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Mar 30, 2012

We Are Not Alone...

This little impromptu worship clip blessed me 
today.  A friend of mine has a family member 
in this chorale.
We were in Ireland last year - but we missed 
this beautiful cathedral.  The chorale's CD with 
the full version is available here.

Mar 29, 2012

Twig Garden Trellis...

Last night I planted a few things in our tiny 
vegetable garden.  For my sugar snap peas this 
year - I decided to try an 'au natural' trellis 
for them to climb on.  
I saw this idea somewhere on the web - can't remember where.  I found and cut a few branches, stuck them in the ground and tied them together at the top to form a twig tepee...
 I told you it was tiny.  It would look better with a fence around it - but we need all the sun we can get.  Our outside dog helps keep 'visitors' at bay.
 The peas are planted around each twig trellis 
in a circle - we'll see if it works!
 And here's a shot of my side perennial flower bed
right now - before  mulching...
 I'm also trying something new with my lamium.
  I planted some in buried containers to 
see if I can contain it better.  Again - we will see.
Happy gardening everyone!
Joining the party at House of Hepworth's.
Come on over and see lots more inspiration!

Mar 27, 2012

Growing Celery From Celery...

A few weeks ago - I was inspired through Pinterest 
to visit Farm Bells Recipes at Chickens in the Road site.  They have an interesting post about 
'regrowing celery from a store stalk'.  
I decided to try it.  
I planted mine indoors since it's still a bit early 
for warm weather plants.
 I recently purchased an old enamel bucket that 
has some holes in the bottom.  Seemed like the perfect indoor garden for this idea.
 After a few weeks - this is what it's looking like.  
I don't have the best sunny windows - or I think it could have grown faster.  I keep it well watered 
and am excited to see...
...if I will actually get a full new celery stalk out
of this.  I'll plant it outside in a few weeks and we shall see...
Click on the link in this post for the full 'how-to'.  
But basically - you just cut off the bottom of a 
store bought celery stalk and plant it.  
How's that for thrifty?

Mar 26, 2012

Simple Supper Tablescape...

 We had a couple over for a light supper Sunday evening. 
 In light of the spring weather we've been having (although it's colder today), I had to break out 
some vintage tulip dishes.
A portion of my birthday flowers joined us 
on the table...
 ...as did a recently acquired quadruple plate cup 
to hold extra napkins. 
I love simple hosting.

Mar 25, 2012

Forsake All...

...whoever of you does not forsake 
all that he has cannot be My disciple.  
Luke 14:33
Taken at Ephrata Cloister living history museum
A reminder from this morning's message in church.  What is it in our lives that is keeping us from following Jesus?  Being a disciple does come with 
a high price tag - although it's a simple message.  What could Jesus be asking you to forsake?
Pray and read scripture with a seeking heart to find out.

Mar 23, 2012

Nests and Zippers...

I found a couple of cute projects today in blog
land that link to my li'l ol' blog as their inspiration.  What an honor!   Inspired from my last year's 
spring and Easter flower pot project...
Tales Of a Trophy Wife created these cuties...
And I once made a few metal zipper flowers...
  ...and The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill followed suit.  Except hers are even better and come with a great sweater pillow tutorial...
I'm tellin' ya - the inspiration just never ends.  
I'm lovin' this blogging thing!

Mar 22, 2012

Considering Selling on Etsy?

I was recently contacted by one of the promotional team from Etsy.  They put together an attractive graphic that sums up all the little details about 
selling on Etsy.  I'm happy to share it with you...
etsy infographic
Didn't they do a nice job?  I'd be happy to share 
my Etsy selling experience with you.  
It's a fun community!
Just Listed in my Etsy Shop

Mar 21, 2012

Flowers and Chocolates....

...these are a girl's best friends!  I woke to all 
this yumminess this AM from My Love...
 And I didn't get just any chocolates...but a local handmade candy shop's chocolates in DARK!  
Can I get a YES!!  The box is even pink...
 ...like they are expected to be a women's favorite.  I've already begun the nibbling process...
 And look at the sweet card - Adirondack chairs!

My Love always includes these - they are his favorite.
The flowers were sitting in a blue Mason 
jar for me.  Thank you Honey!  
This has been a great birthday.

Mar 18, 2012

Holy and Pleasing To God...

Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, 
holy and pleasing to God—this is your true 
and proper worship. 
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, 
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  
Romans 12:1b-2a
Taken at the Ephrata Cloisters living history museum.
as their way of being 'non-conformed; holy and pleasing to God.'  While perhaps they were a bit extreme - we that are Christians are none-the-less called to be different from the pattern of this 
world.  Not just in how we love (which is often taught), but in how we live.  
That includes every area of our life.  
Won't you join me?

