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Oct 4, 2014

Favorite Homemade Find...

Yesterday I found two of the neatest things at a garage sale....

 Look at all of those great bottle corks!  And they were 
already assembled into these wonderful bulletin boards.

I had no idea that boards such as these are getting upwards of $70 on Etsy!

Really?  My price?  Just $2 for both!

I gave the frames a bit of oiling and glazing to darken them.

They also needed a bit of hanger help.  
One board had no good wire on the back - 
the other looked like this...

Everything was in place to make these 'wall ready'.  I just redid it a bit...
But here's the rest of the story that the seller shared with me.   
These boards were obviously handmade and have a few imperfections. 
But dear David Parke - who appears to be the crafter...  had dementia!  
Yet somehow working with tools was still working for him.  
I love knowing that.  Thank you David!  
And thank you God for granting him this ability.

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