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Mar 27, 2013

Vignette Time and Finding Money...

Every week I create at least five vignettes on top of kiosks and 
dress racks at my local thrift shop.  Here are some of today's 
creations with merchandise 'for sale' in the shop..
 I always start with one interesting piece and go from there.  
Color is key to pulling a grouping together.

 I was working with the patchwork pillow for this one... 
sorry about the odd angle of the photo (was running out of time at this point!)
 Sweet hand stitched motto...
 And now a bit of teaching on frugality.  Do you believe you 
need to make more money to have more money?  I beg to differ.  
Instead... I (and My Love) have lived our lives always well within 
whatever our current means has been.  We've lived on 1 income for 
many, many years.  Money is made and lost more in the 'small' 
stuff than in the 'big stuff'.  
Buy your clothes and housewares at thrift shops for example - 
and be content with that!  (You CAN get great stuff!) 
Today I'm sharing this wonderful post from The Frugal Farm Wife.
It features 9 easily doable tips - including hanging up your laundry - 
all year long! (I've done this my whole life.)

So think about what you can make from scratch, do without, find or buy 
differently and watch your savings grow and your debt disappear.

1 comment:

Donna said...

I always enjoy seeing the little vignettes you put together. The thrift shop is loving your help, as
attractive displays always helps sell merchandise!


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