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Feb 2, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Meal Planning...

There's a simple rule of thumb for making meals that are low-cost.
 And it is.... cook only according to the specials you find 
at the grocery store each week.

Meal planning that involves planning a menu a month ahead is
 more than likely not going to be all that 'thrifty'.  
How do you know a month ahead what will be on sale at the grocery store?  
Unless you're completely self-sufficient and are cooking from your own garden and pantry stash only.

For example - a big pan of lasagna may sound wonderful - 
but if I have to pay full price for lasagna noodles, cottage cheese
 and mozzarella cheese - it will not be all that budget friendly.

Pinterest makes creating meals around the store specials you 
found this week a breeze.  Simply search for a food 
(ie - strawberries or strawberry salad) and see what all pops up!  
Of course - choose recipes with ingredients you already have.  
The minute you need to go buy something to make 'that recipe' -
 you're already out of the 'thrifty' zone.
One of my grocery store 'specials' this week happened to be
 strawberries for 99 cents a quart.  And they are good!  
Last night we had strawberry salad.  (Lettuce was sale priced too!)
More than likely just plain sliced strawberries for dessert.  

Sometimes simple is best!  ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Wise words. I always shop and then plan meals based on the sales I find. Those strawberries look delicious.


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