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Mar 5, 2013

Our Farm B&B Stay...

While on our little excursion to Savannah - we stayed on a lovely 
old plantation property called Dunham Farms.   
For all the details of this gorgeous estate -  best to visit their website.  
But let me just say - it was a wondrous and huge paradise.

We stayed - literally - in the barn that was built in the 1930's 
and transformed to a B&B in more recent years.
 This salt water river and all the varied birds that came to visit was our 
view every day - just a stone's throw from the front door.

taken by My Love
 Clementine - the resident miniature mule (yeah - I thought she was a donkey too...)  
and Cruise, the horse - were nearby.  Too cute!

taken by My Love
  Some of my favorite breakfast offerings included these 
strawberries and cream (an appetizer one morning)...
...and these gingerbread pancakes.  The owner made them gluten free for us 
and actually enjoyed the challenge of a special diet to cook for.  Wow!!!

Interesting side note - see those lovely plates?  See the reticulated edges (holes?)... Yeah?  Well, we didn't...  Guess where the pancake syrup went!  But our hostess was most gracious about our 'mess'.

 We were the only guests during our stay - so we had the whole barn to ourselves.  
This was the breakfast room and also where we helped ourselves to tea and coffee throughout the day or night.
 And this was the main gathering room right inside the front door.  
All decor was done in country estate flavor.
 Since we were the only guests (we were just ahead of the crazy busy season)
our hosts upgraded our room for us - no charge!  
Our king size bed was fluffed with eight - yep - 8 pillows!
I was amused that My Love fixed them every morning 
before the innkeeper showed up.
Pillow fix job by My Love!

The flowers were just beginning to bloom.   
There are camellia gardens and more everywhere!
photo taken by - you guessed it - I'm glad I know him!

We received a free tour of this original plantation house on the property.  
 The wealth of history and information our hosts shared was unreal.  
We tried to keep up - but boy - they knew their stuff!

The Spanish moss is of course a southern novelty for a northerner like myself.  
We caught it living quite happily on a holly tree

 But I think I prefer it on the grand and majestic oak trees.
taken by My Love
Thank you Meredith and Laura - our stay was perfect!


Sherri B. said...

What a lovely B&B, such a treat that you were the only guests..thanks for sharing it with us.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

What an amazing place to stay! So pretty! You must have had a wonderful time!


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