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Dec 29, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Plant Cuttings & Cheap Storage...

No - this post is not about storing plant cuttings.   
But we'll get to plants in a moment.  
First - here's a cheap storage idea.   
I made a little bin for storing my greeting cards.

I had this 1/2 peck box from a summer purchase so I decided to 
put it to use.   I started with a coat or 2 of paint.  
Then added some card stock to cover those finger holes.

Now my cards all fit in there nicely - and I'm good to go until 
such time as I find something 'better'.

Now onto the plants.   
At the end of summer I saved some cuttings from my coleus.   
I simply cut off some tops - and placed them in water.

 Over the course of weeks - the bottoms develop roots...
 Finally - I have gotten around to potting them 
(2 different coleus that I potted in 1 planter)...

I'll probably root some more cuttings from these yet.
The goal is for free plants for my outside containers next summer.  

And on another note - I'm switching over to my 2017 planner today.
 Last year I purchased a pricier one - the Perfect Planner I called it.  And it was.  But was also a bit more than I personally need.
I found I make my lists other places.  
So this year - I went a cheaper route...
 I found it  'in store' here

I admit - I was swayed by that pretty cover.  
Each open page is simply a week of blank days.  And there is 
also space for lots of notes in the book of the planner.  
And there's not much more to it.

Will it be enough?  Guess we'll see.  
And that's almost 3 Thrifty Tips for you today!  ~Joyce

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Betsy said...

Great idea for the cards Joyce. I just have mine in the boxes they came in, stored on a shelf in my craft closet where I can see them all at a glance. I like your plants too. I should have done that last fall, now I'll need to buy mine in the spring. I have a Day-Timer that I just buy a new calendar for every year. It's the small one, but has handy pockets and paper in it. I find it invaluable when I have doctor appts., etc.


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