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May 31, 2017

5 Vignettes - Vessels and Red & White Retro Kitchen...

Behold... some of my thrift shop displays from today...

This 3 tiered piece has been hanging around a while.  
The shelves are a little wobbly (it collapses) - so that may be why.

Do you notice the same vessels in these groupings?  These have
 been in the shop a while too.  They came in with their still new and
very pricey tags on.   And while we repriced them - 
they still seem high-priced to me & probably others.
I keep trying to make them look good so someone can't resist them...

And here's another of those vessels (really cool actually)...

Nothing overly special here in this grouping - just sweet and simple - 
trying to work around that tall bouquet which also isn't selling...

And I had room to do a whole new display today... 
so I pulled together a red and white vintage kitchen theme.  
(There's even more on the back side which I didn't capture.) 

 Red and white kitchen stuff is always a hit and I can't wait 
to see till next week if most of it sold.

Thanks for perusing with me...   ~Joyce

May 30, 2017

This Selling Thing - a Circle of Blessing...

I am feeling wonderfully blessed.  My weekend was full of this...

...lots of wares-selling at our sweet summer cottage during 
the community's annual porch sales.

Yard sales (or porch sales in this case) are LOTS of work.  Even more so 
when you're trying to keep track of inventory to keep Uncle Sam happy.  
But a day of meeting wonderful folks and getting tired merchandise
 off my hands is so worth it and a favorite event of mine.  
It was a delightful day!  

And now its back to the real world - with lots of this... 
Orders are headed out today from the Etsy shop. 
 Selling online can be lots of work too.  But wrapping all of the
 parcels is a favorite part of the process for me.  

Thanks to each of you who came out in person on Saturday and who are 
buying treasures online from Etsy.  You bless me!  Know that I 
take seriously the responsibility to in turn bless others.  
What a privilege.  ~Joyce

May 26, 2017

Mount Gretna, PA Porch Sales...

No feature Thrifty Thurs, Friday Finds or Saturday Sightings post
s this week.  All extra time has been spent getting ready for the
 annual Mount Gretna community Porch Sales.   
Stop on by if you're local or passing through.  
Details:  tomorrow  - Saturday May 27th - 8-2 (or a little longer).  
Porch sales Memorial Day weekend

Sales will be throughout the wooded campmeeting grove.  
Stroll and enjoy!  (Many 'streets' are walking paths only.) 
We're on 7th street - but all streets are participating. 

Be sure to say 'hi'!  ~Joyce

May 22, 2017

Wedding Backdrop Idea...

Yesterday we happened upon a wedding that was about to begin. The setting?  Under the woods in this 250 year old open air tabernacle.
wedding back drop

It's all situated in the campmeeting grounds of our beloved Mt. Gretna, PA.  
But let's look closer - quick before the people start arriving...

 Look at that back drop!  It's so simple and yet jaw dropping gorgeous.  
Why can't I think of stuff like this?  All ya need is 15 old windows!
  (yeah - I know - who has 15 windows?)  
Apparently this couple scrounged them up somewhere...
hand made; magnolia wreath

 I'm  just smitten!  
Let's see...lots and lots of white fabric (I could manage that part), 
windows (I could maybe find 3 or 4 - but 15?  hmmm...)  
and a huge handmade (I'm assuming) magnolia leaves wreath.
  Well maybe the florist made the wreath.  :)

At any rate - loved this sneak peek into surely a beautiful wedding.
  And if such a day ever rolls around in our lives (as in our daughter)
I hope that God gives us some creative inspiration. 
Guess it doesn't hurt to start saving ideas...  ~Joyce

May 20, 2017

Time In a Cemetery - Saturday Sightings...

The passage of time - we're all caught in it.  But today - 
time stopped for a bit as we said good-bye to a beloved aunt.  
The sweet service was held in the church of my childhood...

With a cemetery just a short walk up the hill away...

Out of 17 siblings - about half remain.  Most of these were 
present today to honor her.  It was a time of precious memories.
  She lived life to the full... enjoying crafting, laughing, and people.
We know that her soul's been carried to heaven - 
but today we committed her body to the earth

 My uncle (in the hat) was perhaps the brother dearest to her.  
He has cared for her in countless ways over these last years.  
I love how my cousin is keeping an eye of care on him during this sacred moment..

