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Nov 30, 2013

Christmas Stocking From An Old Skirt...

My motto?  Never throw out old clothes that
 still have remaining good fabric....never.
The day will come when you will use said fabric!
  Thanksgiving was such a day.   
I had a wonderful beige corduroy skirt that developed 
some problem areas.  But Pinspiration struck and now...

...that wonderful corduroy makes up these stockings.  
And the rosettes too!  How fun the rolled flowers were to make...
 loved, loved doing them and will do many more I'm sure.  
Old ticking for the cuffs and twine for hanging complete 
this recycled homespun or country looking stocking.

Available in my Etsy shop.
For tutorial links for the rosettes - visit my previous post.

Nov 28, 2013

Christmas Craft Sneak Peek...

I took a few minutes amidst our living room remodel (redo?) 
to do a little project.  Sharing just a sneak peek with you..
 Need some tutorials for those fabric flowers?

Try here and here and here.  (I did mine most like the last link.)  

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and 
'thank you' for visiting my li'l ol' blog!

Nov 24, 2013

Hospitality During a Remodel...

So - we're in the middle of redoing our living room.
   We've been working in there a whole week...

... and while we have made good progress - guests were 
coming for dinner today and we were NOT done!  
Where to eat?  Our 'dining room' (it's really a family room with a table in it) 
is full of furniture from the living room with no room to walk.  
Ditto for our kitchen.  So - we got creative...

We threw down a rug on the living room floor -
 moved our kitchen table onto it...

 ...added some candles and lace (cause this gal has plenty of both)...
My little secret - an extra layer of lace in the center hides flaws!
... and we had dinner in our big empty  living room.  

Now tomorrow - we whisk it all away and
 continue our renovating.

And nope - it's not going all as planned. 
(Do home improvement projects ever go as planned?)  
Turns out I dislike the paint color - so we'll  be changing that.
  And the super duper polyurethane the store man talked us into - 
is not performing as promised.  So we'll be doing yet another layer.  
But - we're having a good time working together - My Love and I.  
And in light of Eternity - I realize its all just 'stuff'.

But Thanksgiving is just four days away...  AHHH!!!

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Nov 16, 2013

Recycled & Upcycled Christmas...

Aren't you just amazed at the creativity of some people?  
Check out these treasures that are available from  Etsy sellers.  
What a great way to have a green and unique Christmas.

Paper garland bunting, wedding garland decor, star garland, christmas decor, recycled book garland, party home decor, nursery banner
Star Garland
Star Ornament
Handmade Christmas Tags - Elegant Gift Tags - Christmas Gift Tags - Christmas Gift Wrap - Bell Tags - Rustic Tags
Gift Tags

Christmas cards
Christmas Cards
SET OF 3---These paper stars will make a beautiful Christmas decoration. They are handmade, made of recycled materials and very unique.
Brown Paper Glittered Stars

Paper & Buttons Tree
Recycled Star Garland Glitter Silver Wizard of Oz Glenda Good Witch Magic
Glitter Star Garland
50 Paper Star Ornaments Vintage Book Pages Kraft Paper Handcut and Folded Rhinestone Center //MADE TO ORDER//
Collection of Star Ornaments
 And from 'Yours Truly' - Quilted Nest on Etsy...

2 Paper Beads Garland Vintage Upcycle at Quilted Nest
Paper Bead Garland - 6 ft.
 I love upcycled goods!

Nov 9, 2013

Eye Candy From My Day...

I did some shopping today at new (to me) thrift shop.  
The women's 'boutique' and antiques room was just filled 
with inspirational ideas and displays.  Most of them were 
'for display only' - but oh what fun eye candy!
  This branch and ornament display was my favorite - 
and probably the most simple replicate...

Beneath it was this table of fall goodness.  
I didn't see one thing for sale in that whole vignette...  
...but what fun to look and look...
 The old tool box was 'for sale' - but none of the items in it...

Have a closer look at that huge sheet music wreath - see the 
buttons?  And how about those jewelry encrusted shoe forms?
There was another neat sheet music wreath -
 coupled with an old window frame.  
The walls were covered in book pages in this corner  
and yep - that's an aqua canning jar chandelier'! 
This crib mattress bedspring display piece is holding 
another very unusual wreath.  Is that rolled paper?
(I actually love the great graphics of that metal label!)
There was a wall of antique lingerie items in  great neutrals 
that served as a nice complement to the varied
 colored shoes that were for sale.
Lastly - they did a wall in burlap feedbags and
 had some fun with a mannequin.  
Burlap and glitz - how's that for trend setting?   
And at a thrift shop no less!

Did all this 'stuff' make you want to create?  Me too!


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