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May 23, 2013

From Country Curtains to Country Skirt...

I'm all about thrifty ways to do and get stuff!  Lately I've been 
frustrated with my tired wardrobe - so I decided I would try 
to actually make something (it's been years!) 
  I had a simple skirt in my closet (the plum piece on the left below) 
I used as a pattern.  But first - I needed some fabric.  
These were my 'on hand' viable options.  I loved that brown daisy 
dotted swiss - but decided against it in case I messed up. 
 The red teeny check fabric is actually vintage curtain panels - 
so I had some ripping to do to get enough fabric.
Isn't it adorable?

Essentially - I just laid the skirt onto the fabric and cut it a 
little larger on each side.  Just 2 side seams folks! 
I did this times 2 - because I added a lining.  
(Out of old solid cream curtains I found for almost nothing!)
I wanted to mimic the drawstring waist of the original skirt.  To form the ties - 
I just eyeballed it and folded the fabric onto itself to cut a straight line...
It worked!...
 My original skirt was long with a plain hem.  
I chose a slightly shorter version and added a ruffle.  
 The great thing about sewing?  You choose your own length - love that!

This would be me - slightly graying hair and all.   
I love how green it is outside right now - we've had lots of 
gentle spring rains.  I'm gonna love this skirt.
And who knows?  I might do me some more sewing!

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