There is much to reflect on in a cemetery.  
One day these bodies will rise again upon Christ's return. 

Before leaving - a final stop to the grave of my parents.

I ached for them to be there today...  So much I wanted to say.
But when I see them again - much of that won't matter as 
we'll be in the presence of Jesus and in the glory of heaven.   

My friends - please make sure you are ready to join us there.  
In addition to knowing Jesus - we must also be following Him - 
in full surrender - to His will and Word.
I promise any sacrifice will be more than worth it.  ~Joyce

May 19, 2017

All For $6.35 - Friday Finds...

After weeks of rainy and cold yard sales - this morning was like
 full blown summer!  I traveled 27 miles round trip and didn't feel I was 
finding much.  But back at home - looking at it all again - I did just fine.

The tin crown mold has a great look.  
But my super -thrifty 'me' find was this lot of hotel lotions.  
I like these little samples to keep in my purse.  The whole pile was ten cents!  
(And I rechecked with the lady - yep!... She just wanted rid of them.)

An overview of my finds - yes all for $6.35 - including that 
soooo soft pink blanket underneath...

Have you priced Flea Market Style Magazine?  I love it - but oh my - 
might as well buy a book!  Two magazines and a book for $1.   
And that double handled rolling pin - turns out that was a good find!

Found a few Holiday things to tuck away.  
The Claus couple are Japan salt & pepper shakers.  
The box of new gift tags will probably go into my gift drawer.

Sweet crocheted hankies.  
Not sure if I'll sell them or send them along as gifts with an Etsy order.

And not exciting to look at - some new lights at just 50 cents each.
 There is a little clip light (sometimes I find myself needing one)
 and a very small string of twinkle lights.

Because there are times I use small strings - such as here...
I stopped at many, many sales where I bought nothing...  
But if it were too easy - that wouldn't be good either.

Next weekend I'm having a sale of my own.  
If you're in our area - stay tuned for more info!   ~Joyce

May 18, 2017

A Money Saving Oven Tip - Thrifty Thursday...

My thrifty tip for this week?  Get a toaster oven!

And for the best bang for your buck - get one from a thrift shop or a yard sale. 
 They are not hard to find.  We found ours in 'like new' 
condition at a yard sale for $3!  And it's sizable!

 Toaster ovens are great for heating up slices of pizza, leftovers,
 baking fries, etc.  Tastes much better than reheating in a microwave.  
And its more economical to heat up this small oven than a full size oven.  
Rolls of biscuits?  In the toaster oven they can go!

Storage is often a concern - so here are a few ideas...  

1. Kitchen island shelf (ours is on our Stenstorp island from IKEA)
2. Nearby pantry or closet shelf
3. Basement step shelf
4. In your regular oven
5. On your counter top 
6. In a kitchen cabinet (not my favorite - found it cumbersome to get out)
kitchen ideas; quilted nest

Certainly - if you find you dislike 'getting it out' - you won't use it. 
 So get creative.  These can be cute right on your kitchen counter - 
just place a pretty doily and faux herb on top and you're good to go.

I'm not one for kitchen appliances.  I have as few as I can get away with.  
But I do like my little oven! 
Would love to hear if you use one and where you store it.  
Stay Thrifty!  ~Joyce
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May 16, 2017

Spring In a Bowl - A 5 Minute Centerpiece...

This trough is most always in the center of my dining room table.
After weeks of ignoring it and the fact that it wasn't looking very 'springy' - 
I finally gave it a little update with things I had laying around...

The faux wild flowers are from Dollar Tree & yard sales.  
The butter pats are Quilted Nest inventory waiting to sell.

You can view them here and here.

After a 5 minute fix - this bowl definitely says 'spring' better than it did!
Seasonal decor needn't take much.  I simply had to stop and actually 
'do' something rather than keep passing by this bowl day after day.

What can you do in 5 minutes to change your world today?  ~Joyce
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May 12, 2017

My Friday Finds Will Make You An Artist...

