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Feb 23, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - How to Buy Part II...

A few weeks ago - I shared a post on how to buy - or rather what all 
you can buy 'used' to avoid the expense of buying 'new'.   
Here are a few more things that I buy 'used' - except many are 'new'.  
Confused yet?    

1.  Candles 
These are easy to find unburned.  And I often don't mind if 
they've been burned a little... I'll just be lighting them anyway.  

I look for white pillars to burn in my fireplace.  
 And I always pick up the new still packaged ones when they are pretty.  
A brand new candle for $1?  Why not?

2.  Gifts
I keep a gift drawer just stuffed with new treasures that I found on
 the secondary market.   It's great to have something on hand when
 I need a hostess, thank you, mailman, new neighbor or unexpected
 birthday gift.  I pick up generic gifts that are not person specific.
  ie - lotions, bath salts, greeting cards, pretty soaps, candles etc.  
The blue box below is a gift set of sweet greeting cards that 
anyone would like to receive and give. 

3.  Books and Magazines
I don't subscribe to any magazines.  I find plenty of current reads
 on the cheap!  And pretty hardback books that are or are 'like' new?
  Yep - find them too.  Cookbooks are especially plentiful and 
they often go into my gift drawer.

This particular magazine I picked up today for 40 cents.  
The 'sale' subscription rate per an inner mailer card is $19.95/year.

Did you notice the key word on the cover?  'Budget'!  
Many magazines are covering thrift and budget topics.  
Saving money is in vogue.  
It doesn't mean we're poor.... it means we're smart!  

Buy well - & save!  And with your savings - Share!  ~Joyce

How To Buy Part I


Betsy said...

Many great ideas! I'd like to get my candles at the thrift stores too for the same reason. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in shopping with us.
Blessings, Betsy

Regina said...

Thank you Joyce. I learn so much from you when it comes to saving money. You should write a book!


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