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Apr 30, 2015

Spring Trees - On The Table...

When I returned home from my walk last evening - 
it was getting too dark to take pictures of my own trees.  
So instead - I snipped a few branches...

 ...and brought them inside to enjoy with breakfast this morning.
Pink Dogwood in blue mason jar

I had a friend invited.  Combined with an aqua blue
mason pint jar - 
they were the perfect Spring centerpiece.
I love this time of year when there's usually something 
I can snip from my own yard to brighten my rooms.

Have you done any 'snipping' yet?  ~Joyce

Apr 29, 2015

Spring Trees - An Evening Walk...

I took my camera along on my walk around the neighborhood 
this evening.  The trees were beautiful!  
I'm thinking God likes pink...

...and white...

...and whatever color this is - but it sure is creative!

Most everyone had manicured lawns which made for lovely backgrounds...

There's even a church on my walk...

Neat huh?...

More pink (actually a red bud tree)...

And this little pretty was almost touching the ground!

What's not to love about Spring?
Thank you Jesus for eyes to see Your handiwork!

Apr 27, 2015

Straw Purse 'Makeover'...

Recently - this straw purse sold from my Etsy shop 
to a customer on the west coast...
(After you read the rest - any guesses as to what state?)

Today I received a message from her telling me that she loves it.  
AND - that she added a little charm to it and uses it
 when she wears her tiki outfits (whatever that is). 
I'm just amazed how one little piece of 'jewelry'
 completely changes the look of this purse.  
Why have I never thought of this?
It's similar to what a scarf can do for an outfit.

Thanks for sharing with me Kailey!

Apr 25, 2015

Best Rustic Seminar Decor Ever...

So today I attended a women's seminar at a local church - 
actually it was held in the school on the grounds of the church.  
Oh my!  I had no idea the treat we would be in for.
  The decor was amazing.  As we entered - this was our greeting....

And inside the doors - more sweet greetings...

...with great rustic vignettes scattered here and there...

Turns out the colors of the day were bright pink and green...

Even in the bathrooms...

Which just happened to be my colors of the day too...
The seminar included 5 speakers (we each heard 3)
 and lunch and yet was on a suggested donation basis.  
Again, oh my...

The main speaker, Becky Mcgurrin, is the author of these books...
She got to present from this wonderfully decorated stage.  
Check out the rail fence in the background.  
I'm tellin' ya - somebody knew how to decorate!

But my absolute most favoritest part was the hot beverage table.  
Be still my heart - just look!...

What a day of blessing - so much encouragement in the Lord.  
We laughed, sang and cried together.  I went with a friend - 
but most of the ladies were total strangers to me!  
It didn't matter.  Thank you Jesus for this day.

A taste of our singing...

Apr 24, 2015

Dress Rack Displays...

For some recent dress rack displays at the thrift shop...

... I was inspired by animal prints...

So I used lots of brown, black and beige.
(Of course - using what I could find for sale on the shelves.)
Animal prints are always in season.

Apr 17, 2015

Labels, Graphics, & Advertising In the Shop...

Vintage advertising and labels always appeal to me.
  Take a peek at some of my Etsy shop offerings...

Old pharmacy bottles have great labels.  
This Rexall Diuretic Compound still retains its original box...

Old department store boxes are great too.  
This Bowman's box is from a local clothing store...

Labels with metallic print are eye catching.  
This little jar of shoe polish is still available...

This commemorative fire company glass was just listed. 
Aren't the graphics great?

For retro lovers - check out this box of Pix Pix Pick Up Sticks...

This Kenberry Plate Hanger features transferware plates on its card...

And I just LOVE this butter paper graphic from Peter's Dairy...
Did anything strike your fancy?  
Hop on over to the shop and see what's new!

Apr 15, 2015

New Neighbor Gift...

We live in a good neighborhood - but not necessarily tight-knit.  
Still - I try to welcome newcomers in some way. 

 Homemade baked goods are my 'go-to' gift. 
 And then I pray they don't have food allergies. 
(I always figure there's probably at least somebody in the family that can eat them.)

I don't often make chocolate chip cookies cause My Love 
doesn't like chocolate - but the rest of the world does right?
So I whipped up a batch using chocolate and peanut butter chips -
(it's what was on hand) and guess what - hubby loves them!  
Good thing they didn't all fit in the basket.


Speaking of baskets - I keep a lookout for cute
 containers and pick them up for such occasions.
  This one was 'free'.  I lined it with a scrap of denim fabric - 
added the plastic bag of cookies and finished it off with a bow.
I like to include a card with our name and contact information,  
just 'cause I think it's good to know how to get hold
 of your neighbors if you need to.
 Then I hand delivered our little gift when I saw 
they were home so we could have a face-to-face meet.
Now here's hoping they'll think of the cookies when
 they become annoyed with our barking dog! ~Joyce 

Apr 14, 2015

80's Brass Lamp Makeover...

Do you know how much a good looking lamp shade costs?  
Me too!  But while thrifting recently - I found this lovely lamp shade - 
complete with tassels - for $8.  Sold!
 But when I picked it up - a cashier was quick to
 inform me that the lamp went with it - all for $8!  Oh my!  
The lamp weighs a ton - very solid and full of quality - 
but not quite my style in its brass finish.

But for $8 - I figured I could do something with it.
  So after a little tape job... 
 ...and some spray paint - my lamp has a new look.  

 I used Rustoleum's Metallic Flat Chestnut trigger spray paint 

with no prep to the finish - I just sprayed it on.
  Eeesy peesy...

I'm so happy with it. 

The little grouping next to the lamp includes some inventory waiting to sell.  
The sweet teeny basket is available here.

I think I'm in love with spray paint.
I know I'm in love with my new lamp!   ~Joyce
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