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Mar 14, 2013

Simple Spring Centerpiece...

Company's coming tonight!  

I looked around for something - anything springy and
  found these silk geraniums on my back porch. 
(You guessed it - never put away from last year!)  I plopped them into some aqua 
Mason jars and added water (gives the illusion that they're real).
I have to have candles - so a few small votives and tea lights will work.  
The jars are wrapped with twine and that's it...
We're having chili (stains expected!) -  so....   
It's paper napkins and this $2 tablecloth I picked up
 years ago from a restaurant (they were updating).
I don't have appropriate chargers or placemats - so 
a piece of sheet music will do the trick.
 Pulled out my trusty yard sale tulip plates that never
 sold in my booth - and I'm calling it 'good enough'.
My Menu 
(which includes enough items to accommodate my diet needs at the moment)
Corn Muffins - Butter and Raspberry/Rhubarb Jelly
Vegetarian Chili (crockpot!)
Baked Potatoes
Green Beans w/ Almonds
Tossed Salad (French dressing for them - Honey, Mustard & Lemon Juice for me)
Assorted Homemade Cookies (pulled from my freezer)
Fruit Parfaits (just fruit for me)


Deedy said...

Yum! Glad I was just online! LOVE your table, and the 'fake flowers in real water'..You are funny! Miss my real geraniums. They didn't make it to the VillageHouse. We used to start them from seed in Jan. This year will 'over-winter' them in the basement. Enjoy your company. D.

Bekki Ruhl said...

Hey mom! was gonna stop by tonight but I see you have plans so I thought I'd send ya a message... I like your table idea! thanks for the peanut butter treats :) enjoy your evening and give me a call later if ya want!


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