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Mar 1, 2017

A Doll Stirs Up Memories...

We had time to stop at a thrift shop last evening on the way to 
an appointment. (Yes - I'm a bit of a thrift shop junkie...)  
My eye caught these dolls in little plastic bags - 
and immediately a memory was stirred....

When I was little - we had a doll just like the one in the crocheted dress.  
Except - it wasn't with my dolls and it wasn't in the toy chest.  
I am the youngest of 5 children - quite spread out - so many years
 and events occurred before I came on the scene.  My memory of
 this doll was that it was kept in a drawer in our dining room.
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I don't remember ever knowing why she was there.  On occasion 
I'd open that drawer and get her out.  I was intrigued with her 
long black hair in pigtails... 
...and cute little red shoes that I now know are Mary Janes...

Why was she in a drawer?  Where did we get her?  
My parents are no longer here to ask.  I've checked with my 
siblings but they also don't know her story.  

And this pair of dolls?

I have never seen the boy doll so am quite tickled with this find.

Do you know anything about these cuties?  A little tidbit 
may  help unlock our family mystery.
But regardless -  it was still fun to embrace a small memory 
that I had long forgotten.  

May your memories be sweet today too! ~Joyce


Regina said...

Oh such cute little dolls!😊 They remind me of the dolls we played with when I was a little girl.

Betsy said...

Oh my goodness they are cute little dolls. I'm sorry I can't help unlock the mystery though.


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