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Dec 15, 2014

Christmas Crafting...

Got fabric?  Buttons?  Paper?  Then you're good to go.

For this first project - you'll also need a sewing machine.  
I used sheet music as the paper.
Find a star template online.  Size to your liking (one a little larger than the other). 

Trace and cut the smaller star out of sheet music or other paper. 

Trace and cut the larger star from fabric (you'll need 2).

Sew the paper star onto 1 fabric star. 

Sew the buttons or a center ornament in place.
Add the 2nd fabric star behind so that right sides are visible on both sides and

Stitch around fabric edges - adding string or twine for a hanger

Lastly - trim up the edges so it all looks good!

 Won't these make sweet ornaments and gift adornments?  
For the complete tutorial - go here.

 Also gonna share another project - from a non-blogging friend.  
She really should be a blogger - she's got talent 
and is not afraid of power tools!
(don't worry - no power tools needed for this project.) 

She placed this old window on her mantel and gave it a little 'Jesus' banner...

This one's easy to figure out.  
Burlap or other fabric pennant shapes, 
Slightly smaller paper shapes 
Some twine to string it all together.  
Hand draw or copy letters from your computer onto the paper.

 We were thrifting together and she found the ornament 
for 50 cents.  It is the perfect addition.

I love making Jesus front and center!
 I think I'm out of time for any more Christmas crafting.  
Time for baking, cooking and wrapping.

and oh yeah - I've not done any Christmas cards... sigh...

Sharing over at Let's Talk Vintage

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Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Really cool crafts! I really need to get my sewing machine repaired for this one .... It is my Mother's frim the 60's!


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