.  Dishes
Oh my - there are tons of pretty dishes in any style imaginable at
 thrift stores.  Whole sets are even available - but mixing and
 matching is in vogue so we're all good to go!  

9.  Home Decor Items  
Pick them up when you see them and they appeal to you.  
You'll be able to use them somewhere - eventually.   
And your home won't be cookie cutter!  
(Who wants that?)

And speaking of home decor - don't forget the freebies of nature!!

10.  Major Purchases
Big things like houses, cars and vacation homes... yep - buy used!

Now what do I buy 'new'?  Not much!  
But grocery items and consumables are a regular need so new it is.
(Not to say I haven't found cleaning supplies, etc. when out thrifting.)

Specialty appliances and large home needs (furnaces, etc.) - we buy new.  
But watch for 'scratch and dent' or floor models for huge savings.
  And if you have a bit of time on your side - shop Craig's List.
  Eventually it all shows up there.   Often though - it's worth paying
 retail price to meet a need in a timely manner. 

So what did we learn today?  Buy Used!   
Don't try to keep up with the Jones'.  Instead - be your own person 
and have a style all your own!  
You can do it.  Dare to be a little different. 

Stay thrifty my friends.  And remember to be generous with your
 surplus as you are able.  Simple kindness is free and if you are a
 Christ follower - it all belongs to Him in the first place!
Blessings today  ~Joyce

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Dec 17, 2016

Saturday Sightings - A Winter Nature Walk...

Took a little walk today to see what we could see...

God is a beautiful artist...

Our first snow and ice arrived during the night...

Making even gray blue pods...

and corn cobs look pretty.

So go take a hike!
And enjoy your own sightings!   ~Joyce

Dec 16, 2016

A Christmas Dinner Table & A Napkin Fold...

If you build it - they will come right?  Guess we'll see...  
Table is partially set and ready for guests in a few hours...

What's great about this time of year is I can keep the centerpiece
 pretty much in tact through the season and just make minimal
 changes with each event...

My table needs to be a little bigger this time around - 
so I added some extra tea light holders.  One is stacked on vintage
 twill ribbon to help vary the heights.  I used ribbon because it was
 the only thing I could find that I already had on hand that was 
in the right scale and color.  I threw in some fresh greens too - 
cause they were just sitting there from something else so why not...

On a house tour this year - I was introduced to the 'tree' napkin fold.  
So a little research yielded a simple enough tutorial to duplicate it.
  Never mind that not all my napkins are the same fabric.  
Who wants to be all 'matchy, matchy' anyway?

Here's looking forward to a fun evening of fellowship with 
folks we've never hosted before.

And isn't that part of the joy of Christmas?  
Opening our hearts and homes to others.  
Enjoy your weekend readers.  
And if it includes friends - all the better!  ~Joyce


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