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Sep 27, 2015

A Quiet Place...

Did you know that Jesus sought out times of quietness and rest?
  And that he invites his disciples to do the same?  
 Check out Mark 6:30-32...

Fall Swan - spotted yesterday in my morning outing.
If you're needing some rest today - know that you're in good company.
So thankful for Sundays!  ~Joyce

Sep 26, 2015

Pumpkin Shopping & Porch Decor....

I'm a little behind with fall decorating - so today I visited a friend's
 pumpkin stand to see what I can find.
The stand - on their family farm - was adorable with piles of fun pumpkins...

...  all in different price ranges... 

Just look how orderly the smaller pumpkins and corn are displayed
 on a hay wagon...

Loved the fence and line-up of mums...

 The farm house is great old gray stone - and the purple just pops in contrast.

Back at home - I used a few of the Cinderalla pumpkins on my porch.
The corn stalks are my own - from a crop that never developed.
At least I am getting some benefit from them...

Can't quite part with my sunflowers yet - 
so I'll let them dry on my porch rocker for a while...

And so the Fall season has officially begun for me.  
Next is indoor decorating and maybe more porch decor after 
I take  my house plants inside.  
But then again - if it doesn't happen - it won't be the end of the world.

Sep 25, 2015

New Listings - Vintage Clothing & Linens...

Allow me to share some recent listings - for the vintage closet...

If you love monograms and know someone with an 'F' -
 this gorgeous White Damask Handtowel may be for you.  
Such pretty crocheted lace!

Ever hear of a Yearounder hat?  
This one is in Open Weave Straw with lots of velvet trim...
 Old Victorian Granny Boots anyone?  
These are a skinny approximate size 7...

One of my favorite listings right now is this Blue Cotton Blanket...

Maxi dresses were all the rage in the early 70's.  
And this one has current appeal in white lace fabric...

I would have never dreamed that these Beaded Hong Kong Purses
  would be desirable again - but they are!
Just a taste of what's been making it's way to the shops.  
Would love to have you stop by!


Sep 24, 2015

The Perfect Date Planner...

The idea of spending more than $10 for a planner/calendar when they 
have never been quite what I needed anyway has seemed ridiculous to me.  
So for several years I've been using dollar store planners.
 (You can keep your phone or computer system; I'm a pen and paper gal.)

But....I just found the perfect planner and went ahead and bought it!

Let me tell you about it...
First it's beautiful!
 But what makes it great?  
Well - it's got little pockets for clippings (gotta have those!)...

 And an absolute must for me - 
a place for 'to do lists' on the SAME PAGE as the weekly calendar...

There's also a place for random notes... (I always make lots...)
 and shopping lists that tear out!   (Yay!!!)

Each page also has a little note of inspiration or a bible verse that is helpful.  
I particularly like this one on a page that I've already begun some notes...
Turns out this book was created by a busy Christian wife and mother
 who also couldn't find a planner that she liked.  
Now why couldn't I have been so enterprising?  
The planner is self-published and is not available in major chain stores... 
but is available in some Christian stores.  
And if there's none near year - you can order on their website.   

 This is in no-way a paid advertisement - I just really like my new planner
and wanted to share it with you.

I'm already looking forward to 2016!  
Happy planning ~Joyce

Sep 21, 2015

A Mennonite Flea Market...

Over the weekend - I spent a morning with a friend at a new-to-me local 
community day.   There was a big field of flea-market style stands
 where the locals were selling their wares.  As we were waiting to
 enter the field - this scene was out my truck window...

The field was large - the stands were many - and while this wasn't literally
 a 'Mennonite flea market' - many of the stand holders were indeed
 Mennonite or Amish.  What fun!  (Especially since I ascribe to that faith myself.)

One family embraced Fall in their painted jars display...

...while another was pointing toward Winter and Christmas... 
(loved the old shutter!)

I returned a 2nd time to this custom made umbrella on a wooden rod.

