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Dec 28, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Drive Bys....

Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon we take a drive in the country 
to see what we can see.   We usually have camera in tow - 
but rarely get out of the car.  We just shoot from the car windows.  

Today - we came upon this neat old stone house trimmed in a 
bright turquoise ... (and gotta love the purple chairs on the front stoop)...

...and this adorable little wooden Christmas cottage.  
We were quite a distance from the house - trying to protect the homeowner's privacy.  
But just as My Love was pulling his camera from the car window - 
a head shot out the front door giving us a nasty stare-down.  
Ooops!  We were really just complimenting your home dear homeowner! 
I guess it is a little unnerving to see someone in a
 pulled-over car staring at your house.  
Ah well - it's still a little cutey!


Betsy said...

How funny! I love both of the houses too,...but maybe it would be a little unnerving since you don't know what those people in the car are up to. There are strange people out there these days.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

They ARE very cute! I would have wanted to take a photo too.

Hope you have a very happy new year, Joyce!


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