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Jun 30, 2014

Gift From the Garden...

What did you think of with that blog title?  Jam?  Produce?  
Handpicked berries?  They would all make wonderful gifts!  
But alas, my vegetable garden is a bit slim...  
just too much shade here in this little property.
I needed a simple birthday gift for a friend and I 
didn't want to give 'stuff' (we all have plenty of that right?)
So to my perennial flower beds I went...
A few fabric wraps around the reused pickle jar and 
I called this simple bouquet done...
I like to include fuzzy Lamb's Ears for texture.  
What are your favorites?

Jun 22, 2014

My Sister's Garden...

My sister is a gardener... both the vegetable kind and the flower bed kind.
She lives in an old farmhouse (where her hubby grew up) 
that has not seen any real outside alterations in all these years...

I was struck by the beauty of her rose arbor this year...

... and decided a few more pictures from around her front yard were in order....

Her daughter (my niece) also is quite the gardener and 
has her own roadside market selling beautiful fresh bouquets.
I'm loving that sliding glass door to protect the arrangements...
Even though we are 19 years apart (yes, you read that right)... 
I love my sister and am so glad she is in my life.   
In the midst of life's tough stuff - sisters can be a real blessing.

Thanks for the beautiful inspiration dear sister and friend!

Jun 21, 2014

Freebie Coffee Table Make Over...

So for quite some time - I've had a coffee table sitting in my garage... 
rescued from my neighbor's front yard for 'free'.
   This week I finally had some time to give it a little makeover...  
(not that they're aren't more such things in my garage...)

Solid and chunky - this table must weigh 200 lbs.   
Can someone say 1979? 

I don't know that I'm the world's best furniture redoer... 
 ... but hopefully someone will love this funky color and distressing.

Had to add some dictionary pages too...

I'm calling it celery green.  But truthfully - it's all 
my small cans of leftover paint mixed together.
Shh... it's our little secret.
Buy it and love it... somebody!

Jun 19, 2014

Homemade - Always A Great Gift Idea...

Looking for a gift idea that's personal, won't be the wrong color 
or style, and you know will be appreciated?  
Think a homemade food item.  Why homemade?
  Because homemade takes a little time - which speaks care and love!   
And I have the perfect food suggestion for you...

... cheesecake!  There are so many kinds and recipe options out there... 
lemon, New York, Oreo, chocolate, pumpkin, etc., etc., etc.   
You could make a different one every year for a
 birthday and be good to go for years to come!
  Cheesecakes can be made gluten free or sugar free.
  They're not difficult to make - but not everyone has a springform pan.
Any food item that takes a special gadget to make - ie - candy thermometer, 
 tart pan, molds... - makes a great gift.  It's worth investing in at least one!

Deliver on a pretty plate or flat basket (check thrift shops).   
I added a mint and lavender bundle to help dress up my little delivery.  
But you could add a handmade bow, linen strips, etc.
And I  like to keep paper doilies on hand for such occasions.

(I gave cherry pie filling too in a separate container -  didn't want to make 

a big mess on that pretty basket.)

What handmade gift ideas do you have?  
(To any of my soap making friends - now there's
 something I don't make... hint, hint....)

Jun 12, 2014

Free Living Room Furniture...

I never ceased to be amazed at what people give away.   
Sometimes my inner pride voice wants to say 
'I should be embarrassed to take this', especially
 when they know I'm taking it.  But hey - "one person's junk..."
And I like to give away too.  So free?  You betcha!

I now have not one, but two free white wicker chairs in my living room.  
There are no cushions yet, but they're actually very comfortable as is.   
And I may or may not get around to giving them a coat of paint.

Now the little slipper chair that was in here previously 
can go back to my bedroom where it belongs...
 I also recently picked up this heavy gold double frame 
for a whole 75 cents.  In lieu of any great photos of My Honey and I... 
I've added some photos snipped from a calendar that featured old photos.  
(It pays to hang onto such stuff.  I've a file of neat ephemera.)

 I plopped it on the fireplace hearth since table space
 is at a premium in this room.
So what about you... will you willingly take a 'freebie' - 
especially when the 'giftor' knows you're taking it? 
Here's to keeping 'stuff' a low priority in our lives.
  'Cause really - that's all it is.  But it is FUN!

Jun 11, 2014

DIY Shade Garden - A Private Tour...

Today I was honored to visit my friend's garden.  It had just rained - 
so everything was nice and lush and perfect for photography.  
The 'wow factor' of this particular garden - is that it is a 
complete do-it- yourself garden.   My friends are not landscapers 
or professional gardeners... but have managed to turn
their front, side and back yards into a beautiful outdoor living space.
My favorite feature is probably the meandering stone lined brick paths.

  And can they ever 'do' a planter!...
Many of the sculptures and planters have been
 picked up at yard sales and thrift shops.  Plants too.
  Beauty doesn't have to be expensive!

 I'm kinda liking this miniature Japanese maple...

The property is mostly shaded - but still they have managed to grow a few veggies.  
Isn't that chard wonderful?  Looks like a magazine!
  And no flimsy tomato cages here folks... 
we're talking pretty iron sculptures (sigh).
 The last stop in the yard is their fish pond.
  Thankfully the great blue heron wasn't visiting.
  And while he would have been a beautiful sight indeed - 
it's better that he stay away and keep the fish alive.

Thanks for joining me in this lovely little garden.
  There are so many more features I should have included, 
but I wasn't really thinking 'blog' at the time of my visit.  
I know I've been inspired to go spruce up my outdoor space... 
hope you have been too!

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Jun 5, 2014

The Cutest Doll Coat Ever...

... is available here.

 Don't you just love those pink rosebuds and quilting?

I also have some new goods in my Etsy Shop.  
Lovin' these crocheted hangers...

Enjoy this wonderful day my friends!

Jun 4, 2014

Saturday Sightings - Hot Air Balloon Landing...

 I realize it's not Saturday... but this is what I saw
 this past Saturday and want to share it with you.

 For our anniversary (on Saturday)- we took to the open road 
to see what we could see.  On our way home - we noticed a 
wonderful happening right near the road we were travelling on. 

It was a short hop to watch this picturesque pair land
 in a local country church yard.

The weather was perfect for these dear air travelers. 

Have you ever had a hot air balloon ride?  Would you like one?
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