My finds from today include some goodies from a thrift shop stop yesterday.  
As usual - there are things for me and things for you (or at least the Etsy shop).

I have a bit of a magazine problem... I can't wait to delve into these.
  Do you see that price?  Yep - it was for the whole stack!  

I can usually sell dollhouse furniture... but have never sold 
a miniatures kit before.  We'll see how it goes...

These candle holder lovelies have a bracket to mount on the wall.

Are you a flamingo fan?  And did you notice that 
vintage embroidered bedspread underneath?  

I seem to be able to sell butter pats.  
So had to scoop these up since the price was right!

Vintage tapestry purses have also sold well for me... so was excited
 for this find.  Especially when I learned that purses were half off.

And wanna be an artist?  Ever hear of a Pantograph?    
What a fun tool for projects.  It enlarges the picture by tracing.

Now wonder if I can convince My Love to play Sequence with me
 this weekend?  He's not a big game player - but I think this is one
 we will actually enjoy (refer to top photo).

What fun things did you find this week?  ~Joyce

May 11, 2017

Keep or Throw Away? - Thrifty Thursday...

It's a dilemma we all face - stuff, stuff and more stuff.  
Right now the trend seems to be 'get rid of it'....'downsize'..... 'purge'...   
These are great goals and plans.   We certainly can't keep everything!
  Or we'd all have to tear down our barns and build bigger ones. 
And the Bible has something to say about that.  (see Luke 12:13-21)

On the other hand - sometimes keeping something 
(or part of something) in lieu of tossing is not a bad idea.

Take my Valentine wreath... It is quite faded after a several year
 holiday run on my front door.   I decided to pitch it.

But then I wondered if underneath all that glitz was something I could use.  
And sure enough - a nice form for my own DIY wreath come next year.

Now - will I actually use it?  I guess that remains to be seen.  
But for now - I'm keeping it with my holiday supplies.  And I'll write 
in my planner to 'work on heart wreath' sometime in January.  

A final thought:  Many say 'if you haven't used it in a year - get rid of it'.  
In my world tho - there are many things that go several years till I use/wear them again.  
I'd be beyond frustrated if I tossed everything after 1 year.
Holding onto a few things has proven to be economical more than once.
But certainly - I've also done my share of 'tossing'.  
Just use discernment and be willing to ask for wisdom from Above. 
Then follow the leading you receive.

Hubbies may have thoughts too!  (sigh...)  ~Joyce

May 10, 2017

Make Food Pretty Instantly...

It's a simple thing really - and takes almost no effort....

This bowl of oranges looked 'okay' - but rather plain on their own...
  till I tucked in some fresh sprigs of mint tea.
Now all that juiciness just begs to be enjoyed.

It also helps that the bowl itself is pretty - but really...
Two sprigs - and now the oranges are a feast for the eye.

Other sprigs to try depending on what you're serving... 
Parsley, fresh herbs and edible flowers like pansies.
And tea?  Anyone can grow it!  Even in a container.

Here's to simple and pretty hospitality!  ~Joyce

May 6, 2017

4 Vignettes...

For my Saturday Sightings - I'm cheating a bit from my usual and
 sharing some vignettes that I worked on today.  These are all 
on top of dress racks at the thrift shop where I volunteer.

My challenge for this first one was the tall bouquet that was already in the space.   I lieu of many decor things that worked - 
I brought in books... we always have plenty of those.  
The scarf in pastels really helped tie things together...

Challenge #2 was the large tin biscuit box on its side in the back.  
I found it 'displayed' on the floor in another room.  I like to keep
 things off the floor if I can - so I scooped it up.   
I love this grouping - my fav of the day...

Challenge #3:  After about 3 weeks - that tall iron candle holder is still here.  
I decided to keep it in a dress rack grouping and surely hope it 
sells this week as the options to go with it are getting slim.  

And lastly - there was one more large biscuit tin to use.   
This one has a whole different color scheme; not very 'springy' but still neat!

I worked on many more small groupings... but these photographed the best.
  I often feel I don't do much for the Lord - but this little weekly
decorating helps sell goods that benefit those in need overseas. 
I'm most thankful for the opportunity!  ~Joyce


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