Mar 17, 2012

Spring Cleaning...

Gorgeous, gorgeous day!  I had to throw open 
some windows and do some spring cleaning.
Our front dutch door.
 I decided to tackle a bathroom - twas in a bad state...
 ...especially the window.  This was my view as I cleaned.  Our trees are pretty ivy laden I see...
 Cleaned every single surface - walls, floors, 
(wasn't planning on that one but spilled a whole bucket of water!!),  faux floral swags and all...
 I'm a tired little puppy...  But I'm not complaining.  There was a time spring cleaning was not an 
option due to some physical limitations.  
I'm thankful for today's abilities.  
Have you done any spring cleaning yet?
Yep, this is a pink bathroom.  Hope to change it someday...

Mar 16, 2012

Affordable Luxuries...

I have a confession - I love pretty bar soaps.  
Yep, even better than liquid soap.  
 I know it can eventually get messier.  But to me, the initial prettiness is worth it.
 It just has a charm all it's own.  The color, 
the design, the fragrance - it's a spa experience 
in the palm of your hand.
 Found 3 bars of these pretties this week for 
25 cents each.  I love 'em.  Anybody with me?
Linking to:

Mar 15, 2012

The Start Of a Spring Porch...

Our weather is unseasonably warm.  Too warm for the winter decor I have on my front porch.  So with about 45 of time - I started a redo...
 I picked up these twig balls for next to nothing 
the other week - they'll work for filler for now.  
As will the pastel poppies ...
 At least it's a step in the right direction from 
what it was...

 My 'Welcome' slate is missing it's bottom corner - 
but tucked into the flowers you can't tell.  
Just couldn't bear to trash that sweet 
hummingbird painting.
This is the other side of my door - 
awaiting more plants...
...when it warms up a bit more.
Etsy Listing Updated
Tin Candy Eggs - now 4 instead of 2!
Linking to Home Sweet Home

Mar 12, 2012

Creating Vignettes...

As I've often blogged about before - I create 
displays on top of the dress racks at the thrift 
shop where I volunteer.  
Let me share the steps I use to create 
these simple vignettes.  Remember - 
I'm working only with what is for sale in the shop - 
nothing from home and no 'display only' pieces.  
This same process works in your home.
 For the vignette below - I walked around the store 
till I found something that 'struck me' as neat 
looking and sizable for the space I'm working with.  
In this case - the primitive gift bag ($1 I think)...
Step 1 - Inspiration Piece
 Then I walked around some more till I found more primitive items to go with it.
Step 2- Build a Theme Considering the Season
We didn't have much - but I was determined to 
use what I could find.  It's also important that 
the color scheme coordinates.
Step 3 - Make Sure Colors Coordinate

 You want larger items in the back and smaller 
items in the front... in varying heights.  Sometimes 
I use risers or books to get the right height.
Step 4 - Consider Scale
It's fun to add extras if possible.  I found a piece 
of primitive tissue paper behind a cashier counter.  
I just threw it into the vignette (above).
Step 5 - Incorporate Details
I found these wooden eggs - but they would have 
been lost just sitting there.  They'd look cute in 
the  wagon.  I made some straw by cutting a piece 
of brown paper in strips.  Some bunched paper underneath topped with the strips made for 
faster filling. I also used old sewing pattern tissue  
to fill the gift bag - why not?
Another look at the finished product...
But I really wanted Spring vignettes - 
so I made sure the other 2 displays 
incorporated pastels and florals.  
There you have it - 3 vignettes in a 
row when you walk in the door - 
2 for Spring and 1 Primitive - because
that's what I could find today.
(My fav. is the sewing vignette!)

Mar 11, 2012

Dead To...Alive To...

"Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, 
but alive to God in Christ Jesus." 
Romans 6:11
Taken at the Ephrata Cloister living history museum

Mar 10, 2012

Tasty Diet Smoothie...

I'm doing a little dieting (or trying to...).  I found 
a book at a thrift shop that I'm not going to 
promote (not sure about some things in it.)  
But it had a recipe for a smoothie that I tried.  
It's simply 
1 c. skim milk and 1 c. frozen fruit pureed in 
a blender.  I tried to like it - I really did - but it 
made me about half sick.  Looks pretty though...
 So I added bit of honey.  What a difference.  
I think I could live on this stuff.  Simply delicious!  
I used blueberries in this one.
You can't even tell it's skim milk!  Do you have any favorite 'diet snacks'?  I'd love to hear about them.


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