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Dec 2, 2017

Simple Christmas Project Ideas - Saturday Sightings...

Its Christmas House Tour season...  I did a local tour today and am
sharing a few project and decor ideas that I found especially appealing.

This scene on the side of a barn greeted us at one property.  The old
 settee bench is an unexpected addition to this grouping. Was it
 staged just for the tour day?  Perhaps (as I can't imagine wanting to
 leave it outside in the weather)... but what a neat presentation.... 

Also outdoors - Planters filled w/ miniature tree/shrubs, white twigs
 and puffs of cotton that resemble snow balls... very clever!

Indoors - this banner of various wool fabrics & mostly just simple
 squares - surrounded a young boy's bedroom.  
And note the added pom poms.  Love this!

There are a host of things one can fill a crock or container with.
  Here there are faux berries, twigs, holly,  light branches... 
and burlap candy canes!  Don't forget a bow...

A little hard to see... but what struck me here was a piece of
 furniture simply laden with pillar candles on candle holders.  
Can't get much more simple than that - and it looked good!

Do you have a cake plate and cover?  
Creature a miniatures scene....

This homeowner put up a ladder over her sink - added fresh greens
 and ornaments and called it 'done'.  I asked how she'll decorate 
the ladder after Christmas - she didn't know yet! 

A little more advanced - but oh so neat - was this sunroom with a
 blue painted ceiling.  There were large branches hung from fishing
 line & adorned with LED lights in each corner of the room.  
Also loved the window shelves displayed with beautiful books.
  And of course the stained glass windows!!!  But the 
lighted branches are very doable if you have higher ceilings.

And finally - just one of the many beautiful country homes.
Hope something sparked an idea for you... I know I'm inspired!
   Thinking I just may spend my evening working on a fun banner.

What caught your eye?  ~Joyce  


Regina said...

I love the last picture of the two story house. I love looking a pictures of houses for some silly reason.

Betsy said...

I’ve been reading a LOT about Pom poms lately. They must be becoming a “thing” again. I enjoyed the tour today. So many ideas.

Henny Penny said...

Oh, I haven't seen you in such a long time. When I lost my list of blogging friends and had to re-do the list, I must have left you out. I'm sorry. I've had a hard time finding everybody again. I love your post here. I really like the crock filled with Christmas things. I just might try that one this year. I love the tree limb with the lights too! Thank you.


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