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Mar 27, 2017

The Victorian Cottages in Mount Gretna, PA...

It was a cool and misty day in Mt. Gretna yesterday - but that didn't
 stop us from traversing the cottage strewn streets of this quaint
 bible camp meeting grounds and summer resort.  
My camera kept looking up - so I did too!  
Without further dialogue...enjoy the Victorian architectural sights...
victorian gingerbread

Victorian Cottage

Mount Gretna, PA

Victorian achitecture

summer cottage

summer cottage with cedar shingles

in Mount Gretna, PA

And may you look up today too...
for indeed our 'redemption draweth nigh'.  Luke 21:28  ~Joyce

Mar 24, 2017

Sweet Vintage Tiny Cards on my Friday Finds...

I went on a major thrifting trip this week for my birthday and 
while fun and the shops were great - I didn't find much.  But today 
I worked at my local thrift shop and did find some things....

I think my favorite was these tiny vintage greeting cards.  
I'm always drawn to the small ones.
They will be available in my Etsy shop shortly.

And a peek at all my finds which may or may not look all the interesting - 
but here goes....  The Land's End shirt was on the 25 cents rack
 (where clothing lands that's been in the store a month.).  
It shows a hint of wear - but no matter - I know that I'll wear 
this cozy sweater a lot!  

I've been on the lookout for a purse that meets my specs for a long time... 
I think this one will work.  It has 3 large center compartments, 
side pouches and outer pockets.  That should do me.  
It looks unused and the name doesn't hurt either.  Price?  $5.50...

On occasion I do a little recycled candle making.  Turns out
 $1.50 isn't a steal - but I never go shopping for fragrance oil
and there it was - so I'm  happy...

And this granite or enamelware tart pan I found earlier in the week.
  It is unusual and I was thrilled to find it...
Available here
Now on to the weekend!  
Let's see what and who the Lord may bring to our path.
'Stuff' is fun - but life is about way more than 'stuff'.  
See ya soon ~Joyce

Mar 23, 2017

Organizing Inventory Unearths Forgotten Treasures for Thrifty Thursday...

If you sell vintage or antique goods like I do - you know the
 challenge of keeping your inventory from becoming a mess.  
Today I focused on cleaning up some drawers of 'smalls' and
 unearthed some forgotten treasures...such as these blown glass cherries!
hand blown glass
Available here
To help organize the smallest smalls - I wanted a small tray or basket.  
I spied this basket that came with something from a yard sale 
last year - still wrapped and unopened...

It was covered in white paper and I didn't realize what was underneath.  
And look - it's a little gift set with cellophane, tissue paper and a 
metallic bow.  I'll keep those for another day - 
today I just need the basket for my drawer.

 Thrifty Tip #1 - It pays to focus again on your 'stuff'.  
You may have overlooked something!

So while working in my drawers I came upon these old 
Sunday School cards.  Love 'em & in the shop they went!
Bible Story Cards
Available here
  AND - (again I hadn't paid much attention when I originally
 brought them in the house) - this trade card was in the mix.  
It is signed or autographed by the company owner on the back!
trade card bible story

Some things in the drawer got pulled out and given a new photo shoot.

Thrifty Tip #2 - if you're a seller it pays to update your photos on occasion...
Available here

My drawers of smalls are full - but it's all very available...
Lastly -  I pulled out a few pretty things to use in my own 
home decor.

Thrifty Tip #3 - Decorate with your finds till they sell.  
Makes for 'free' home decor!
(If they're not in danger of being ruined that is.)
Gold Oval Frame Antique
Lady Photo available here & Baby Motto available here

I love playing with 'stuff'.   It's just plain fun for me.
What may you have in your stash that you've forgotten about?
Good chance you already own something you were thinking of buying.
Go make a discovery!   ~Joyce

Mar 22, 2017

Spring Vignettes in Coral...

My thrift shop displays this week included a lot of coral.  Why?
  Because I started with this sweet blouse and then kept going.
I'm discovering that I'm liking a bit of boho flavor more and more...

The backside of the above grouping...

I didn't have as many coral options as I would have liked - 
so I went to gift bags.  I found the one sticking out of the 
aqua gift bag - but it was too big when opened up.  
So this 'peek-a-boo' effect was my solution to make it work...

You'll recognize the picture frame filler as being used in the 
vignette 2 pictures up.    I think 'filled' frames sell better!

And by the time I got to this display - I had almost no coral left.
  The 'shelf' is really a drawer organizer flipped on its side.

This mirror canister set was leftover from the previous week.
I attempted to make it 'spring-like' too.
   Sorry - I didn't have time to rephotograph - so there is flash-out.

