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Oct 2, 2014

Thrift Display At Our Local Bank...

In an act of neighborly kindness - one of our local banks gives lobby table space 
to a local charity to showcase their organization for one whole month.  
Isn't that generous?  And guess what?   
They've given our thrift shop the month of October.

One of the store managers (above) asked me to help her with the display.
I considered it a an honor!
(But truth be told - the morning we were to put it all together - I was pretty nervous.)
We amassed a carload of donated fall themed goods to dress our table.  
And since we're a Christian organization - 
we put a vintage donated bible right there for all to see! 

What a neat opportunity to share Jesus with our community!
I know - a cat and a bible - seems like an odd combo - but it worked!

Yes - we really do get an amazing quality of merchandise - every day!

Black helps ground any display and give the eye a rest.  
We could have used a bit more black - but time get away from us.

One of the store employees made a sign about our thrift store 
and Mennonite Central Committee (the recipient of our store proceeds).

And our final table...
(Gotta love that chicken on the floor.)
Thank you Union Community Bank!  
What a good neighbor you are.

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Such a beautiful fall display! That's great of the bank to be willing to do this. It shows great community spirit. I also enjoyed reading about the store,(what I could see anyway).


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