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Dec 7, 2014

My Christmas Touches - Part 2 (The Porch)....

My Christmas porch this year...

...is simply a makeover of my Fall Porch.   
See if you can find all of the elements that stayed in place.

The milk can is stuffed with fresh greens from my Thanksgiving Day 
'greens hunt'.   Real pinecones dangling from plain ol' string give it some fullness.
  Do you remember the red barn wood I picked up for almost free?
One piece now shouts the reason for this season in our home (no Santa here...)

The iron lantern and jar will be a candle luminary for 
any guests scheduled to arrive.

The little red wagon now sports ice skates and presents.  
A little secret:  I've been using this same present outdoors 
for probably 8 or more years!  Shameful I know. 
Some day I'll get around to making new ones.  
(It's also dirty!  Thankfully that is not real evident from the road or in these photos!)
 I love giant pinecones and I pick them up when I see them at thrift shops.  
More fresh greens fill my black planter.
 There you have it.  Part 3 and maybe 4 still to come.

Quilted Nest Christmas Part 1
Quilted Nest Christmas Part 3


Betsy said...

I LOVE it! You also won't find Santa in our house. I do have some snowmen because I think they're cute but it's mostly Angels, nativities and Bible verses around our house. Your porch is very pretty.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

What a beautiful porch. Yes, Jesus is the reason for the Season for me and our family.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Love the Jesus sign! The white ice skates with red laces are so sweet!


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