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Feb 22, 2017

Spring and Easter Vignettes...

I have brought Spring to the dress racks at the thrift shop where 
I volunteer.  This is a sampling of today's displays...

As always - working with what I can find that isn't already 
in a display somewhere (I just shop the store!)

Was running out of options by the time I got to this one.  
Spring is such a happy time!  
And in the middle of February - we're having spring-like weather.
  It won't last - but it's kinda fun!  ~Joyce


Regina said...

Such a pretty display! Aren't thrift stores fun? We picked up a flower and a nice vase from Dollar Tree yesterday. It brightens our master bath very nicely. I'm ready for spring though I hope we get one more snow beforhand.

Betsy said...

I love your spring displays. It gives me hope that it may actually appear someday. :-). It's snowed here again, both yesterday and today.


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