A patched together lifestyle of thrift and charm...

Sep 28, 2013

Your Hand Shall Lead...

Photo taken while I was walking past an amazing horse farm in our area.
I am so glad I am being led and guided by a God 
 who knows all and sees all.
I can only trust Him....

Sep 24, 2013

Local Fall Decor...

I've just discovered a sweet local restaurant (B&B too!)  
In my recent visit - I enjoyed all the Fall decor.  
Allow me to share some photos with you...

 Inn 422 is located in Lebanon, PA in an old historic house.
 The  porch was a'flutter with Fall...

...and inside - the mantel where we ate was breathtaking...

 The sweet owner invited us to tour the house -
 even inviting us into their kitchen.  
This kitchen is used by the waitresses, etc.
  They also have an adjoining commercial
 kitchen where the main cooking is done.
Patio dining anyone? 
Maybe next summer...
I hear their Christmas decor is just fabulous - 
so I'm thinking we'll be returning in just a few short weeks!  Stay tuned!

Sep 22, 2013

Your Kingdom Come...

  ...The dome of our state capitol building in Harrisburg, PA.  
How I pray each of us would allow God's will to be done 
in our own lives. Changing hearts is how we change nations.

Sep 19, 2013

Sweater Pumpkins...

This week I put together a couple of these cuteys 
using an old sweater.  I followed this tutorial. 
   For the stems,  I simply hot glued some Spanish moss,
then a piece of sawed-off twig from my backyard.   
Cream yarn helped make the sections.

 They make a nice addition to my Fall mantel.
 (No - I still haven't painted that old panelling!)
 I put this grouping together in about 15 min.
  I literally went from room to room gathering up a 
few fall looking items and made them work. 
  The basket was a free find that I had just drug home
and was still sitting out.
Same with the tiny faux gourds (altho not quite free - I paid 10 cents each!)
     The lace helps with the darkness of the mantel and 
candles work in most any vignette.  I pick mine up 
at garage sales for approx. 50 cents - can't beat that!

Let me know if you make any sweater or fabric pumpkins.  
They are quick and easy and turn out great every time!
(No sewing machine needed!)
Happy Fall to you!!

Sep 15, 2013

Never Forsaken...

Taken at Lake Tobias wildlife park in Halfax, PA
Sometimes I just need to be reminded that I am one of 
God's children and as such - He has promised that He will 
always be with me.  Or to put it another way... 
He will never leave me...never!

Do you need that reminder too today? 
Surrender your life fully to Him and enjoy being in His
presence during good times and bad.
My love to you this day ~ Joyce

Sep 13, 2013

New Shop Listings...

A few of my favorites currently on the auction block...

Marbelzed books are always in style - 
and this one is loaded with great graphics.
 Who doesn't love Florentine treasures?  
And look at the aqua on this 4 Drawer Jewelry Chest
 Noisemakers - selling 2 for 1 money!
 Sweet shabby cottage Dollhouse Furniture - in pink!
 And it's not too early to think Christmas Villages 
for train displays and more...
See the whole list here!

Sep 12, 2013

Welcome Neighbor Gift Basket...

 We have new neighbors and I have yet to meet them 
except to say 'hi' from across the street.  
So today's 'to do' list included 'make a neighbor gift'.
 My recently canned homemade salsa was my starting point.
 I even had a free basket!
(The thrift shop had an abundance this week - 'happy score')
First up - that salsa got a little fabric topper left over 
from my skirt project, some string and a tag...
Tip - attach fabric wtih a rubber band first - then tie string and
 remove the rubber band later -much easier that way!
 Then I found a candle in my gift drawer stash
 (same coloring as the tag - love when that happens...)
and gave it a little brown paper packaging tied up with string...
A few tomatoes from my garden (who can't use those), a
 red check runner from my stash, (gotta keep a stash!) 
and one more thing....  I included a 'welcome' card 
with our  names and phone number.  
Sharing contact information with your nice and
 decent neighbors just make sense.  
 Do you do 'welcome neighbor' gifts?

Sep 10, 2013

Fall Vignettes at the Thrift Shop...

Posting a few of my latest dress rack displays for you.  
(again - difficult to photograph as there is no 'back' to them.)

This first one used several sprays of faux flowers.  
To put the 'grass' in the basket - I had to bend the stems 
substantially (no cutting as they are 'for sale').
  I can't figure out why that wooden etched
 grapes plate hasn't sold yet - it's a great Fall piece!
The black frame below was just that - a black frame.  
The bee graphic that I popped inside is actually 
a piece of wallpaper from a sample book - love it!  
The pillow sold within minutes after getting this grouping together.  
Vintage planters in creams and browns make great Fall accents. 
Mini pumpkins and gourds would display great with them 
(I didn't have any.)

 This next vignette is my favorite - but photographed 
horribly.  The man and lady figures are lamp bases
 aren't they great?  Baskets are cheap and work for every season... 
but my favorite for them by far - is Fall!

Next - I guess I'd better get some Fall into my home!

Sep 3, 2013

Twig Hangers From the Backyard...

What a treat for the eyes....
Twigs from the yard with  a twine loop tied to the 
center equals the perfect hangers for your
 antique children's clothing and more.  
Lovin' the luscious trim on the center petticoat.... and rolled sheet music anyone?
Thank you Old Gray Mare for inspiring us today!

And if you'd like an even easier twig hanger option... 
See that 2nd hanger from the left and how it is not straight 
but has a bit of a rise or bend in the center? 
That 'rise' is the perfect spot for hanging on a nail - no twine needed.  
And sticks with bends are easy to find!
My antique booth has sported just such a hanger often.


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