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Dec 22, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - How to Buy Part I...

Today's Thrifty Thursday Tip was inspired by a pack of note cards.
I found them when I rummaged through a bag of curtains that I 
bought a few months back.  (Happy dance!  I forget these lovelies were in there!) 
My Thrifty Tip?  BUY USED!  Or put another way - Do Not Buy New!

Yep - that's it!   Let me be more specific.  In this yard sale/thrift shop 
era that we live in - there are precious few things that a person 
needs to buy new.  Let me share a list of things that I buy used...

As already mentioned - 1. Curtains
Sheers - pretty ones - are in abundance.  And sometimes just a little 
hemming is all that's required to make a curtain work for you.

2. Greeting Cards & Invitations  
Even for 'special' 40th, etc. birthdays I often buy at thrift stores.  
I figure - how many '40th' cards does a person really want to receive?  
So I'll give a lovely 'regular' birthday card instead and write in my
own thoughts in addition to whatever sentiments are already there....

3. Clothing!  
There is good, current and name brand stuff out there.  You can easily
 skip the malls on this one and be cute and unique at the same time.  
(My exception to this is intimate lingerie.)

4. Linens - of all types
I'm talking anything from table linens to bedding.  
You can find it ALL at thrift stores.  Beautiful things!  
Wash it of course - but then -  you're good to go...

5. Ribbons and Gift Wrap Supplies 
I have tons.  It's all thrifted... and it's some really neat stuff!
  Sometimes I pick up 'new' wrapping paper just cause I like it.  
But I certainly wouldn't need to.  Brown craft paper is not hard to
 come by.  Pretty gift bags are plentiful... and pretty paper too!

6.  Lamps and Lamp Shades 
With today's spray paint options - those brass lamps (which are a
 dime a dozen) can come into the current age in no time flat!  
Brass lamp and shade here cost me $7 total! - plus spray paint...

7. Furniture 
The options are endless and paint is magic.  
 I consider 'new' for upholstered pieces only.  And often I still 
buy used if its odor free and doesn't need reupholstered, etc.

8.  Dishes
Oh my - there are tons of pretty dishes in any style imaginable at
 thrift stores.  Whole sets are even available - but mixing and
 matching is in vogue so we're all good to go!  

9.  Home Decor Items  
Pick them up when you see them and they appeal to you.  
You'll be able to use them somewhere - eventually.   
And your home won't be cookie cutter!  
(Who wants that?)

And speaking of home decor - don't forget the freebies of nature!!

10.  Major Purchases
Big things like houses, cars and vacation homes... yep - buy used!

Now what do I buy 'new'?  Not much!  
But grocery items and consumables are a regular need so new it is.
(Not to say I haven't found cleaning supplies, etc. when out thrifting.)

Specialty appliances and large home needs (furnaces, etc.) - we buy new.  
But watch for 'scratch and dent' or floor models for huge savings.
  And if you have a bit of time on your side - shop Craig's List.
  Eventually it all shows up there.   Often though - it's worth paying
 retail price to meet a need in a timely manner. 

So what did we learn today?  Buy Used!   
Don't try to keep up with the Jones'.  Instead - be your own person 
and have a style all your own!  
You can do it.  Dare to be a little different. 

Stay thrifty my friends.  And remember to be generous with your
 surplus as you are able.  Simple kindness is free and if you are a
 Christ follower - it all belongs to Him in the first place!
Blessings today  ~Joyce

linking to the Home Sweet Home party

You can read Part II here


Regina said...

Oh I love thrift stores. You can find such treasures there and on special sale days you save even more!Thank you for your great ideas for thrifting.

Betsy said...

Great ideas Joyce! I was just discussing this with someone else. I'm rather tired of all the "cookie cutter" decor out there. I always enjoy thrift shops.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Thank you for a great post. Enjoyed it.
I love thrift stores.. and find so many things we need or want?
We closed in a small side porch this year, and had never replaced the ceiling tile in there.. [thought it would be ok for awhile, and soon discovered it REALLY needed replacing.] We went to Lowes to buy a box of ceiling tiles. They had no small size boxes on the shelf. Ask the Lowes man where they were? He told us they were discontinued but to look in the clearance isle .. We found one box left,which was all we needed.. It was $38, now marked down to $15. So happy they didn't have any on the shelf.ha It pays to look at clearance first..
Merry Christmas.

The Charm of Home said...

Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home! Happy New Year!

Sue said...

I have been doing this for years. My kids think I am kind of weird but I see them blow money on new things they would be MUCH better off buying used or not at all! My home is unique and I have always bought my curtains, dishes, household décor, holiday décor my clothes etc from yard sales or more often these days our Salvation Army in the town I buy groceries in. I stop in weekly to see what I can see before I grocery shop. It is my little treat and I really enjoy it! Loved your post about this, hope to see more!


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