The price was just $25 and I loved the vintage fabric!  But I couldn't justify 
another umbrella (just bought one) - so it stayed behind...

I was fascinated with this dear lady making custom balloon animals.
25 cents per twist I think...

It was a facebook friend that introduced me to the event.  
When I returned home - I (and the rest of FB land) 
discovered she had caught me on camera.  
(That's me on the left - fussing over some handmade crafts available in this Etsy shop....)

This horse waiting patiently made a great Fall scene as 
we were exiting the show....

Now what did I find?  
No furniture (which I needed) - but plenty of other goodies...

These little repro wire carriers were just $4 -
 and that included 2 pint sized glass bottles!  (I'm thinking future gift...)

The star will join my Christmas stash.  The cigar box?  
Can't wait to see how it does on Ebay.  I couldn't find another like it.

The Peter Rabbit Christmas book is also less-than-common...

This little guy will look cute in my booth space.  
He's not old but is super sweet!

Ribbon and old red linens always catch my eye...

And if I would have needed fabric or handmade dresses -
they were in abundance!  My friend scored big time.

And thank you to my facebook friend for inviting me.
We're already talking about going next year.  
 (Note to self- Remember sunscreen!)

Now I've got to get busy pricing and listing...

Sep 20, 2015

A Good Neighbor...

See this wonderful bouquet of sunflowers?  
They were a gift - but not the usual kind...

Along a local road - a farmer planted rows of sunflowers 
on the outer edge of his corn... lots of them!

 And beside those rows of smiley sunflowers is this sign...
'Free Sunflowers - Help Yourself'
Now that's what I call being a good neighbor!
How can you bless your world today?  
I've been clipping sunflowers!

Sep 15, 2015

Beautiful Lace Gown...

Just have to share this wonderful vintage gown I just listed today.
 It's not quite floor length...

  I've been waiting for the time and a nice sunny day to haul my
 mannequin outside to shoot some pictures - and today was the day.
  Look at all that scalloped lace...

With underskirts of tulle and satin...

And such a sweet waist...
I'm loving these outdoor photo shoots!
   Dress is available here.

Now that I've realized that outdoors is much better for clothing shots - 
I've got more to get listed before winter gets here.  
Stay tuned!
Linking to Let's Talk Vintage

Sep 13, 2015

The View From Above...

There are areas of my life that are troubled...
 things I wish I knew for sure will turn out just fine. 

But I am reminded that God does not see things 
the way that I see them.  

What is distant and indistinguishable to me... 

 ...has perfect clarity to Him.

He knows where each road leads 
and is already at the end of that road fulfilling His purposes...
He sees the whole picture and has promised to bring to completion
 everything that He has begun.

 So while tomorrow, this week or the remainder of this year 
may hold uncertainty...

'Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, 
for He who promised is Faithful'!!!  Hebrews 10:23

God grant you His peace today ~Joyce 

Thankful for today's sermon at church which precipitated these thoughts.  
Our church will have a week of change - but the sermon was for us individually as well! 

Photos:  Hawk Mountain, PA and PA Grand Canyon

Sep 10, 2015

Silver - It Gives a Room Class...

Don't overlook the power of silver in your room decor.  
It works with 'primitive'...
(think silver that's not perfectly polished - or silver with wear or a few dings - or pewter)
It works with 'cottage' - in any form!
  It can work with modern...
  (think clean lines and straight edges - square shapes...) 
And of course... it works with 'Victorian' or 'Shabby'.
Just up in my shops...
This delightful Silverplate Trivet - expands from 10" to 14"!  
How sweet for under a small plant - with some old photos on top -
 just anything you want to call a little attention to.  

And look at the adorable little round feet!

Also - this Silverplate Tray is newly listed. 
Perfect for serving cake pieces or again as a decorative element.  
I can picture rose calling cards or post cards on here...

Aluminum is a close second to silver - when its pretty... 
like the lid on this Butter Dish...
Embrace silver!  It need not be expensive or have a pedigree.
Happy hunting...  ~Joyce


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