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Mar 29, 2013

Easter Candy Box Nest...

Easter is soon upon us.  As a special treat again this year - 
I decided to make some peanut butter eggs.  Eggs symbolize new life 
do they not?  And that is the message of Easter - new life in Jesus! 
 In the egg making process here... I used a 
peanut butter taste than what I've used in the past.
  (I still haven't tasted them - but they look good!)
  Since the chocolate coating ended up being enough for 2 batches...
(tip - this year I used a skewer to jab the eggs for dipping into the chocolate - it worked nicely!)
 ...I was happy to give some away.   But what to give them in?  
I had no cute basket on hand.  This is a lid to a greeting card box. 
 I simply covered it with some pretty wrapping paper...
...shredded some tissue paper and created a 'nest' for my eggs.  
I think my neighbor friends were happy recipients.

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