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May 6, 2013

Birthday Treat to the Workplace...

My Love turns another year toward the midlife zone today.  
I have found there is no greater way to honor your man than to do so 
in front of his peers.  Now I'm ashamedly a 'last minute' person.  
So last night before drifting off to sleep I was frantically thinking 
about what I could take for a treat to his work place.
  I knew I didn't have time to make anything... 
so I settled upon buying an assortment of pickles and olives.

 My Love does not have a sweet tooth - but dill pickles?  Oh my!
  Before I left home I grabbed several containers and manly 
napkins - hoping something would work to corral
 whatever I would find at the store.
 I also made some quick pennant signs; attaching them to skewers...
 A stop at the store supplied my 'treat'.  I'm tellin' ya - 
I was quick... and didn't worry too much about cost.
  I spent about $35.  Not sure if that's my usual 'thrifty' or not - 
but it could have been much worse.  The most
 expensive item I picked up were the garlic stuffed olives. 

 I snuck into the lunch room and set everything up.
  The bread pan worked great! Hopefully his
 coworkers will wish him a 'Happy Birthday'
 throughout the day and he'll come home a happy man. 
(Now I still have to wrap his presents for tonight - and I begin work in 7 minutes...  Ahh!!)

1 comment:

Donna said...

How sweet! I'm sure he will be grinning all day, not to mention the envy of his co-workers!


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