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Jan 24, 2016

Frugal Snowy Day Soup - (Gluten & Dairy Free)...

 This mostly gluten, dairy and sugar free diet I'm on can be a challenge.  
But today - there is yummy soup on hand...

 ...and our dig-out (for now) from the blizzard is complete.

So let's dig into the soup...
I doctored up a 'Mixed Vegetable Soup' I found.  
It's  perfect for this snowy weather and delicious!  I actually crave it.  
I paired it with gluten and dairy free Banana Cornmeal Muffins.
My version...

Pasta Vegetable Soup

2 small carrots, chopped

2 celery stalks, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
1/4 c. green pepper, chopped
1/4 c. butter
2 14 oz. cans chicken broth
2 14 oz. cans diced tomatoes (undrained)
1 T. sugar
1/4 t. pepper
1 1/2 - 2 c. cooked pasta  (cook while vegetables are being saute`d)
1-2 t. Italian seasoning
1-2 c. cooked chicken (or other leftover meat)- I used 2 tenders

Saute` carrots, celery, onion and green pepper in butter till tender.  Add tomatoes, sugar, pepper and chicken broth to pan.  Bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 min.  Add pasta, chicken and seasoning and cook till warm.

I hope to enjoy a brisk walk later today - but for now - 
I'm enjoying the view from inside...

Did you experience Winter Storm Jonas?  How did you fare?

Jan 23, 2016

Paper Bag Snowflake Craft...

 We're in the midst of a blizzard here in PA with a 'state of emergency' 
in effect.  This means - hardly anyone is on the roads.  It snowed all night 
and continues to snow as I write this at 6:30 pm.   We've been 
 shoveling and snowblowing throughout day to keep up with it.  Snow depth is approaching 30"!  But in the quiet of our evening hours - 
I took a little time to work on a project...

 I was inspired by co-worker who made the white snowflake below 
from recycled computer printer paper.  
I decided to use paper bags and make some a bit bigger.
The tutorial I used - found here - uses a glue stick or glue gun for all 'attachments'.  
I thought I'd be too clumsy for that and wasn't sure with the paper bag 
weight they'd stay 'stuck' -  so I used scotch tape and a stapler.

My squares (watch the tutorial and you'll understand) are 5 1/2" square.  
Six are needed for each snowflake.
I'm hoping to hang them at varying lengths overhead in my 
booth space at Quentin Antique Shoppe.

What a fun day this has been!  I'm so thankful it's Saturday and
 nobody here needed to go to work.   
Hope you're safe and warm where you are too. ~Joyce

Jan 13, 2016

Rustic Display Pieces (From the PA Farm Show)...

There's a huge show around here called the Pennsylvania Farm Show.  
It's where all the winners from local and county fairs go to be judged, etc.  
And it's huge!  My Love and I spent a day at the show - in it's 100th year.  
Allow me to show you what caught my eye...

 I was drawn to all the rustic display pieces... very in keeping with 'farm' style.

 How great is this huge and vintage wooden bin?

 And here was another big wooden crate - holding apple cider...

One of the concession areas had a great farm door pattern going on...

Was loving these bags of potatoes... (50 lbs anyone?)

And of course - fruit baskets were everywhere...

I even found this in one of the hallways...

 And while we sat in the huge arena waiting for the next show to start...

...I had fun shooting the very vintage seating.  Aren't these great? 
What a fun day!
I hope you can take a day off of work sometime soon too!  ~Joyce

Jan 12, 2016

Pretty Valentine Things in the Shops...

It's  just around the corner - the day we celebrate Love.  
And since God is the author of Love- we're honoring Him when our
 love is pure - the way He designed!  
I've got some pretties listed right now that are just perfect 
for this Special Day... for projects and decor and more...

Roses - of course roses.. and here on an Old Needlepoint Piece 
that is just lovely...

Red - for true love... These are the first Red Foil Origami Birds 
I have seen - and they are pins and earrings...

Wouldn't this sweet Beaded Tiara be pretty in a Valentine vignette?

There are over 30 yards of Vintage Trimss in mostly 
red and white and ecru in this lot...

 I so desire that my Hug Twig and Button Art goes to a 
sweet home this year...

Old Wedding Photos - I love 'em!  This one is vintage framed 
and features the couple and their besties...

Red and White Cherubs - they speak Love right?  
Give 'em some love in your home - they'd love to adorn your wall...

Pretty music books are perfect for vignettes - 
and this Anthem Song Book is pretty in red!

 Thanks for browsing.  And enjoy this season of Love!  ~Joyce

Jan 10, 2016

Book Pages Paper Heart Garland...

 I took a little time today for a paper project.  
Thanks Pinterest and Fabulously Frugal for the tutorial.
Warning - flash photography ahead.  It is nighttime as I'm working on this...

I made my strips of paper only 1/2" wide instead of the recommended 1" wide.  Why?  
I thought they would be more feminine.  
But as it turns out - 1" strips may have stood out better...

Ah well - they are cute little hearts are they not? 

 They will complement my valentine mantel and help hide my 
unpainted brick fireplace that My Love asks that we keep 'as is'...

Love is a beautiful thing to celebrate on this Lord's Day.  

Jan 7, 2016

Winter Decor - From the Woods...

 Did a quick outdoor hunt in my back yard today (which borders woods) 
for something to get the inside of this house looking like Winter.
I was inspired by this post at Cabin & Cottage.

I liked the left over blossom pods from the Rose of Sharon bushes...

 And I also found thin little twigs - almost like paper - 
with feather like tops.  I made 2 piles and got to work... 

My white coffee table trunk got the Rose of Sharon twigs... 

...and a glass urn beside my fireplace got the other twigs...

Leftovers filled this ironstone pitcher...

...and a freebie wooden trough I picked up from who-knows-where...

I removed anything overtly Christmas from this terrarium grouping
 and called it 'winter'...
For more pics on the making of this winter decor- 
check out my 
Have you put away Christmas yet?  (and it's OK if you haven't!)
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Jan 5, 2016

Valentine Mantel in Pink and Gold...

My plan was to put in place a 'winter' mantel this week - 
but with Valentine's Day about a month away - why wait.  
 I bring out the pink feather heart every year - belonged to my mother.  
The tan pictures (1 behind the other) are waiting to sell on eBay. (sneaky huh?) 
They feature wonderful snow pictures of Victorian ladies and 
I just thought they worked somehow...

Simple and quickly done...

...with my 2nd feather heart on my linens display on the floor.
I guess I'll have to do a 'winter' display in another area.
But at least indoor Christmas is now all packed away.
Can't say the same for my outdoor decor yet... 
Till next time ~Joyce
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