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Feb 25, 2016

The Making of My Spring Mantel...

Since Valentine's Day is over - and that's what was on my mantel -
it was time for a little change up....

 I started with the spray of forsythia cause it was the most spring thing
 I had nearby and then added the twig chair cause it was nearby too.
(See how my mind works?) 

For a few more rustic elements - I added the twig wreath and egg candle ring.

Since the eggs were green/blue...
I shopped my house for anything else that color.  

The candle was about all I could find.  But it's enough!
Some ribbons to the wreath (I've always plenty of ribbons)  and a yellow 
creamer (cause I had precious little else that was yellow) help complete the look.  

Happy Spring!   ~Joyce
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Feb 23, 2016

Fun New 'Sweet' Treasures...

 I love it when I find something on the 'unique' side to list in my shops.   
When I first picked up these little boxes - I thought they were
 play food items - like children use in their toy kitchens...

But in looking closer - I realized they are exact replicas of the 
real 'vintage' deal.  These are little sample boxes!  
 The sugar box is so 'sweet' and my favorite!
Available  here and here.   

 And I'm loving this heavy glass duck dish - just in time for Easter candy...

And while I'm on a clear glass roll - how about a vintage syrup decanter?  
Perhaps not overly 'unique' - but again - totally sweet!  
(pun intended - I think...)
And there are plenty of other new listings in my Etsy shop
I usually add something every day so check often!

And stay 'sweet' my friends - the world needs a little sugar!  ~Joyce

Feb 20, 2016

Floating Pictures or No?...

 I'm a seller of vintage wares and goods.  I'm an online seller -
which means pictures are everything.
 Recently I asked My Love to shoot an Etsy item for me and edit it
 in the 'floating picture' style - meaning there is no background - 
no props - no 'nothing' - it just floats there.   
Aside from the fact that his photos are (much) better quality
than my 'grounded' ones - do you like floating pictures?

 Here is the inside of the same briefcase - just floating there in space...

 Where I typically do a shot like this 
(again - not near the quality - I get that...I'd redo this before listing it...)

 The rest of my Etsy shop has photos that are 'grounded'...

... like these...

So what do you think?  Grounded?  Floating?   
Thanks for your input!  ~Joyce

Feb 16, 2016

A 'Girlie Things' Advertising Recipe Booklet...

Did you ever take Lydia Pinkham tablets?  They are touted to cure
 just about every 'girlie' issue out there.  i.e. getting pregnant,
 difficult 'monthlys', hot flashes, you name it - Lydia could fix you up.

 Lydia was a local herbalist in the 1800's who served her neighbors well.   
In the midst of financial difficulties - her son suggested she 'sell' her 
concoction - and a business was born.  And what a thriving business it was... is!  
You can still buy Lydia Pinkham tablets - just check out Amazon!
  (Looks like today's variety has been altered a little... 
the original compound had 18% alcohol!) 

I happened upon a Lydia Pinkham advertising recipe booklet.
 This is one of several she published and the inside content is so charming. 
'Summer Time' consists mostly of sandwich and drink recipes.
Available here

The booklet is also loaded with testimonials about her product.  
I love the sweet flapper girl graphics...

 Allow me to leave you with one of the recipes -Sweet Sandwiches.  
Essentially - this sounds like a mocha frosting (with opt. coconut) that is served between graham crackers. 

Oh yum!!!
It'll be a few months yet till summer arrives - but these goodies
 would taste just as wonderful by the fireplace with hot chocolate!
Let me know if you tried it!~Joyce
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Feb 14, 2016

A Winter Hike - an Etsy Treasury...

I'm still recovering from the flu - so not a lot of 
Valentine's celebrating happening around here. 

In lieu of much romance - I put together a little 
Etsy treasury called 'A Winter Hike'...
something we'd likely be doing today if I felt better.

Click here to visit the Treasury and give the sellers some love.   ~Joyce

Feb 12, 2016

Hearts & Couples Around My Home...

 The flu bug has got me and I've no energy to do anything 
except 'sit' or 'lay down'.  
So for something to do - I snapped some hearts and couples 
I found around our home....

This would be my grandparents - for most people my age it would be their 
great grandparents. Never had the privilege of meeting this
 grandmother - she died when my mother was 8 weeks old...

A valentine for me!!! arrived in the mail yesterday....

And this would be us 5 or 6 years ago - time to update!
(My love looks better now - I look older - sigh...)

I truly believe that 'love never fails'.
But I need the daily reminder...
Happy Valentine's Day my friends.  Hope the flu bug stays 
far away from you and leaves from here very soon!  ~Joyce

Feb 8, 2016

Winter Creatures - Great and Small...

My Love and I have been enjoying getting out in this winter weather. 
Mostly it's with camera (his camera to be exact) in hand.

Last weekend we enjoyed a free community day at our local zoo.
  There was lots of snow on the ground but the pronghorn didn't seem to mind...

The otters were the most active critters and just a ball to watch.
  They're just a constant whirl of motion... (altho pretty 'still' in this shot)...

 Yep - a huge mountain lion.  Love those paws...

 One of the wolves found a sunny patch - which made for a nice photo opp...

 Our favorite of the day was this little screech owl.  
He just kept on sleeping - no matter how many people whizzed by...

And just yesterday - we took a stroll through another local community.  
We didn't remember seeing that many critters there in previous
 strolls - but we were pleasantly surprised.

Sparrows are common - but they can also be super cute!  
This one's all puffed up and just look at his yellow brow...

I didn't realize nuthatches were so blue... 
almost as much appeal as blue birds - maybe more!

We also had some sweet chickadee sightings.  
(I do think these are my favorite little birds...)

 We had fun watching a squirrel lug a big leaf into his nest.  
Didn't get that shot - but here's a squirrel anyway - 
perfectly at home way up high in the sky...

And since Valentine's day is this week - sharing this heart faced
 barn owl from the zoo with you too...

So thankful for the opportunity to enjoy God's creatures.   
And am thankful too for the shared enjoyment with My Love.
(all photo credits for this post go to him!) 
Am loving this 'common ground' fun we're finding in our marriage...
Life IS good!  ~Joyce


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