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Feb 9, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Hand Soap...

Did you know that the foam hand soap dispensers are a thrifty gals best friend?

There's a good chance you already own one of these from a product
 such as this... or this.  So all you have to do is refill it.  Now here's
 the 'thrifty' part.  Buy a big refill bottle of hand soap.   Fill your 
dispenser at home with 1/4 soap and the rest water.  Yes - you only
 need that little of soap!  Stir it up and let it sit and this magic little
 foam machine will deliver all the soap you need.

I found my dispenser at Target... but here's a version on 
Amazon that's even cheaper and you get 3 bottles.  

And for extra fun...use a pretty thrift store saucer 
to hold a great smelling bar of soap.
I found these huge 7 oz. bars at Dollar Tree and they smell amazing!

So enjoy a little bathroom pampering and impress your guests. 
Only you will know it cost a song!  ~Joyce
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Betsy said...

I use the foaming soap also and like it very much. I also like bar soap and have a dish next to the sink in the bathroom with a pretty lavender soap from Gracie on it right now.

Regina said...

Oh so pretty! I'm needing to do a Dollar Tree run and collect some pretties for my bathroom.

The Charm of Home said...

I love finding great soap. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.


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