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Feb 6, 2017

Trash Finds...

We recently helped out a new neighbor and friend by removing
 unwanted trash that was left by a previous owner at the end of their driveway.  
(More than the trashman would pick up.)  It truly looked like 'trash'... 
but figured it wouldn't hurt to comb thru it.  Did we find anything?

Well - if bubble wrap and small boxes count - yes!  Since I ship out
 a lot of things via Etsy - I'm always looking for shipping supplies...

And then there was this teeny little keychain flashlight that works!
  My current one is quite dim - so yep - I'll take that...

These few little bowling trophies were in the mix and 
cute enough to add to the shop...
Available here (sorry Sold!)

We also salvaged a few boards from some non-treated pallets
 (several how-to's here).  But otherwise - not a lot else.  
But then - in a bag I didn't want to look in - My Love found these..

Three huge old encyclopedia type books with great pages.  

The illustrations are amazing.  And since I'm newly dabbling in
 soap making (no - I haven't mentioned it before) - inspired by 
this video - I think these pages may make great soap wrappers...

But 3 books is more than I will use in my lifetime.  
If you have interest in one... let me know.  
(How about $5 plus media mail freight?)
So just a few treasures gleaned and the satisfaction of 
helping a friend made this trash experience a total success.  
(And I didn't have to literally go 'diving' this time!) 

 Can't wait to make some soap!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

You bring to life the old saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Great finds Joyce!

Cheryl said...

Wonderful treasures indeed! It always pays to help someone else. God repays us in many different ways. :) I hope the person at your church is doing better, health-wise. God bless you!


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