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Oct 23, 2014

Free Pile Project and What I DIDN'T Get...

I'm delighted with my new little free pile project...

I actually turned around for this one because I spotted a cute little red stool.
  Turned out it was way too decayed.
Not to be deterred - I picked up these chopsticks instead.
 After a few coats of paint...  
(sometimes it pays to keep an extra styrofoam egg carton on hand)

...some hot glue and a bit of glittery snow 
(glitter would have worked too - but I was thinking 'white'...)

I have 4 new stars for Christmas decorating in a few weeks.  
I'm thinking these will end up on a garland - but we shall see...

 The rest of the story however goes like this...
What I hadn't noticed from my car was a great old
 floor scales - with weights!  I was so excited!
It needed a bit of redoing - but it looked good.
Source - eBay
But - for the life of me - I could not man-handle that thing into my car - 
it was just too heavy!  It sat at the end of a long lane and I was 
too short on time to travel in the lane and ask for help.  
It hurt - a lot - but I left probably the best 'free' find of my life 
right there and instead rescued only chopsticks. 
Can you believe it?

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