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Mar 3, 2017

Friday Finds - New Shop Listings...

For my Friday Finds this week - I'm sharing with you things I have
 found in the past week... that I have since turned into Etsy listings.
  Some have an additional story... Enjoy...

This ironstone pitcher features wonderful pink carnations - 
front and back...
Click Here to purchase.

This dog figure in bisque is actually larger than most.  But is he 
a cocker spaniel?  A poodle?  A cockapoo?  You decide...
Click HERE to go to listing

And these Pyrex cups by Corning are the older milk glass teacups
 in the Crazy Daisy or Spring Blossom pattern.  Interestingly - Etsy
 removed them for approx. 24 hours to 'check on them'.  Apparently
 they discovered they are legit as they reappeared without incident...
Click HERE to purchase

If you've been following my blog - you've already seen 
the story to this doll.  I still have no additional information 
on where these dolls came from.  Can you help? 
Click HERE to purchase

Loved the old card to these hair pins... (look at those hairstyles)
  and still in such excellent shape.  I found 2 of these cards... 
and wouldn't you know it - my dog destroyed the 1 card.  
Thankfully - there is one remaining...
(It's not the 1st time she destroyed my inventory!)
Find the Etsy listing HERE

The following items are newly listed - but are not finds from my week.  
Do you love Art Deco style?  Don't miss this picture frame.  
Photo space size is a bit unusual at 4" x 6".
Visit HERE to purchase and/or learn more about the actor promo photo.

Some folks are in love with milk white in hobnail.  And I'm
 finding it quite attractive myself.  The sizing of this piece 
makes it great as a planter or a low vase...
Available HERE

And aside from the doll above - this is one of my favorites. 
 I just love everything about this little planter.  
And yes - it's McCoy!  In luscious pink...
Etsy listing HERE

Happy Friday!  No thrifting for me today.  
I've a house to clean (my own!).
Blessings ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Very pretty finds that you've listed Joyce. Those hairpins are a hoot! I wonder what the problem was with the cups? I remember my MIL having those with the matching dishes. We had the "Butterfly Gold" dishes for almost 35 years...until I couldn't stand to eat off of them anymore. They went to the thrift store and I bought a new pattern from Corningware. They should last until I'm dead and gone! :-)


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