Have you any coral in your wardrobe or home?  
Pull it out and enjoy!  ~Joyce

Mar 18, 2017

Industrial Boho Modest Boutique - My Saturday Sightings...

Went exploring on a Mother/daughter day today. 
There's this boutique in our county with a reputation for cute,
 affordable modest clothing.  Turns out - it is housed in this barn...
(which was the first clue this was gonna be good.)

Two words - 'Oh my!'... 
Modest Clothing Store

If there's an industrial boho style - this was it...
Main Street Exchange

It was fabulous - with wonderful fixtures and accents...

Sweet modest dresses...
Main Street Exchange, Blue Ball, PA


...lots and lots of jean skirts...

...and just a feast for the eye in every nook and cranny.

Prices for the most part were great.  
Much better than the same thing would be in any other store. 

And still - there was a sale room!

And here's the special part.  
Not only is this shop a doable 45 min. drive for me...
modest clothing shop
It's doable for you too!  Cause many of the pretties 
are available right here on their website.  

Nope - not a paid advertisement.

Go send them some love and enjoy a truly modest 
and cute boutique! ~Joyce

Mar 17, 2017

Friday Finds And Gift Wrapping Idea...

Let me quickly share with you some of my finds from the week.
  Doesn't seem to be much of a theme here does there?
(but it still seems to  look good together...)

Some of these items made it to the shop.  The red photo album is here
the Good Shepherd plate is here, and that sweet vintage 
painted Bathroom sign is here.

The glass painted motto is also vintage and available here.  
Isn't it precious?  Pretty sure many of us that grew up in 
Christian homes had this saying somewhere...

If I collect anything personally - it is decorating books.  
So I was excited to find this one I had never seen before.

The shirt will be a sweet closet addition - loved the fabric...

...and these metal tags for 50 cents each were too cute to pass up.
  How cute for package adornments?
The paint brush - well I needed one...

And last - there are some faux impatiens in the first photo.  
They'll work great on the porch of our summer cottage since 
we can't always be there to water real plants.

And speaking of package adornments... I put together this little
 ensemble to showcase the novelty note cards I have listed on Etsy.
  I'm happy with how it turned out.
Save trims of all kinds - they come in handy!
brown paper bag, trims, gift wrapping, old cards

I enjoy the treasure hunt each week.  
And soon yard sale season will be in full swing - what fun!   
Have a blessed evening!  ~Joyce

Mar 16, 2017

Upcycled Boho Cottage Stool Project for Thrifty Thursday...

It's time...past time...
mint green stool

...to get in a little project.  This vintage stool was upcycled
 previously - but not by me.  When I found it - it was 
sponge painted (of sorts).  I wasn't loving it... but it sat for years
a long time till I got to it.  This week - I pulled out some 
mint green paint I had mixed and went to town...

It seemed the top needed something and I had a certain style paper
 in mind (which I didn't have).  But then I spied this tissue paper
 that I picked up while thrifting recently - for 5 or 10 cents a piece.

And that's the secret - pick up things you like when you see them
 and the price is very right.  You'll be SO glad you did...

A little distressing - some brown glaze and several coats of poly
 later - and she's all finished in her shabby cottage goodness.

She's in the shop if you'd  like to own her!  

Love, love completing a project.  
Hopefully I've inspired myself for the others I have started!

Mar 11, 2017

Awesome Baked French Fries (or My Saturday Sighting)...

On Saturdays our main meal of the day is at lunch (after work for My Love).  
In addition to our leftover beef rice soup - I was in the mood for
 homemade baked french fries.  A quick internet search revealed these.  
Here is my version...

I  used 2 potatoes for 2 of us.  

Cut unpeeled raw potatoes into french fry sticks and soak in 
cold water for at least 1/2 hour.

Then drain and pat dry.

Place cookie sheet or flat pan in oven while preheating to 400 degrees.  
(A hot pan means no parchment paper needed)

While  pan is heating - toss oil and seasonings in big dish.

1 T Olive oil
Seasonings(feel free to vary):

1/2 t. Seasoned salt
1/2 t. Basil
1/8 t. Cumin
1/8 - 1/4 t. Chili powder

Add dry potatoes and stir till good and seasoned.

Put a single layer on heated pan (it will sizzle!).  
Bake at 400 for 35-40 min.  Increase to 450
 degrees for additional 5 min or so at the end
(or per your crispness preference)  

I do believe these are the yummiest baked fries I've ever made. 

They just might show up on the table next week again!  
Happy Saturday everyone ~Joyce


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